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    For well over a decade, TESSA Marketing + Technology has been among the top DC digital marketing firms serving business clients in Washington, D.C. – and we intend to continue being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Washington, D.C., for a long time to come.

    That’s no small claim – but TESSA Marketing + Technology doesn’t think small. You don’t become a perennially award-winning full-service digital marketing agency without offering clients of all sizes big-time marketing services. We may technically be a small agency based in Washington DC, but we definitely think big for the brands we work for online.

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    Digital Strategy, Brand Building & Online Marketing Tailored for the Washington DC Market

    From Social Media and Web Design and Development, to Email Marketing & Public Relations, TESSA is a Top Branding Agency

    Nowadays, your company’s web presence is how many potential customers view your business – and your “web presence” may leave a rather large footprint!

    Digital marketing is a big subject – but TESSA takes care of it all. From online advertising to social media marketing, award-winning web design and development to good old-fashioned search engine optimization, TESSA ranks atop all digital marketing agencies in Washington DC for making sure your company gets found online . . . and converts those visitors into your loyal customers.

    Your marketing plan should reinforce your brand design. Messages are sent from every which direction. It’s the role of a superiorly creative agency like TESSA Marketing + Technology to use our full menu – website, social media, blog, SEO, public relations, etc. – to create and establish brands that are unique, attractive, distinguished, memorable and appropriate, all while bolstering your brand and boosting your message. It’s how we help Washington DC clients increase web traffic, convert customers, generate sales and make profits.

    Digital marketing in Washington, D.C., absolutely works when it’s done well – and it takes hard work, constant monitoring, and the intuition that comes from years of experience to make it work.

    Let TESSA help you earn your sterling reputation on the Internet and high ranking on Google. In Washington, D.C., call us at 1-800-586-1553.

    We’re an Award-Winning Washington DC Digital Marketing Agency Getting Demonstrable Results

    TESSA Offers Expert-Level Project Management Backed Up By Data

    The TESSA difference? There are many – like how comprehensive our digital marketing agency services are, or how deep we dive into your company to take advantage of your most unique sales proposition to create an identity that’s wholly yours.

    But the TESSA difference we mean now is how we can show you that your digital marketing campaign is working.

    Businesses big and small depend on online marketing to make a scene online, find new clients, establish a brand, encourage loyalty and interaction, and – most of all – to make money. Unlike most other agencies in Washington DC, TESSA provides empirical data throughout the course of the digital marketing campaign we implement, and demonstrate just how big a boost in ranking, visitors, or customer conversions our work makes.

    Let’s Get Specific: A Brief Menu of TESSA’s Digital Marketing Services

    As a Truly Full-Service Digital Marketing & Branding Agency Based in Washington D.C., We Really Do It All

    For businesses to make more money online, it takes a lot more than some fancy information technology deploying a hodgepodge of marketing automation tools across the Internet. It takes a customized strategy, a real digital marketing plan created and implemented exclusively for your business.

    Full-service digital marketing isn’t usually the sort of thing businesses – especially a small business – can do on their own. It takes the consultancy of a leading digital marketing agency based in Washington, D.C., a creative agency with years of experience coming up with unique user experiences designed to capture their attention, answer their question, and imprint your brands on their minds with favorable impressions.

    There are myriad touchpoints where your brand makes an impression online. TESSA Marketing + Technology is your award-winning digital marketing agency in Washington, D.C., because we offer this and a lot more:

    Search Engine Optimization
    Website Design and Development
    Website Content Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Online Advertising, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    Mobile App Development
    Website/App Project Management
    Reputation Management
    Brand Design
    Public Relations and Press Release Distribution

    There’s no marketing automation here – only a powerful menu of digital marketing tools which we at TESSA incorporate into a coherent, customized strategy that puts your brand front-and-center in the minds of your target customers.

    Strategy that Works in Washington DC from an Agency Based in Washington DC

    TESSA is the No. 1 Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in the National Capital Area

    We know the District of Columbia. We know Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, even Baltimore too. We know this area because we live and work here, we run a marketing agency here. We know the Washington DC market.

    So, as an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency, we know the best ways to reach your potential customers. We know how to fashion a customized strategy of branding, messaging, web design, web content, social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile app development that enhances user experiences and boosts your company’s ranking on the Google search engine . . . while also increasing your web traffic and letting more customers see what you have to offer.

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