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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    TESSA’s Web Designers Build Websites that Convert Visitors to CUSTOMERS!

      Virginia Web Design - TESSA Marketing & Technology

      Your website is your brochure, your primary sales material, often your first impression. Your web design needs to be good enough to get better results – on their search engine rankings, in their conversion rates, and for your bottom line.

      An Award-Winning Web Design Agency for e-Commerce and Small Business Websites

      TESSA Specializes in Web Design and Digital Marketing Services for Virginia Small Businesses

      Our Web Designers’ Work Gets Noticed By Search Engines and by Our Peers

      Web Design

      It’s fantastic enough that the websites designed by TESSA Marketing + Technology are seen more often by our Virginia clients’ target market, resulting in more sales for them. It’s even better when TESSA is recognized as a top web design company in Virginia by those that bestow awards on the industry’s best.

      Since you’re looking for a reliable, versatile, personable web design agency to partner with on a project, call TESSA Marketing + Technology. We’re a leading Virginia-based digital marketing agency specializing in web development and related services – and we do it using data and analytics to see what works best (given the size of your website).

      We’re results-driven and award-winning. We’re cutting-edge and proven. We’re TESSA, and we do web design for companies doing business in Virginia.

      Combining the Old and the New in Digital Marketing Services

      Custom Web Design Services for Virginia Companies, by a Virginia Company

      Although the Commonwealth of Virginia is known as a bastion of tradition, high-tech has also been the Virginia way, ever since the broad curiosity of Jefferson. Even today, the penchant toward technology persists in Virginia, from the data-center alleys of Northern Virginia to the military necessity of Hampton Roads to the universities of Richmond and Charlottesville and Southwest VA – and even today, those places cherish and honor their traditions.

      TESSA stands out among Virginia web design companies because we combine old-fashioned, traditional marketing solutions with the power of a modern, high-tech digital marketing agency.

      Using a multi-faceted approach, TESSA can transform online businesses in Virginia from just another website on the search engine results page, to an authoritative, trusted site that gets clicks and (once clicked) wins customers.

      Check Out Our Gallery of Custom Web Design Services

      We’re Experienced in Various Styles and Technologies of Website Development

      Web solutions come in many forms. TESSA Marketing + Technology is well-versed in the full range of contemporary styles and modern technologies that produce interactive, attractive, responsive web designs that get your message out and get new business in.

      See for yourself what a quality website from TESSA looks like. Scan through our gallery of website development for previous clients at

      Note our use of typography, transparency, and photo-realism to create web pages that are distinctive, provide memorable user experience (UX), and draw the visitor toward the most key messages.

      Also note our use of graphic design and video marketing materials to reinforce the elements of the business’s brand, including color scheme, textures and patterns, and logos.

      To be considered among the best web designers in Virginia as TESSA is, it takes the creative services of a true marketing agency and the full-cycle development capability of a legit technology company. TESSA is the rare digital agency which excels at both.

      Ranked No. 1 for E-Commerce Website Design

      TESSA is Considered a Top Web Development Company in Virginia

      If you’re going to be one of the leading Virginia web design agencies, you’ve got to be on top of your game.

      There’s plenty new about the Old Dominion. Did you know that well over 70% of the world’s Internet traffic courses through Virginia at some point on its electronic journey? More specifically, the counties of Loudoun and Fairfax in Northern Virginia are such important hubs to our vital global infrastructure that the region surrounding Dulles International Airport has been dubbed Data Center Alley, and is a chief reason why Amazon opted to locate HQ2 in Arlington VA.

      To be successful in the Internet biz here in Virginia, you really gotta know what you’re doing…and what TESSA does, we do best.

      Who says so? Well, the Hermes Creative Awards, for one, which honored TESSA as a Platinum Winner for web design work for small business clients. Additionally, TESSA is a multiple-time awardee of the Horizon Interactive Awards for complete e-commerce website design and development.

      TESSA has won other awards for our digital marketing services, too, including recognitions by and Rising Star Reviews for our successful search engine marketing strategies and SEO campaigns, which is a good sign for our clients: Since web design and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand to boost your online presence, you need a Virginia web design company that can handle the all-important SEO side of things as well.

      TESSA’s Website Design Services Come With a Side of SEO

      What Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Have To Do With Web Design?

      Web design without search engine optimization is something like punching in the dark. You have no idea where your target (market) is and how to connect with it, but you’re throwing out everything you got anyway.

      It’s a good way to get hurt. Or at least not get a good return on your online advertising and marketing investment.

      So remember SEO when talking to web designers in Virginia. If they can’t or don’t take care of the little things that make a website findable by Google and Bing, it doesn’t much matter how pretty the site is or how well it communicates your brand. You have to be seen . . . so you have to do SEO.

      (Or, better yet, you have to let TESSA’s expert web designers perform those necessary search engine optimization techniques for you.)

      SEO matters, and intelligent web design has definite SEO benefits.

      • A dynamic, active website is attractive to search engines.
      • Excellent, well-written, authoritative content generates legitimate backlinks.
      • Content is still king. Active content management systems keep websites appearing dynamic.
      • Your new website design should drive traffic to the company’s social media marketing channels.
      • Your new website’s meta-data should be optimized with relevant keywords.

      It makes sense to work with a digital marketing agency who can come up with comprehensive digital solutions – and then have the technical capabilities to make them happen.

      Work with TESSA Marketing + Technology on a custom web design project that’s backed up by our dedicated, experienced search engine optimization services.

      Using the Most Popular Content Management Systems

      After the Website Development, We Help You Keep the Site Running

      No, we don’t do web hosting – although we do offer valuable insight and expertise to keep your website fresh and interesting to search engines and to potential customers.

      In addition to other content management systems, TESSA works with WordPress web design. For many website operators, WordPress is an easy-to-use, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) website-building option. It has the added benefit of being extensible and working in a wide variety of platforms.

      TESSA isn’t the kind of digital marketing agency that wants to crank out a template web design and plaster up some bland content. We want to make sure the client’s brand is fully and exactly represented through their website – and that means giving you the ability to control your web content yourself.

      What About Logo Design and Graphic Design Services?

      As a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, We Have Access To Everything

      Sometimes a new web design project is part of a larger re-branding initiative. That could mean more than a brand-new website; it could be time for a new logo for your brand. So what about logo design, and converting those logos into formats usable on the web and social media?

      In addition to handling graphic design duties ourselves, TESSA has relationships with top-notch graphic design companies. We’re unique among Virginia web design companies by offering graphic design and related digital services both in-house and through third-party vendors.

      Keep Mobile Solutions for Web Design In Mind

      Nowadays, You Also Need Mobile-Responsive Web Designs To Reach Your Market

      Working on a desktop computer is so passé. Today’s computers are carried around in people’s pockets.

      As the way users use the Internet has changed, the way to do Internet marketing has evolved. A web development company needs to take into account that mobile solutions are necessary to maximize the outreach of a digital marketing campaign.

      That’s especially true when it comes to web design. If you’re designing your website to be viewed comfortably on large screens, you’re missing out on an entire segment of the market here in Virginia: i.e., people who use smartphones and mobile devices as their primary means of communicating, searching, and shopping.

      Among TESSA’s professional services are mobile app development and mobile-responsive web design. It’s important to make mobile users central to your digital marketing efforts since so many of your potential customers are using their phones and tablets to search for what they want. Make sure they find your site.

      Much More than a Web Design Agency

      TESSA Offers Complete Digital Marketing Solutions To Bolster Online Visibility

      Website design is a bit like cupcake frosting – a digital marketing strategy just isn’t the same without some decoration. Web design is the icing on the cake.

      But just like icing is just part of the whole cake, web design is meant to be part of the whole strategy. There are a lot of ingredients that go into a digital marketing recipe – and as a web developer and digital marketing strategist, TESSA is the master chef of it all.

      As a Virginia-based leader in the industry, TESSA provides a comprehensive array of digital marketing services. We’re a:

      • Custom website design agency (of course)
      • Traditional marketing and branding agency (pulling out your company’s unique selling propositions)
      • Content marketing firm (no web design company shouldn’t offer content marketing)
      • Local and organic search engine optimization (SEO) firm
      • Mobile app development company (enhances your e-commerce capabilities)
      • Software development company (full-cycle development with clear application logic)
      • Reputation management company (monitors online reviews and customer sentiment)

      . . . all in one.

      Applied en masse or a la carte, our complete suite of client-centric results-driven technology-powered Internet marketing services can take care of everything a company – big corporation or small business – needs to enhance its online presence and boost its online profits.

      Who in Virginia Needs TESSA’s Web Design?

      Who Needs Our Search Engine Optimization and Mobile App Development?

      If you do business online, or wish to do business online, then the online marketing services offered by TESSA are a veritable panoply of useful ways to make that happen.

      It’s something like a digital transformation. When we apply the full force of our digital marketing efforts to a company’s online presence, not only does their search engine visibility shoot up, but the number of website-using customers increases too.
      That’s the power of having Virginia’s premier web designer working for you.

      But which types of Virginia small businesses benefit from TESSA’s customized web design? Basically, all of them:

      • Dentists, orthopedists, chiropractors, and medication management practitioners
      • Real estate attorneys and criminal defense lawyers
      • Commercial and residential realtors
      • Personal and business insurance agencies
      • Financial services firms
      • Home maintenance, home remodeling, and home improvement contractors
      • Plumbers, pressure washers, and landscapers
      • Carpet cleaners and pest control/exterminators
      • Moving companies and relocation specialists
      • Engineering firms and solar power companies
      • Cybersecurity firms
      • Public relations and marketing agencies
      • Apartment complexes
      • Car dealerships
      • Restaurants, wedding caterers, and tea houses
      • Non-profit and social services
      • Memorabilia, keepsakes, and personalized tchotchkes
      • B-to-B vendors
      • Private schools
      • Tourism boards

      Web design companies aren’t all the same. Some offer web hosting, others don’t; some provide social media management, others don’t; some perform basic back-end search engine optimization, others don’t (though any web design company should).

      For a business website you want people in Virginia to see, work with the experienced digital marketing agency in Virginia. Work with TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Why the Name TESSA for a Digital Marketing Agency?

      Because a Tesseract is a Multi-Surface Object and We’re a Multi-Surface Digital Agency

      We came up with the name TESSA because a tesseract is a four-dimensional hypercube which, if you could touch it, would feel as though it’s connecting with you at every possible point.

      That’s the approach we take to digital marketing in Virginia. Just like our 4-D cube, TESSA reaches your target audience exactly where they’re looking, with an engaging message they want to receive – and we communicate that message through every available medium.

      Businesses are in constant need of reaching out to their markets. Doing so in the modern business world demands marketing expertise and technological acumen. TESSA brings both of those traits to every custom web development project.

      Web Development Tailored for Doing Business in Virginia

      For Best Success, Go With the Website Designer Who Knows the Old Dominion Best

      Virginia is for lovers. We know and love Virginia, and we’re fortunate to live and work in a state that spans from ocean beaches to ancient mountains, with vibrant gleaming cities and verdant rural farmland in between.

      Familiar with John Denver’s famous ditty “Almost Heaven, West Virginia”? In the first stanza, John sings about the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River. Well, we have some news to break about that 50-year-old tune: Those are in Virginia.

      TESSA knows VA. Our history is one of helping businesses big and small, whether their target market is the seven cities of Hampton Roads, the sprawling counties of NoVA, the busy college towns of Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville, or the historic state capital in Richmond VA.

      Virginia is a fascinating place. There’s a reason why Virginia has been termed the cradle of American democracy, and there’s a reason why many refer to Virginia as the Silicon Valley of the East. The Old Dominion has given, and continues to give, a lot to the world.

      Virginia is also a thriving and inviting business environment, one that attracts competition and rewards quality. To compete and succeed doing business online in Virginia, invest in a relationship with Virginia’s best web design and digital marketing firm.

      Contact TESSA Today for the Best Web Design Services in VA

      Attract More Visitors in Virginia and Convert More of Them Into Customers

      Virginia your target market? Same with us. We’ve been web designers in Virginia for a long time, and over the years we’ve developed plenty of websites for lawyers, doctors, dentists, home contractors, insurance companies, history museums, movers, pharmaceutical companies, special needs educators, and more Virginia businesses in more industries.

      So you can rely on TESSA as your Internet marketing firm and web development company in Virginia – because we’ve demonstrated that we’re experts at building professional websites, and we look forward to building your website so it makes you money.

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      Let’s talk about building websites that earn higher search engine rankings and better conversion rates. Contact TESSA Marketing + Technology for world-class web design services in Virginia.

      Hire the Premier Web Designer in Virginia. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553.

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