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There are many Alexandria SEO services to choose from and may be a difficult task to choose exactly which one offers the best services for the most affordable price. There are several ways to better understand if a SEO company offers legitimate search engine optimization services by the way they promote their services. If an Internet marketing company says they can quickly rank your website to the top of the search engines, most likely they are using non-legitimate tools, software and content to do so. Which in return will eventually decrease in ranking with hope of never being able to recover.If an SEO company is honest about how long it will take to rank a competitive keyword (typically months of work) and says they utilize a natural, more organic approach to their optimization then most likely they are the right SEO company to use for your companies website. TESSA uses advanced techniques that are an organic and natural approach because we understand that the search engines want to see real optimization being done, not automated or cookie-cutter optimization.

Many SEO firms act as if SEO can be duplicated over and over again, using the same techniques as they did with other websites. This is called the cookie-cutter approach. In reality though every websites is unique so every website must have a different approach to optimization. Some techniques may work great while other may not have any affect at all to ranking higher in the search engines. With over a decade of experience, our professional SEO specialists understand what it takes to rank a website on the first page of Google and they will be the first to tell you that it takes time and patience. This is due in part to striving for long-term placement in the search engines, which will over time bring you more customers and more sales compared to quick ranking done by bad SEO practices.

We at TESSA will never use any type of automated software or duplicated content. We only utilize advanced techniques that follow current SEO standards that will help your website achieve better ranking in the search engines in addition to keeping those rankings there for the long-term. Our natural approach is all done manually so we can track all of the work that is being performed on your website, which will allow us to analyze the data at a later time to better understand what kind of optimization works best for your website.

TESSA is a premier Alexandria SEO company that strives for high search engine rankings and long-term placement. Our business relies on our client’s success so we can prove to new clients that our methods and advanced techniques that we apply work. Without our clients we are nothing so we do everything in our power to use legitimate search engine optimization techniques to rank your website higher than your competition so your can finally receive the extra edge above the rest.

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Lend a Box

“We became clients of TESSA in November 2013. Since then, we have seen our website traffic quadruple, and even when it’s supposed to be slow, our calendar has been filled with appointments.

TESSA has helped us increase our visibility on the web, and has helped our clients find us when they needed to rent boxes from us.”

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SCS Engineers

“TESSA is very easy to work with; are dependable, and knowledgeable. TESSA is the only company we trust for all of our internet marketing needs.

We are very proud of our new website and online presence.”

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Gettysburg Museum of History

“We went from zero business online to having a successful online store and generating massive traffic to our website. We had over 9,000 visits in last December alone and it has only been the first six months.

The best part about working with TESSA is that they are trustworthy and do what they say.”