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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      TESSA Has a Long History of Getting Results from Digital Marketing Strategies

      Work With One of the Top Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Agencies in Virginia

      From Virginia Beach to Northern Virginia to the Mountain Empire and all throughout the Commonwealth, TESSA Marketing + Technology helps small businesses and major corporations reach their potential customers in Virginia – with award-winning Digital Marketing services that earn real online results.

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      The Premier Company for Virginia Internet Marketing

      TESSA Has Consistently Been a Top Performing Digital Marketing Agency

      One of the many wonderful things about Internet Marketing – also called Digital Marketing; the terms are pretty much interchangeable – is that clients don’t need to guess whether Digital Marketing efforts are working . . . because the proof is in the search engine results.

      The Digital Marketing strategy is either driving traffic to your company website, or it isn’t. Your paid advertising services are attracting click-throughs, or they aren’t. You’re seeing an increase in new business leads in Virginia, or you aren’t.

      Your website’s pages are ranking on the first page of major search engines for the most relevant keywords, or your company is as good as invisible to potential customers in Virginia.

      The customized online marketing solutions devised by TESSA Marketing + Technology produce real, tangible results that our clients can really see . . . because they see more traffic to their websites, more leads from that traffic, and more positive ROI from their Digital Marketing investment.

      What Goes Into a Complete Digital Marketing Solution for Virginia Businesses?

      TESSA’s a Full-Service Internet Marketing Company, So We Do It All

      Digital marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing . . . all these amorphous, vaguely defined terms floating around today’s business world. What do they mean?

      Digital Marketing (or, if you prefer, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing – they all share the same meaning) is simply a set of web-based techniques designed to raise the online profile of a company. Excellent Digital Marketing results in companies reaching their intended audience with their most compelling messages, earning more customers and achieving business goals.

      Combining our knowledge of modern web technologies with our acumen in traditional marketing strategy, TESSA’s Digital Marketing techniques include:

      • Keyword research
      • Competitor and market research
      • Localized search engine optimization (SEO)
      • On-page content marketing
      • Authoritative backlinks
      • Website development
      • Social media marketing
      • Email marketing
      • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
      • Branding, messaging, and communication strategies

      As a full-service Internet Marketing company in Virginia, we offer clients a wide array of digital services ranging from search engine optimization to web design services, social media management to pay-per-click ads. Our toolbox is loaded with the tools we need to devise custom solutions that really boost your company’s digital presence and help your business grow.

      TESSA Wins Awards for the Digital Marketing Results We Get

      We’re Virginia’s Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Firm

      Like we said above, Internet Marketing isn’t a guessing game. Results reveal the truth of how well an online marketing strategy is going. You’re either reaching your target audience and converting more traffic into your customers, or the numbers aren’t adding up.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology consistently gets premium results for our business clients in Virginia – and we’re not the only ones taking notice. Our Digital Marketing services have been awarded by, Horizon Interactive, Rising Star Reviews, and Hermes Creative – with more awards to come.

      The Internet Marketing experts here at TESSA are gratified to receive these awards because it shows that our Digital Marketing strategy really produces positive results for our clients . . . and that our clients are better positioned for long-term success thanks to our online marketing services.

      See How Good Your Digital Marketing Can Be – For Free

      TESSA Will Create a Free Proposal on Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

      One of the first items of business we accomplish with new clients is providing a complimentary Digital Marketing proposal and Search Engine Optimization audit. You’ll see (in writing) the online marketing services we’ll use to power your customized campaign . . . and you’ll see (in numbers) just how much better your digital presence can be.

      There’s a lot of value in knowing what search engines think of your business website – and there’s value in knowing how well your competitors in Virginia are doing with their sites. Digital Marketing is, in large part, a numbers game, so it makes sense to know where you’re starting from . . . so you can see how far TESSA takes you.

      The One-Stop-Shop for All Your Internet Marketing Needs

      We’re a Virginia-based Digital Marketing Agency That’s Truly Full-Service

      The name TESSA is derived from the word “tesseract,” a hypothetical four-dimensional cube that – were it to somehow exist in our 3-D universe – would touch literally everything. That’s a great representation of our philosophy as an Internet Marketing agency: We want to make contact with your potential customers at every possible point.

      That’s why TESSA offers such a wide spectrum of services to each customized Digital Marketing strategy – because we want to make sure we’re presenting your brand, spreading your message, and engaging your customers in every way.

      That includes search engine optimization, of course, but it also includes content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, custom web design, and creative design of logos, colors, and branded graphics. It’s a genuinely wholistic approach that TESSA takes toward Internet Marketing – because that’s the best way to reach your target audience in Virginia.

      Interacting with customers online is an inherently multi-faceted task. Virginia businesses need the Digital Marketing services of TESSA to make sure their message is delivered so that Virginia customers will see it – and want to see more.

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      Take the next step toward exceeding your business goals in Virginia. Put TESSA on your company’s Internet Marketing team.

      It’s easy to initiate a conversation with one of TESSA’s experienced Digital Marketing strategists:

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      We’re driven to achieve long-term success – for our clients and our own company. Let us show you the positive impact that a smart, hard-working, proactive Internet Marketing company can make to make your business grow in Virginia.

      Full-Service Internet Marketing That Gets Results in Virginia. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553

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