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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      TESSA Implements the Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy that Gets Your Company Found Online

      It’s an interesting dichotomy that we deal with as businesspeople nowadays. The fact is as true for us, a premier Virginia SEO firm, as it is for our clients, many of whom are small businesses based in Virginia.

      That odd juxtaposition is this: Your company – meaning, your company’s brand – must simultaneously stand out on the World Wide Web at the same time as it must stand out against your competition here in the Old Dominion, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

      That is, you need to beat your competitors both online and on-the-ground.


      Stay Top-of-Mind When You Stay Top-of-Page

      Win the Search Engines With a Dedicated Virginia SEO Company

      Richmond, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Newport News, the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia . . . if any of those areas are near your main marketplace – if those are your consumers – your business needs to be doing Local SEO.

      Why Local SEO? In today’s marketplace, even people committed to the mantra of Shop Local will start shopping online first. They’ll go to Google or Bing or Yahoo or some other search engines (let’s face it: it’s usually Google) and search in terms they believe will result in the one Virginia business they’ll want to do business with.

      You want that Virginia business to be yours. So you need them to find you. So you must be continually optimizing your online presence with customized digital marketing strategies and a tailored, constantly updated SEO campaign.

      That’s what TESSA Marketing + Technology does best.

      The Essential Elements of a Strong Virginia SEO Campaign

      To Do It Right, Virginia Search Engine Optimization Requires Constant Custom Work

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is an experienced, award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency based in Virginia. We serve the search engine optimization needs of clients around the world and across the United States, but we have a fair number of SEO clients headquartered in places like Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach VA.

      There are some very good reasons why TESSA, as a Virginia digital marketing firm, stands out among competing Virginia SEO companies:

      We dive deep to determine (and elucidate) your company’s unique sales proposition.
      We find undervalued keywords to strengthen your website’s search engine rankings.
      We coordinate digital marketing with social media marketing to present a cohesive marketing strategy with a singular branding message.
      We combine savvy marketing strategy with state-of-the-art technological acumen to bring the most effective skillset to every individual SEO campaign we create and implement.

      Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a necessary thing in today’s business environment – even and especially for Virginia businesses.

      Your web presence is literally your shingle, the one you hang out to let everyone know you’re in business. When your shingle is digital and foot traffic is replaced by web traffic, search engine optimization is how your company gets seen online . . . and if you don’t get seen, you can’t make money.

      TESSA’s SEO services help you make more money with better online visibility in Virginia.

      Thinking About SEO? Virginia Digital Marketing Efforts Really Work

      From the SEO Process to Web Design, TESSA Is Focused On Customer Conversion Optimization

      Turn users into visitors and visitors into customers. Hence, increased profits and business growth. That’s the power of great SEO in Virginia.

      What a dedicated, customized SEO strategy can do for a Virginia business – big or small, even non-profits – is enhance your visibility and your attractiveness. This doesn’t happen by accident; search engine optimization involves a myriad of specific elements and disparate digital solutions which together heighten your business’s key messages and present a unified brand that customers want to associate with.

      Combining the intertwined disciplines of Internet marketing and Internet technology, SEO utilizes various assistive features which boost your company’s online accessibility profile and turn mere keyboard users into loyal customers. Features, methodologies and techniques such as:

      • Continual digging for the most undervalued relevant keywords
      • Coordinated and regular messaging across all social media accounts
      • Coordinated branding – even daring, risky color combinations – across all online outlets, from LinkedIn profile background to your website’s visuals
      • Acquiring useful links back to your Virginia company’s website to gain authority
      • Writing multiple versions of advertising copy to determine which paid ads earn clickthroughs and which need orientation adjustments
      • Web pages with accessibility interface to make your online presence known to blind users, motor-impaired persons, and seizure-prone users (i.e., users can hide images and browse safely)

      For a Virginia business, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompasses a variety of methods, attacking the ever-evolving problem of earning high rankings on popular search engines by approaching it from various angles.

      That’s how your company earns organic search results – and it’s how you increase your bottom line online.

      For More Web Traffic, Make TESSA Your SEO Agency

      We’ll Create a Custom Digital Marketing Strategy that Generates More Web Traffic from Virginia

      If Internet marketing were simple and straightforward, there wouldn’t be an entire industry set up for the purpose of creating SEO strategies for Virginia companies.

      But in reality, it takes both diligence with and know-how of the SEO process to position a website such that it ranks on the first page of search results returned for the most relevant keywords your customers are searching for.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology stands out above other SEO agencies in Virginia because we know what to do, and we’re constantly doing it. We design customized marketing strategies that work.

      We Design SEO Virginia Business Grows From

      TESSA Has Helped Boost Clients’ Sales From NoVA to Hampton Roads

      Do you sell products to customers or services to clients in Chincoteague, or Arlington, or Blacksburg? How about Winchester or Abingdon or Emporia? Wheresoever in Virginia your target market is – or if the market you’re trying to reach is our whole beautiful Commonwealth – TESSA is the Virginia-based digital marketing agency with the tested, trusted, white-hat SEO campaign techniques that effectively allow your website to whisper to the Google algorithm and shoot your brand-carrying webpages up the search engine rankings.

      Whether those customers live in the Roanoke Valley, New River Valley, or Shenandoah Valley . . . if they live in a Virginia city such as Richmond, Salem, Virginia Beach, or Fairfax, or a county like Rockingham, Rockbridge, Nansemond, or Loudoun . . . TESSA Marketing + Technology does all the work – from back-end SEO to eye-catching web design – that wins the organic search game in Virginia.

      Make sure your company gets seen. Hire TESSA to provide the in-depth customized SEO Virginia businesses need to beat the competition.

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