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Why Tessa?

TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    TESSA Marketing + Technology Is Your Washington DC Web Design Company!

      We’re an Award-Winning Web Design Firm With a Proven Track Record of Success

      Attract More Website Visitors and Meet Your Business Goals With a New Website By TESSA

      Want to maximize your online presence in the Washington DC market? Then hire TESSA Marketing + Technology as your Custom Web Development agency for the DMV region.

      Web Design

      We’re the Washington DC Web Designers Who Get REAL Results…

      …and We Show Them To You, Too!

      Committing your company to a new website is quite an undertaking. There’s a significant investment of time and expense involved in any web design project, and you need to be sure the web design services you’re paying for are able to get the results you need.

      Results like what? Like winning more business online, of course! Websites are meant to be Internet-based sales brochures, offering a clear call-to-action that – with a single click – can turn visitors into customers.

      TESSA’s acclaimed expertise in web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, and overall digital marketing gives our clients the best possible chance at an improved conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who perform the requested call-to-action and “convert” into customers).

      Unlike many other web design companies, TESSA Marketing + Technology is completely transparent about our web design process and the positive results our web designers get. That’s another way we stand alone as a Washington DC web design firm: We show you the numbers behind the success you’re achieving, so you know your new website and your overall digital strategy is working.

      Professional Websites by TESSA Rank Higher on Search Engines and Reach Your Target Market

      In Washington DC, a Custom-Designed E-Commerce Website Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

      Where do people in the DMV go when they want to go shopping? The mall? Malls are dying. A big box store? Those have to go online to compete. The answer is: The Internet. People in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland are shopping on the web to buy, well, pretty much anything.

      So if you’re doing business with customers in the Washington DC market, you need to reach those customers where they live: Online.

      That’s why it makes sense to hire TESSA Marketing + Technology as your Washington DC web design company. We specialize in designing customized websites that show your most essential message directly to the customers you most want to see it – and our familiarity with the DC marketplace makes our web development, content marketing, and digital advertising even more effective.

      Any web design project by TESSA will be extensive in nature. Our vastly experienced in-house team of Washington DC web designers understands the inherent duality of web development – meaning, we’re working to increase the performance of your site on search engine rankings while we’re creating content that answers customers’ questions and earns their confidence – so we’re incredibly well positioned to be your Washington DC digital agency for custom web design.

      Serving the E-Commerce and Web Design Needs of a Wide Variety of Industries

      We’re DC’s Premier Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency for All Types of Businesses

      What does your company sell? Furniture? Moving and relocation services? Restaurant and catering? Men’s clothes? Historical artifacts? Veterinary medicines?

      TESSA builds custom-made websites for that client list and many more.

      It really doesn’t matter what you’re selling; what matters is that your customers in Washington DC know you’re selling it – and that’s where TESSA comes in. Among our areas of expertise, we’re experts at bringing out the most unique and attractive selling points about your business, and conveying your uniqueness to your target audience through our graphic design, content marketing, and web design process.

      An upscale restaurant has a different unique selling proposition (USP) and call-to-action (CTA) than a pizza place does – just like a for-profit business has a set of goals that are distinguishable from those of non-profit organizations. At TESSA, we implicitly understand what makes your company unique, and we tailor our entire digital strategy – from web design to search engine optimization, Google ads to online branding services – to capitalize on what sets your company above your competition.

      Experience + Expertise = TESSA Marketing + Technology

      As a Company, We Bring Over a Decade of Hands-On Web Development to Washington DC

      Officially, TESSA was founded in 2011 – but the collective experience of our Washington DC web design company totals many more years than that. We’ve been winning the web design game for a while.

      But website technology is constantly evolving, with more multimedia features, more whistles and bells, more tools to create truly turn-key digital marketing automation. TESSA’s team of DC web designers stays on the leading-edge of web tech in order to 1) develop ideas that strongly elicit the key messaging of our clients, whether they’re high-profile clients or small businesses, and 2) effectively execute those ideas using state-of-the-art technology, providing clients with the kind of WOW factor that leaves a great impression with potential customers, too.

      Work with Washington DC web designers who’ve been there, done that – and have the proven track record to do it again. Hire TESSA Marketing + Technology as your DC web design and digital marketing agency.

      TESSA Is a Perennial Award-Winning Web Design Company in Washington DC

      We’ve Been Recognized for Our Web Development Services by Hermes, Vega, Muse, and Others

      Every year that goes by, we’re stuffing another couple of awards into our company trophy case. That’s because TESSA gets honored on an annual basis for our customized web design – in fact, we’re one of the most decorated web design companies in the Washington DC area!

      Among the award-granting institutions that have bestowed accolades upon TESSA are:

      • Hermes Creative Awards
      • Muse Creative Awards
      • Horizon Interactive Awards
      • Vega Awards

      We’ve been collecting honors and recognitions for well over a decade now, and we’re always delighted to receive the next one.

      From Graphics to Fonts, TESSA Takes Every Detail Into Account

      Our Web Design Process Puts the Clients’ Needs First

      Let’s talk about the client-centric process TESSA Marketing + Technology utilizes to produce DC’s finest web design that generates more high-quality leads and turns website visitors into your customers:

      What’s your raison d’etre for doing business in Washington DC? First, we learn all we can about your business. What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? What separates you from your competitors? What can we focus on that makes your company stand out above the rest? Discerning your uniquenesses and bringing them out to the fore sometimes requires multiple interviews with senior execs and decision-makers.

      How should your online presence look in the DC market? A website is primarily a visual medium. Although our experienced web designers are acclaimed experts at incorporating multimedia (video, photo galleries, audio, text content, etc.), obviously one site doesn’t fit all. We get creative in designing a custom website that fits and reinforces your company’s brand, taking into account elements such as color, font, graphics, illustrations, page content, and overall usability. Often your website is the first impression of your company a prospect ever sees, so it must convey your message right away and keep the customer clicking for more.

      Are we achieving the results you expect? Frequently we get it right the first time; sometimes we need to tweak things after the initial web design. Whether we’re reaching your goals depends on a couple factors: 1) Does it faithfully present your company’s brand, essential message, and most valuable offerings? And 2), Is the website attracting visitors and converting them into customers?

      As TESSA’s client, you can answer the first question; we have stats from Google Analytics to answer the second.

      TESSA Is Among the 5-Star Web Design Companies in Washington DC

      Clients Rave About Our Web Development in Reviews on Google and Yelp

      It’s great to win all those awards, and it’s really great to consistently produce the results that earn those awards – but the best return on our own work comes in the many 5-star online reviews posted by TESSA’s customers.

      Please take a look for yourself and see what others on our client list have said. You’ll read phrases like “with us every step of the way” and “made the process simple” and “responsive customer service.” That’s a sampling of the sort of service you’ll get when you hire TESSA Marketing + Technology as your Washington DC web design company.

      We Offer Services from Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization

      Check Out Our Lineup of Other Digital Marketing Services To Complement Our Web Development

      As our name suggests, TESSA Marketing + Technology is much more than a web design company. We’re a full-service one-stop-shop for Digital Marketing in Washington DC.

      That means we provide an entire suite of services to position our clients in the best possible light, leveraging our considerable Digital Marketing expertise to devise a strategic approach that reaches your customers where they live: Online.

      Those services include:

      • Web design and graphic design
      • Content marketing and landing pages
      • Social media marketing
      • Email marketing and email campaigns
      • Branding and creative process
      • Digital ads
      • Mobile app development
      • Software development
      • Comprehensive digital strategy

      Full-service, to say the least. TESSA Marketing + Technology has the Digital Marketing expertise to reach your target market, and build your customer base in Washington DC.

      From DC to NoVA to Suburban MD, TESSA Does Web Dev in the DMV

      Work With the Leading Washington DC Web Design Company

      Washington DC is home territory for TESSA Marketing + Technology. We’re headquartered in the DC region, as are many of our clients. We know the national capital area intimately – and we’re all too familiar with the horrendous traffic on Route 7 and the Beltway.

      We understand that the DC region is one of neighborhoods. Petworth isn’t like Georgetown, which is nothing like NoMa and even less like U Street. Tenleytown doesn’t have much in common with the wharf on the Southwest Waterfront. And what sells in Anacostia certainly won’t sell on Capitol Hill, and vice versa.

      The same can be said for Arlington and Fairfax, Bethesda and Silver Spring, Laurel and Waldorf. The DMV is massive in population, that diversity makes the District of Columbia a vast and varied place. It pays for a Washington DC business to work with a local DC web design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing agency that understands this market and has demonstrated a track record of successfully achieving business goals within this market.

      Make an Appointment for a Free Web Design Consultation

      Let’s Get to Work on a Total Digital Strategy Exclusively for Your Washington DC Business

      The first thing TESSA’s web designers do with new clients: We listen. We ask probing questions about your company – its goals, its challenges, its competitors, its unique selling propositions (USPs) and key performance indicators (KPIs). We seek to draw out those key messages that’ll inform our web design and content marketing.

      And we do that for free. Your initial consultation with the TESSA team is complimentary, getting the ball rolling on your web design project and digital strategy and putting your company on a course for substantially improved online marketing.

      So let’s get started! Call TESSA Marketing + Technology at 1-800-586-1553, or send us a message at – or just enter your current business website into the bar atop this webpage and we’ll work up a customized audit, showing what’s working on your current site (and what could work better).

      For years, TESSA has been the premier web design and digital marketing agency in Washington DC. Let us show you why our web developer’s work earns so many awards and 5-star reviews.

      Proven Expertise, Award-Winning Web Design: TESSA Marketing + Technology

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