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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Nowadays, there are lots of ways to get your business brand out there – and TESSA Marketing + Technology is the digital marketing agency that covers them all!

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      TESSA’s a Full-Service Marketing Agency that Reaches Your Potential Customers Where They Are

      Know why we chose the name TESSA? It comes from the concept of a tesseract, which is a four-dimensional hypercube that – if it could exist in three dimensions – would touch literally everything.

      And that’s the philosophy of TESSA as a digital marketing agency: To be everywhere, spreading your business’ brand and its key messages all around the Internet, ensuring that your potential customers will see you.

      That means we enhance your online presence all over the place – from your website to your social media channels, from customized search engine optimization (SEO) to consistent online business listings. You will get noticed by more customers here in Northern Virginia, and you will earn more business online.

      Our results over many years prove it.

      Combining Strategic Marketing Acumen With the Power of Technology

      Our Know-How Includes Cutting-Edge Online Tech With Proven Marketing and Branding Methods

      As a Northern Virginia Internet marketing firm, TESSA offers industry-leading expertise in both the Internet and marketing. We’re a marketing firm made up of expert technologists, meaning we can design an attractive, competitive. comprehensive digital marketing strategy and effectively implement that strategic planning toward enhancing your digital presence.

      That’s one of the main secrets to generating online leads: In today’s business environment, in order to achieve your marketing goals and reach your target market, you need both – customized marketing solutions and high-tech professional services.

      Very few marketing agencies can provide what TESSA does: Unrivaled tech expertise with data-driven marketing strategies that really work.

      The outcome? We’ve established TESSA as a multi-award-winning boutique digital agency that earns tangible, demonstrable results for our clients . . . meaning we help both large and small businesses win more paying customers with technology-powered, time-tested, world-class marketing services.

      Digital Marketing Experts Who Get REAL RESULTS for Our Clients

      We Got the Numbers To Show the Positive Impacts of Our Online Marketing Firm

      Nobody likes to run in mud. You get nowhere, burn energy needlessly, and wind up dirty. It’s completely counterproductive.

      It’s the same thing with your digital marketing efforts. You need to be sure you’re going somewhere with them – and where you’re going needs to be on an upward trajectory.

      With TESSA Marketing + Technology as your digital marketing partner, you’ll get your business where you need it to go. With our multi-faceted, multi-surface digital marketing services, we’ll boost your presence on the Internet . . . then we’ll show you the numbers that demonstrate how much better you’re doing.

      Some of the numbers we’ll show include web analytics data (to demonstrate the effectiveness of our search engine optimization and web design services), social media marketing metrics (to demonstrate your improved performance on the most popular social media platforms), and visitor-to-customer conversion rates (to demonstrate how many more customers you’re winning with our customized content creation).

      The numbers don’t lie. The results we generate for our business clients – real, verifiable, tangible results – make TESSA Marketing + Technology one of the top digital marketing companies in Northern Virginia.

      Racking Up Accolades for Our Professional Services!

      We Win Awards for Our Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing

      When you do good work, it’s nice to be rewarded.

      Over the years, TESSA Marketing + Technology has earned a plethora of awards and recognitions for our digital marketing prowess. We’re truly honored whenever we receive one of these awards, because it means we’re making a genuine impact as a Northern Virginia digital marketing and advertising agency.

      To list a few, TESSA has won awards from:

      • Hermes Creative Awards (multiple times) for web design and search engine marketing
      • Muse Creative Awards for web design and search engine optimization
      • Vega Digital Awards for web design and search engine optimization
      • (multiple times) as “Best of Northern Virginia” as a top digital marketing agency
      • Horizon Interactive Awards (many times) for corporate web design, professional services, and as a distinguished digital marketing agency

      We’re not done yet. There’s still plenty of room in the TESSA trophy case, and we aim to fill it by continuing to provide above-and-beyond digital marketing services to the businesses of Northern Virginia.

      A NoVA-Based Digital Marketing Company That Serves NoVA Business

      We’re a Professional Digital Marketing Firm Specializing in the Local Businesses of Northern Virginia

      One of the reasons TESSA Marketing + Technology is a leader among digital marketing agencies in the Northern Virginia region is the simple fact that we live and work here in NoVA. We know this area extremely well, mainly from too much time driving the Beltway and Route 7 and I-66 to visit clients from Alexandria to Ashburn, Great Falls to Gainesville, Leesburg to Lorton, McLean to Manassas.

      Our acclaimed digital agency offers customized local SEO (search engine optimization), reputation management, email marketing, graphic design, brand strategy, and web development services to local companies throughout the Northern Virginia and Metropolitan Washington DC area.

      So whether your business is based in Chantilly, Reston, Tysons Corner, Woodbridge, or Fairfax VA, the local online marketing and digital advertising agency to go with is TESSA Marketing + Technology.

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      The first order of business is to determine your current online marketing position. To do that, the expert marketers and technologists at TESSA perform a complete audit of all your digital assets, including an analysis of your website’s performance, your social media management, your online business registry listings, your search engine optimization status (i.e., how high your webpages are ranking for the most relevant, searched-for keywords), and other important metrics.

      We combine these findings to determine areas in need of improvement, then we work with the business client to create a tailored digital marketing strategy that improves those areas and boosts your online presence.

      Full-service multi-faceted customized digital marketing services that earn REAL RESULTS for Northern Virginia businesses. That’s what you get with TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Get Noticed by Your Potential Customers in Northern Virginia. Hire TESSA Today.

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      We believe in data-driven decision-making to get results. Whether its lead generation or becoming the industry thought leader, we believe that results are all that matter. Tell us what you need from your marketing. We’ll deliver the proof you demand.

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