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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      TESSA Marketing and Technology creates custom strategies for your business. While we look at every facet such as SEO, web design, mobile app development, online advertising and much more, content still remains to be the backbone of a functioning business website.

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      Content is Vital

      Good content is the most important part of your company’s website. It sets your business apart from everything else out there. In short, it is what delivers your company’s message. This is what will encourage your customers to put their credit card on the table.

      Of course, the other components of the website are also important, such as graphics and design. However, these are just supporting players to the content.

      Truth to be told, design won’t do the selling. It may grab the customers’ interest for a few seconds, but if there’s nothing else of value they will quickly move on to your competition.

      Know Your Market

      Our marketing team at TESSA understands how to determine who your company’s high value customers are and how to target them. We’ll create taglines and slogans for you that focus on their needs. This will capture the attention of your prospective repeat customers.

      Create Effective Content

      One of the main ways to build a potent website is to have content that’s relevant and rich in keywords. It should deliver the correct message in a convincing manner. In short, the content needs to target your specific audience, keep them engaged and influence them to take action.

      Effective content can come in many other forms besides text. For instance, videos are being used more and more nowadays to communicate important messages.

      Videos require less effort on the website visitors’ part and provide a good way to engage your target audience and drive important content home. Illustrations, infographics and diagrams are useful for simplifying complex ideas. They can help guide users in their decision making.

      Reinforce with Compelling Design

      Striking design strengthens the message your website is trying to convey. Studies have shown that your site has just one to five seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. In this time, they won’t read or process the content.

      So, the overall design and appearance of your site are of initial importance to create a great first impression. It will encourage the visitor to read the taglines, then do a deeper dive into the content. Hopefully in the end, they’ll make the decision to purchase your goods and services confidently.

      Impressive design therefore goes hand in hand with good copy. Each will support and strengthen the other, working together to deliver a harmonious message. Both will focus on your business’ strengths and core values, pointing out how you’re different from the competition.

      We’re Current

      At TESSA Marketing and Technology, we are up to date with the current web design trends. We’ll create an aesthetically pleasing website for you that factors in all design aspects. For example, we understand things like color psychology, screen resolution and accessibility requirements.

      We’ll Increase Your Traffic

      Good content increases the number of visitors who discover your website via search engines. Search engines prefer content that’s frequently updated, such as blogs. Each extra page of content that’s added is a new entry point for your site.

      By posting articles, whitepapers and blog posts, customers perceive you as an expert in your field and will feel more confident about using your services. Basically, content marketing builds credibility and opens up lines of communication with your customers.

      Let Us Help

      Contact our team at TESSA for all your web content and design needs. As a trusted web developer in DC we can create customized strategies to take your business to the next level.

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      We believe in data-driven decision-making to get results. Whether its lead generation or becoming the industry thought leader, we believe that results are all that matter. Tell us what you need from your marketing. We’ll deliver the proof you demand.

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