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Natural Search is the Main Source of Website Traffic

Organic search plays a large part in the performance of any business website. It’s a vital component of the buyer funnel and in the end gets users to finish a conversion. Marketing experts like TESSA know that Google is the biggest player in the search market, currently owning about 75% of it.

Of course, search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and others all contribute to the visibility of your brand, but Google is the leader.

It’s for this reason that we follow its guidelines. Google is the most visited website on the planet. The majority of people in the world visit it daily. All of this is why it’s in your company’s interests to show up on Google as a trusted resource. The quality SEO that TESSA Marketing and Technology can provide can take your brand there.

Trust and Credibility Are Built on SEO

It’s our goal at TESSA to build an aesthetically pleasing website for you that provides a clean and effective user experience.

We’ll ensure it’s easily discoverable in search because of good brand credibility and the site’s digital properties.

TESSA experts can establish search engine authority by using elements such as

  • Good backlink profiles
  • Machine learning signals
  • Advanced content

Better User Experience with Good SEO

In order to get to the point of having great organic rankings and high visibility, you need to provide a positive user experience. Google can interpret whether a user experience is positive or not.

In fact, a favorable user experience has become an integral part of the success of a website that can work in a brand’s favor. Customers know what they’re looking for and if they can’t find it then they will move on—maybe to your competition.

Local SEO Increases Engagement, Traffic and Conversions

With the increase in mobile traffic, many small businesses are finding that local search plays a big role in their success. Local SEO is geared towards specific cities and regions to optimize your digital properties. It also helps people in the area to locate you fast and easily.

TESSA experts optimize your company’s website and content, looking specifically at local citations, backlinks, and local listings applicable to the location and business sector your brand fits into.

TESSA Marketing and Technology Stays Current

It’s a challenge to stay on top of changes on the web as everything evolves so quickly. Our team stays abreast of SEO so that we’re always aware of major changes happening in the world of search. Additionally, we also research tactics that your competition is using in order to make your brand more competitive.

Our SEO Will Reveal New Opportunities

By utilizing high quality SEO, our experts can discover and leverage new opportunities for your brand. We’ll have to secure a place on page one because it’s there that around 40% of click-throughs happen.

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We’ll implement strong SEO on your brand’s website that will definitely benefit your marketing efforts. This is essential as available data and rival competitors increase. We’re the go-to experts in all things to do with web design in York, PA.

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