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Why Tessa?

May 9th, 2018

Challenge: Replace existing, non-mobile friendly website with a modern site, optimize search engine results, and address online reviews.

Solution: TESSA successfully transformed Reston Dental Care’s old website, which did not effectively portray their services, into a new accessible site with updated messaging and branding. TESSA also launched an SEO campaign focusing on listing the practice in the important local business directories, optimizing website code, and building strategic website links. TESSA also incorporated an Online Review Management Platform to address the client’s interest in positive customer feedback.

Results: The new website incorporated a layout that made creative and effective use of call to action requests, sliders, client services, and more. The Online Review Management Platform allowed Reston Dental Care to proactively manage their online reviews through drip emails to clients and monthly progress reports. The SEO campaign resulted in Reston Dental Care being ranked in the top three for 83 keywords from the Google search engine results, and 231 keywords in the top ten as of June 2017. Overall, TESSA’s combined efforts directly helped to increase their business leads by 40 percent!

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