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      SEO in York PA has more challenges than many would think for a medium sized city in a rural county.  The selection of search consultants that provide search engine optimization is very limited with most companies being “one man shows,” hobbyists, or web designers.  In all cases, the experience of the SEO services company is severely limited and the results are often severely ineffective.  However, companies in York are often marketing nationwide or internationally.  They need the experience of a national firm to get results.  “TESSA is really in another league when it comes to the local competition in York, Hanover, Harrisburg, Lancaster or Gettysburg PA,” confides Eric Sheaffer, manager of TESSA’s Hanover PA office. “Although, we are based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and service clients nationwide, the partners in the firm are actually originally from Hanover and York.  It just made sense to open an office to service the Central Pennsylvania area.”


      Not All York PA SEO Services are Created Equal

      SEO in York PA needs to meet the needs of not only the local SEO for the service companies (lawyers, doctors, dentists. chiropractors, home builders, plumbers, home services, etc.), but also for the many light and heavy industrial and manufacturing companies in Central PA.  This is where the local SEO specialists serving York just don’t have the experience of a firm like TESSA.  Although you can find highly experienced search consultants in DC and New York, they will not come to your location.  Why are in-person meetings important?  The sad truth is that not only are there many SEO service providers that not highly proficient and effective at improving your online business, such as those you typically find in PA cities and towns like York, Gettysburg, Harrisburg or Hanover, there are also many unscrupulous SEO companies.  “If you get the wrong firm, it is like buying ‘air’,” explains Mr. Sheaffer.  “You don’t know what they are doing.  You can’t tell what results you are getting.  You don’t know what you spent your money on.  We build a relationship based on trust and results with our clients.  We show the client everything that we do for them and show all the results, even when some tasks are less effective.”

      Forbes on Why Search Engine Optimization is Critical and How It Should Be Done

      Forbes magazine had a very succinct article about what is involved in an SEO campaign,”What Every Leader Needs to Know about SEO.”  Below are some of the points that Forbes made for business owners and executives to understand what is well done SEO and what to consider when selecting an SEO consulting firm.

      • SEO York PA or elsewhere is constantly changing – the hobbyist or web designer will not have the advanced knowledge as the senior-level specialist in internet marketing.
      • Effective SEO builds credibility and authority, whether you are B2C or B2B, in local or international markets.  When you see a company always at the top of search results, you see them as the “big dog,” the industry leader.
      • Search is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy, complimenting or replacing to some degree the traditional methods of word of mouth, print, radio/TV advertising, and the other contemporary methods of social media, email marketing and online advertising.
      • Don’t fall for easy “tricks” to improve SEO.  Google has been making the shady practices defunct (with its algorithm updates, such as Panda and Penguin).
      • Good SEO is not actually complicated.  It is about developing good content and getting links and citations from other high quality websites via articles, blogs, press releases, videos, presentations, etc.

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