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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Gain a Competitive Advantage over Other Arlington Companies with Local SEO


      A business needs to be findable online in order to be competitive. Whether you’re a sit-down restaurant or a fast-food joint, or a moving company or a home improvement contractor, anymore chances are most customers will find you via a Google search. (Maybe Bing or Yahoo.) Whichever, you need to be at or near the top of the search ranking for the most relevant keywords to your business and your location.

      That’s just where TESSA puts you.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology knows SEO. We’ve developed a track record of winning awards for our results-driven SEO services, creating and executing multi-faceted digital marketing campaigns that get company websites noticed more by search engines and clicked on more by potential customers.

      With a deep-dive process and a diligent work ethic, TESSA’s SEO services uncover hidden gems to boost your keyword rankings and amass a dazzling array of custom content, branded exclusively with your primary messages and calls-to-action. Our knowledge of Google analytics and the Google algorithm gives us an advantage in understanding what Google likes – and what it doesn’t. And what is good for Google, search-engine-optimization-wise, is good for the other search engines.

      You won’t find a more complete Internet marketing agency in Arlington VA than TESSA Marketing + Technology, in terms of the knowledge how to connect with the Arlington market and the ability to perform the technical SEO that makes the magic happen online, boosting your website’s rankings up the search engine results pages (SERPS, as we call them in the SEO business).

      For a search-engine-friendly website backed by an ongoing, custom-tailored digital marketing campaign, rely on the most trusted SEO company in Arlington VA: TESSA Marketing + Technology. Let’s get started with your free SEO proposal.

      TESSA Makes a Difference: Results-Driven SEO Services

      We Show You Exactly How Much Better Your Search Results Are

      One of the biggest advantages of working with TESSA as your SEO company in Arlington VA is that we show you results of our wholistic digital marketing strategies. We parse through the dense data of keyword rankings from Google analytics (and, yes, even Bing), showing you via monthly reports exactly where your website ranks before we implement any SEO techniques . . . and the eventual beneficial result after the regular and updated implementation of local SEO techniques.

      The difference can be extraordinary. We’re talking dozens, hundreds or thousands of places – many pages, in some cases – of improvement up the Google and Bing search engine rankings, all because our digital marketing experts are paying close attention to all the various factors that go into your customized SEO campaign.

      See for yourself the positive impact of focused, branded, rigorous Search Engine Optimization conducted by an award-winning Internet marketing agency.

      The Reviews Are In, and TESSA’s Among the Best

      We’ve Won Multiple Awards for Search Engine Optimization and Web Design

      When a website like selects TESSA as the best SEO company in Washington DC, that’s something to be proud of. When Rising Star Reviews ranks TESSA No. 1 in SEO, we’re humbled that so many of our clients reviewed us so positively.

      When Hermes Creative and Horizon Interactive bestow TESSA with awards for e-commerce website development and promotional SEO strategies for a variety of local businesses, it’s worth noting – and we’re more than glad to note it.

      Since we’re keeping at it, TESSA looks forward to more awards and recognitions to come from our future web design and SEO services . . . and we thank our Arlington VA SEO clients for making us one of the most recognized SEO companies in the Greater Washington DC area.

      By the Way, What Is Search Engine Optimization, Anyway?

      What Does a Local SEO Company in Arlington VA Do?

      Search engine optimization isn’t just one thing. It’s a entire suite of techniques that work in coordinated fashion to raise online visibility and build online credibility.

      When performed as a fastidious process, search engine optimization (conventionally known as SEO, of course) results in greater organic search engine visibility and therefore more leads.

      But the meaning of “search engine optimization” can be found in the component words themselves: optimizing (a website) for (better ranking on) search engines. That’s obviously the goal. Achieving that goal requires both art and science.

      SEO is an art when we get creative with your brand, both in communicating your messaging through graphics and content marketing, and in the coordination of that messaging with the social media linked to from your website.

      But predominantly, SEO is a science because it requires an abundance of up-to-date technological know-how to make the process produce results, from keyword research to content marketing. When things get technical, SEO experts like TESSA have the experience to make it happen.

      Just Who Needs Search Engine Optimization?

      Would a Big Boost Up the Search Engines’ Rankings Help At All?

      You’re on this page with “SEO company Arlington VA” as the main header, and if you’re skimming to this paragraph, then the topics of Search Engine Optimization and/or Digital Marketing have probably come up in your executive or marketing meetings.

      Then we want to talk with you, because you need SEO.

      Or, if you’re a sole proprietor, or a one-man or -woman business owner, or a restauranteur, you need SEO. Law firms, moving companies, home improvement contractors, not-for-profit organizations, even governments need SEO services.

      You need SEO services to enhance your online visibility, and make sure you’re seen the way you want to. You need an Arlington SEO agency to gain a real competitive advantage over other Washington DC-area and Northern Virginia businesses. You need a dedicated, experienced, workmanlike SEO company to perform the exhaustive keyword research, the meticulous meta-data, the regular cadence of email marketing, and the creative brand-identifying web design that gets your company website noticed by the search engines and by your potential customers.

      If you’re doing any kind of business in the Information Age (i.e., Now), you need SEO services from a dedicated, proven local SEO company (i.e., TESSA).

      What are These SEO Services? Give Me a List.

      Done Right, SEO Requires Optimizing and Coordinating Many Things

      For local SEO in Arlington VA to be maximally effective, you need to pay attention to a long laundry list of SEO-related components ranging from back-end website meta-data to social media marketing . . . and a lot in between.

      You don’t have the time – and that’s where TESSA comes in. With our technical SEO strategies tailored just for your situation and overlain by deep-dive knowledge into your company and its goals, TESSA performs all that stuff for you so you focus on running your business.

      So you want to see a list of items a white-hat Arlington SEO company does to bolster search engine rankings for clients? To list a few:

      • keyword research to determine the most relevant, undervalued keyword searches that’ll guide people to your local business (i.e., “best Italian restaurant in Arlington VA” or “top SEO company Arlington Virginia” or “Arlington VA real estate law firm”)
      • custom web design (a service worthy of its own explanatory pages – ask about TESSA’s web design services for Arlington, Virginia businesses)
      • back-end website meta-data (very important, often overlooked; includes parameters like page titles, meta-descriptions, and alt-text)
      • content creation and management (original and specific to your brand, reinforcing your key messages and calls-to-action)
      • landing page optimization (to help keyword rankings and conversion rates)
      • social media marketing (to introduce your brand to new customers)
      • email marketing (to reinforce your brand to regular customers)
      • consistent business listings across all possible platforms (to assure the same name, address, and phone number (or, “NAP,” in the SEO business) is listed everywhere)
      • e-commerce website development to allow for easy, direct online shopping
      • review and reputation management (also very important, also frequently overlooked)
      • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to advertise your website
      • SEO audits and checkups to empirically demonstrate positive results

      That’s just some of the sum total of strategies TESSA’s SEO team can leverage for a local business in Arlington VA. Let’s talk about everything our digital marketing agency can do to increase your results on Google.

      It Takes Time for an SEO Campaign To Take its Fullest Effect

      SEO Experts Will Tell You, Longer SEO Is Better SEO (If You’re Doing It Right)

      Two things are simultaneously true:

      1. You can have a tremendous impact on your search engine results in just a short period, by making a few basic SEO improvements; and
      2. You’ll earn the most return on your online marketing investment when you employ a digital agency like TESSA to implement a long-term, on-going, constantly checked and updated SEO campaign.

      It won’t take long at all for TESSA to deploy some of the basics of SEO to make your entire website more visible, including updating the security certificate, doing some fundamental keyword research, writing some keyword-focused brand-reinforcing content to show the Google algorithm that you have an active, dynamic, authoritative website.

      So, yeah, it won’t take long for you to see improvement from our digital marketing solutions.

      But for best results, give it time. It takes time to implement everything there is to do, it takes time for Google to notice, it takes time for us to do the keyword research and the content creation that really drives an SEO campaign forward.

      Plus, over the course of time, things change: Different trends in keyword searches… Adjustments or points of emphasis to the Google algorithm… New brand messaging or web design or need for reputation management…. Big corporations and small businesses alike need a digital marketing agency with SEO experts in-house to keep your website search-engine-friendly all the time.

      So when you’re thinking about hiring a top-flight Northern Virginia-based Internet marketing agency to do the best Arlington SEO, remember to think for the long-haul. Your business’ bottom line will thank you.

      What’s in a Name of a Highly Ranked Internet Marketing Agency?

      Why the Name “TESSA” and What’s It Got To Do With SEO Services?

      A few years back we changed our name to TESSA because we intend to portray the fact that our technology-powered digital marketing solutions are inherently multi-surface, multi-faceted and multi-touch.

      TESSA comes from “tesseract” which no doubt a lot of people in Arlington VA know is a four-dimensional hypercube that can only be envisioned in three dimensions by setting a cube within a cube. Such an object would have a hypersurface of cubes that, if you could touch it, would make contact with you in an infinity of different ways.

      So TESSA Marketing + Technology may not literally have an infinite number of ways to do online marketing, but we do do a heck of a lot to make our clients’ web presence more search engine friendly – a veritable multitude of effective, tested, proven, results-oriented digital marketing methods that together comprise a coordinated, well-thought-out, customized SEO campaign.

      We’re TESSA because we’re a multi-surface digital marketing firm. We make sure to deliver your unique message to your target audience, exactly where they’re looking.

      We’re the Top SEO Team in Arlington Because We Know Arlington

      TESSA’s Staff Has Decades of Combined Experience Working for Arlington Businesses

      It pays to go local when you need truly local SEO. That’s not meant to be a hollow truism or meaningless pablum; it’s a statement backed up by this evidence: Our Arlington SEO clients get better search results with TESSA’s online marketing services than without.

      A big part of the reason for our SEO success in Arlington VA? We know Arlington. The people who constitute TESSA work and live and recreate throughout the Northern Virginia region, so we have an intimate knowledge of the people, the culture, and the traffic (ugh) of NoVA and the DMV and especially Arlington VA.

      So imagine how much better the content marketing services would be when your SEO company knows what it’s like to find a place to park on Wilson Boulevard? Think about the advantages of working with a marketing agency that shops at Ballston Mall too? Consider the difference it is to work with a local SEO firm who really knows Arlington VA and the people – your potential customers – therein!

      For a customized, targeted Arlington SEO campaign that works in Rosslyn, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Shirlington, and East Falls Church, TESSA is worth your digital marketing investment . . . because we know exactly how to meet your digital marketing needs here in Arlington, Virginia.

      Useful SEO Audits from the Digital Marketing Experts of Arlington VA

      Large Corporations and Small Businesses Need the Input of Local SEO Agencies

      One of the benefits of working with TESSA comes for free: We’ll SEO-audit your current website, just to see how much better we think we can make it.

      Call TESSA today for a complimentary technical-SEO audit; our Internet marketing gurus will analyze the present condition of your SEO conditions and estimate how much improvement our optimization strategies could make.

      It’s fascinating to see the impact our proven SEO techniques have on our clients’ search engine rankings. Adding in keyword-optimized content, updating the website architecture, doing the behind-the-scenes technical SEO that really whispers to the Google algorithm and shoots a website up the search engine results pages . . . those are the real reasons why TESSA is a trusted SEO agency in Arlington VA and throughout the Northern Virginia region.

      Improved search engine results means more clicks from your target audience, which means more business for your Arlington company.

      Contact TESSA Today and Optimize Your Entire Website for the Most Popular Search Engines

      Request Your Complimentary SEO Audits and See How Much Better Your Website’s Rankings Can Be

      One call gets the ball rolling toward more leads online. In Arlington VA and around the Greater Washington DC region, give us a ring at phone number 1-800-586-1553 and ask for your free audit from a TESSA SEO consultant.

      Or, just fill in the short form at the bottom of this webpage and click Get My Proposal. Either way, reach out to TESSA to consult with our experts about customized SEO and digital marketing services that genuinely generate traffic and produce more leads for Arlington, Virginia, businesses.

      Reach Your Target Audience in Arlington VA with a True Arlington SEO Company. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553

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