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Are you tired of potential customers going to your competitor’s websites because they rank better than you in the search engines? Are you ready to rank on page one of Google so you can receive targeted traffic to your website that will possibly convert to paying customers? If you are then you have visited the right website and company to help you with all of your search engine needs. TESSA is your premiere Virginia SEO firm that is dedicated to providing seo services to both small and large business in the state of Virginia in ranking on the first page of Google.

TESSA has over a decade of search engine optimization experience and strives to increase the rank of our clients given keywords. What many people do not understand is that real and legitimate search engine optimization takes time to rank for long-term placement. Many other Virginia SEO services may try telling you that they can increase your search engine ranking quickly but in reality they are most likely using “black hat” techniques that are not up to current SEO standards. These techniques are out dated and can possibly affect your website in a negative way. Which is not optimal for long-term placement in the search engines.

Everything we do is with a natural and organic approach because that is how the algorithms for indexing work. It does not want to see that you are using automated software, spun articles or other non-legitimate ways to gain ranking. All of the advanced techniques we use are manually done and we track all of our work so we can better understand what works for your websites. This helps us better plan for the future techniques that need to be used for your specific SEO service. We do everything in our ability to offer safe and reliable services that will help you stay ranked in the search engines for long-term.

We work on both on-page and off-page SEO to make sure that everything is being factored in when Google is indexing your websites. There are many factors that are taken into consideration and with the rise of social media; it has played a larger part with search engine ranking. So we make sure that you receive plenty of social signals on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That way you not only are receiving a better chance to rank well in the search engines but you are also building social and credibility.

There are so many benefits of search engine optimization that it can be overwhelming on what the first step is to take. Trust a reliable and experienced Virginia SEO company such as TESSA and you will be amazed at the ranking outcomes, brand awareness and social credibility that will be built form our work. Contact us when you are ready to begin to see amazing results due to the search engines and receive amazing return on your investment with premier SEO services through TESSA. We look forward to assisting you and helping you get the ultimate edge on your competition.

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