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As a top Northern Virginia web design agency, TESSA Marketing and Technology offers a multi-faceted service to get your business visible online. Mobile apps are one of our specialties that have the potential to benefit your company enormously.

Any Business Can Benefit

If you’re a small business, don’t make the mistake of thinking that mobile apps are just for big companies. That’s not true. More and more small businesses are going mobile because they understand that an effective online presence includes more than just a Facebook page and Twitter. Having a dedicated mobile app can take your business to the next level.

An App Offers Many Benefits

On average, Americans spend more than two hours each day on their mobiles. Some of this time includes the use of apps. Via the app, the user accesses information, finds prices, searches, messages, checks the news feed and more. You can provide all the information for your customers to find on the app, just like they do on the website.

For instance, you can send info about promotions and sales. Push notifications provide interaction that reminds customers about your goods and services. If your business has a loyalty program, you can digitize it and make it possible for your customers to get their rewards via the mobile app. This results in more downloads and more returning customers.

Builds Brand Recognition

Having a mobile app for your business contributes a lot to brand awareness. An app is like a blank advertisement board. You can make it look however you want- hip, elegant, or informative. The main thing though is to create an app with features that your customers will enjoy using yet is well branded and aesthetically designed.

The more frequently you can entice customers to use your app, the quicker they’ll buy your goods and services. This is known as “effective frequency” in advertising jargon.

Better Customer Engagement

Whatever you’re selling, it’s helpful if your customers can reach you. Many apps have a messaging feature enabling customers to communicate with you. In fact, customers today would prefer to engage via text than phone.

Build Customer Loyalty

There’s so much white noise out there in the form of billboards, banners, flyers and newspaper ads. A business can slowly become invisible in the midst of it all. Perhaps it’s time to return to making a real connection with your customers and creating genuine fans of your products and services. Having a mobile app is a valuable way of remaining close to your customers and being literally in their pockets.

Simpler Market Research

Businesses need to do market research and having a mobile app simplifies this process. Mobile apps can collect consumer data and preferences, helping you to give them content they want. You can tailor the experience to suit their preferences and needs.

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TESSA Marketing and Technology has an expert understanding of app design and development. We can help you take advantage of the opportunities this medium can offer your business. Boost your business through a professionally developed mobile app. We’re an established web developer in Northern Virginia that can help your business stay updated with latest technologies.

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