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Our marketing and web design team in Harrisburg PA are experts in search engine marketing. So, exactly what is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? It’s a method of marketing a business by means of paid adverts that show up on search engine results’ pages.

Advertisers are given the opportunity for their advertisements to be next to results for certain search queries. They do this by bidding on keywords that Google or Bing users, for example, may enter when they’re searching for certain goods or services. These pay-per-click advertisements come in various formats. They may be text based or more visual and product based.

Why Your Business Needs SEM

SEM is one of the best ways to grow your business online.

Today’s marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and millions of businesses out there are fighting for the customers’ attention. It’s vital today for a business to advertise online, and SEM is the most efficient method of promoting your products and services.

Our team at TESSA know all the strategies for doing SEM right and causing your business to grow. SEM’s main advantage is that advertisers are given the opportunity to show their advertisement to customers who are already motivated and ready to make a purchase. It’s the only advertising method that’s able to do this. This is why SEM is such a potent weapon is search marketing.

Difference Between SEO and SEM

TESSA Marketing and Technology are experts at both, but there is a difference. Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid search marketing that we’ve been talking about. The system whereby advertisers pay Google to put their ads in search results. It’s a cost-effective way of driving conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t paid for by the business. Companies earn a free place in search results because they have the most applicable content for a certain keyword search. It pushes current traffic to the top of the funnel.

Both of these need to be part of your online marketing strategy.


Keywords are the basis of Search Engine Marketing. Users enter search queries into search engines like Google. These queries contain keywords. Search engine marketing campaigns research which keywords to use. TESSA experts can help with this, as we can identify keywords that are relevant to your business.

These words are the ones that prospective customers will probably enter when searching for your type of goods and services. We can also identify negative keywords which are search terms that you should leave out of your ad campaigns.

Negative keywords are those that are irrelevant and probably won’t give you any conversions. For instance, if you sell pizzas, you should leave out the keywords “pizza recipes” because people searching for pizza recipes are probably not in the market for your product.

Succeed at SEM with TESSA’s Help

Our team of experts at TESSA Marketing and Technology knows all the ins and outs of Search Engine Marketing. We can provide you with everything your business needs for successful SEM. Contact our team for the best web design in Harrisburg, PA today and ask anything you have in mind about SEO, SEM, web design and more. We’re here to help.

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