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Reston Dental Care – Brochure Website Design, Development & Implementation

Category -: Health & Human Services

Client Name -: Reston Dental

Not many people really want to go to the dentist. So, to sell something nobody wants, you have to make them want it.

When we tackled Reston Dental Care’s website project, we set out to make a site that shows how a dentist office can be bright and cheery – someplace you want to visit. We did that with a dazzling array of main-rotator images, positioned right at the top, displaying smile after happy smile. To put prospective patients even more at ease, we placed large, friendly photographs of Dr. Jenny Cheung and her entire staff in the middle of the main page.

The site was designed for the modern end-user, and is easily viewable and usable on tablets or smartphones as well as desktops and laptops, with a consistent look-and-feel across platforms. Moreover, for Internet marketing purposes, the site is regularly brought up-to-date with continually refreshed content and search-engine optimization (SEO) techniques.