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Search Engine Optimization can be a very timely task to perform and may be fairly difficult to wrap your head around if you have no past experience in it. Typically beginners have little to know luck in ranking a website in the search engines for competitive keywords because there are 100’s of factors to consider when optimizing a website for the search engines. Finding the best Harrisburg SEO company that has a complete understanding of the search engine algorithms and keeps up to date with algorithm updates may be a bit difficult to find. With your luck though you have stumbled upon exactly that; TESSA is a professional SEO firm that services Harrisburg and knows all the ins and outs of the search engines.

We at TESSA only use advanced techniques that follow current SEO standards and trends that are currently being used to rank websites high on the first page of Google. Our techniques consist of an organic and natural approach to gaining placement in the search engines. This includes doing all of the work manually, and tracking everything that is being done to optimize your website so we can analyze the data later to see what exactly is working to increase the ranking of your website.

One of the techniques we will never use for ranking websites is the use of automated software, duplicated content and other spam based tactics that many other SEO companies in Harrisburg may be using to rank website quickly. Unfortunately you may see quick results using these techniques but Google will most likely find out and decrease your ranking significantly, possibly even de-indexing your website in the search engines all together. So make sure that you choose an SEO firm in Harrisburg that uses legitimate and natural techniques with SEO.

With over a decade of experience we have gone through most of the major algorithm updates and understand what the search likes and dislikes. This past experience helps us craft a custom tailored approach to your specific SEO needs. Search engine optimization does not work the same for every single website. Many factors change depending on past work done, the industry your website resides in and a number of other factors. When we begin optimizing your website for the search engines we perform a SEO audit on your site to see exactly what is currently being done, which will allow us to better understand and scope out the next steps in optimizing your website.

TESSA strives for success for our clients because our future business depends on it. The only way we can be successful is if our clients are successful in the search engines because it is the only way we can prove that our methods and techniques work. When you are ready to work with one of the top SEO services in Harrisburg, we invite you to contact us to get started and receive the competitive advantage that you have been waiting for.

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