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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Constant Innovation & Diligent Application Make TESSA the Leading Washington DC SEO Company

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      Search engine optimization is constantly changing. Algorithms that govern search engine rankings are frequently updated, so SEO campaigns need to be nimble enough to change with the algorithm. A variety of rules, guidelines, and techniques may need to be applied.

      As a Washington DC business owner, you need a DC SEO company that is always innovating search engine techniques, always updating web content, always refining our technical SEO strategies, to produce long-term positive search results for your business online.

      Many digital marketing and SEO consultants are practicing old techniques that worked five years ago, but are no longer are valid with current SEO standards. TESSA is always innovating our online marketing techniques, changing and altering different advanced tactics so our clients’ websites rank high, attract potential customers, and maintain that high ranking into the future.


      Washington DC SEO Services That Really Work

      Rank Higher on Search Engine Results Pages – and Stay Up There

      Many local SEO and Washington DC SEO firms may say they can rank your website quickly by using “secrets” that only they know about. These secrets usually consist of automated software that blasts out backlinks and spins irrelevant, duplicated text. These techniques may rank a website quickly but it’ll be short-term, not the sort of durable, long-lasting placement that is essential for the future of your DC business.

      Having an SEO company in Washington DC create a customized SEO campaign using legitimate advanced techniques of online marketing that improve your organic search results is imperative for credibility, brand awareness, and customer conversion rate through website search engines such as Google.

      Not only is being ranked well on the search engines good for getting new visitors that may convert into clients, but it’s also great for your company’s credibility. When someone makes an organic search locally in Washington DC for your business’ services, you’ll want to make sure that your company website has the engaging, relevant content to rank well above your competition, clearly conveying to the prospective customer that your company website one for them to click on – the one that answers their questions and fulfills their needs.

      Provide unique, brand-defining content that solves a problem, answers a question, fulfills a need. This will build trust automatically with your new visitor and begin a long-lasting relationship, resulting in future purchases of your products and services.

      DC’s Experienced, Knowledgeable Digital Marketing Firm

      We Know What the Search Engines Want To See in Washington DC

      For almost as long as there’s been such a thing as search engine optimization, TESSA has been providing SEO services. In all that time (over a decade, almost two) we’ve accumulated vast experience serving clients with superior, award-winning Washington DC search engine optimization and website design – though we’re always staying up-to-date on current SEO campaign trends, making sure that all our advanced techniques align with modern SEO standards.

      The search engine indexes a website through an algorithm that takes hundreds of factors – ranking signals, they’re called in the SEO biz – into consideration, from originality of web design to meta descriptions guided by keyword research. Whenever the algorithm updates, it’s imperative to work with Internet marketing agency that understands the algorithm update, so we can make necessary adjustments that insure your online visibility stays high.

      We at TESSA are always staying up-to-date, studying trends in SEO and digital marketing in order to keep your message front-and-center to your target audience in Washington DC, making sure your website holds the attractiveness, originality, keywords, and back-end SEO to rank better than any competitor’s website – even on the first page.

      Earn More Traffic & More Online Business With a TESSA DC SEO Plan

      We Have a Proven Track Record To Deliver Results That Help Your Business Thrive in Washington, D.C.

      TESSA is an award-winning digital marketing, web design, and SEO company with proven strategies to rank our clients’ websites above their DC competition – because our business relies on it.

      It’s in our best interest to make sure you grow your business with a rank-raising, customer-converting SEO campaign, so we can prove to our potential clients that our multi-faceted approach works. There are numerous Washington DC SEO services available, but only one DC SEO agency makes sure your company enjoys long-lasting placement high in the search engine results pages (SERPs): TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Reach Your Business Goals With the Leading Washington DC SEO Company

      Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553 For Free SEO Audits

      Make the decision to increase your online profits in the Washington DC market. Turn to TESSA Marketing + Technology, an award-winning data-driven technical SEO agency with decades of client success stories from our website marketing services.

      Become one of them. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553 and consult with the Washington DC SEO company whose proven strategies genuinely improve site performance and customer acquisition.
      Our dedicated team of SEO experts deliver a custom SEO strategy that helps build online traffic, lower bounce-rate, increase online conversions, get your essential message out there, and generate streams of revenue from the loyal customers you’ve won.

      We Produce Optimized Content To Rank Higher for the Top Keywords

      On-Page Content Marketing Is a Big Part of Local SEO in Washington DC

      Outside of the digital marketing industry, few people have more than the most basic understanding of what SEO is – and even fewer understand how a tailored, customized SEO campaign works best for companies in the Greater Washington D.C. market.

      That’s what TESSA Marketing + Technology is here for – to combine superior technological applications with relentless keyword research for the best on-site SEO strategies, including on-page content marketing to drive traffic and to engage customers.

      It’s all guided by TESSA’s decades of experience winning customers in the Washington DC marketplace. TESSA is the DC SEO firm you need to attract organic traffic to your website, increase Internet sales, and earn more online customer conversions.

      Convert Visitors to Customers With a Clear Call-To-Action

      Boost Online Visibility in Washington D.C. With a Focused, Custom SEO Strategy

      To convert a customer simply means to successfully encourage a website visitor to perform your desired call-to-action (CTA). On e-commerce websites this CTA is making a purchase, but it could be any number of other actions you’d want them to make: Making an appointment. Calling for a free consultation. Signing up for your e-newsletter. Following your social media presence. Registering in sweepstakes for your huge prize giveaway.

      Essentially, in order for your SEO strategy to perform optimally in DC, your website needs to be (at the same time) your best sales brochure and sales rep. On the WWW, your site must immediately and unambiguously communicate the most unique, distinguishing selling propositions about your business, offer a memorable user experience that promotes positive feelings toward your brand, and – just as immediately – relate what a visitor should do (right now!) to get for themselves some of what you’re selling.

      So, how are more conversions accomplished? How does your company make more sales online? How can your e-commerce website be optimized to attract users with customized Google-whispering digital marketing strategy to get noticed higher in the rankings – while also maximizing conversion rate of visitors into customers?

      The answer is the magic of content marketing. Quality SEO agencies in DC understand that for more website traffic and lower bounce-rate, Content Is King. If your search marketing strategies don’t include original website content creation as part of an overhauled, enhanced user experience that funnels potential customers into brand-loyal clients – that is, if you’re not offering them something unique to look at, something novel and interesting and ahead-of-the-rest – your website is then far less likely to earn their business.

      Make sure to compose plenty of engaging, original, keyword-focused, brand-reinforcing content – including text, alt text, captions, graphic design, social media portals, map and business directory links, embedded video and other multimedia – within a smartly designed, strategically developed website that conveys why customers in Washington DC should do business with you…and makes it easy for them to do so.

      TESSA Puts the Time In, Starting With Keyword Research

      From Link Building to PPC Advertising, We Cover All the Bases

      Putting these strategies to use for your company requires no small investment of time by the SEO specialists. Whether we’re doing full on-site SEO audits, implementing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, or revamping a website design, it takes exhaustive keyword discovery, keyword research, and search-engine volume analytics in order to come up with the best available search terms for which your company’s webpages could highly rank.

      SEO attracts. Content converts. Customized white-hat SEO and digital content marketing by TESSA Marketing + Technology makes it happen. We turn What-If into What-Is for DC clients from small companies, non-profits, and big corporations, working to meet or exceed your business goals by relying on our custom, numbers-driven, multi-faceted, multi-surface approach that makes contact with prospective customers in your target market when they’re most able and willing to buy – when they’re doing an online search. As the top SEO firm in Washington DC and Northern Virginia, TESSA helps you capture their attention and win their business again and again.

      TESSA Designs Award-Winning SEO Strategies for Washington DC Companies

      Accelerate Up the Search Engine Rankings & Achieve Your Business Goals

      It pays to call TESSA Marketing + Technology for custom local SEO site audit in Washington DC. The industry of optimizing websites for search engines is not very much older than we are as a Washington DC digital marketing firm, so we’ve grown up learning the ins-and-outs of the Google algorithm, the balance of keyword density and content originality, the importance of consistent Name/Address/Phone number (NAP) listings from Yelp to Google My Business, the secrets of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) for effective web-based Marketing, and hitting the ever-moving target for ranking webpages higher on SERPs. We’ve even helped clients see their website snippets featured in Google’s exclusive Position Zero, also known as the Answer Box.

      It’s all added up to an array of professional awards and glowing reviews from SEO clients of TESSA. In addition to winning best-in-industry recognitions for our custom web design, marketing campaign strategy, and e-commerce development work from Hermes Creative and Horizon Interactive, TESSA has been honored as one of the Best SEO Experts In Washington DC according to, and was bestowed by testimonial-aggregator Rising Star Reviews as a #1 company in SEO.

      To win against the competition in Washington DC, business owners need to implement smart, dynamic SEO campaigns that take Google analytics into account in order to meet specified marketing goals. TESSA is the premier Internet marketing agency in Washington DC to elevate your website’s selling power to the next level.

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      Make sure your message is seen online by the people you need to see it. Call TESSA, a trusted digital marketing agency in Washington DC, at 703-214-9555, or 1-800-586-1553 elsewhere in the United States. Go with the multi-faceted, multi-surface digital marketing methods and unbeatable technological knowledge of TESSA, and get the best custom SEO experts in the National Capital Area.

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