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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    Our Web Developers build websites to CONVERT!

    Build Your Brand Online and Generate More Than Leads

      The whole idea of a business website is to make money for the business. To do that, websites must accomplish several goals: 1) attract your target audiences; 2) immediately communicate your key messages with engaging, multi-media content; 3) make it easy for visitors to convert into customers. Custom websites by TESSA Marketing + Technology do all that and then some.

      Web Developer

      Web Development Services Using the Latest Tools and Tech

      TESSA Employs Cutting-Edge Technology To Develop E-Commerce Websites that Attract and Convert

      For best results, any Washington DC web development firm worth its proverbial salt simply must be on the leading edge of website technology. That means up-to-date features such as voice search, JavaScript frameworks, advanced content management systems (CMS), progressive web apps, data security, augmented reality (WebAR) to enhance the user experience (UX), and much more.

      At TESSA, our web designers are acclaimed experts at implementing these and other important web applications to create tailored, fully customized web sites that achieve the specific goals of your company. Our dedicated team is highly adept at building functional, attractive, high-tech, secure websites that attract prospective customers to your Washington DC company website.

      By using the latest web tech and a versatile web platform, we’re ensuring you capture all of your target audiences. It’s just another way TESSA Marketing + Technology leverages the power of multi-surface web design to win more customers for your company.

      Despite Computer & Web Developing Advancements, Content Is Still King

      Our Expertise Includes Content Marketing As Well As Web Development Services

      You’ve heard the expression (now almost a cliché) that “content is king.” Well, truer words have rarely been uttered. Content – the stuff web developers put on a website to communicate a company’s key messages – is where the rubber meets the road . . . and what will earn your company that sought-after increase in online leads.

      Want to win more customers? It’s easy: Answer customer needs – and do it through your website content. All your content – from landing pages to embedded videos – needs to be directly and immediately relevant to your target audiences, so that prospective customers see you as the one and only company that can answer their questions and fulfill their needs.

      TESSA creates unique, customized, engaging content that simultaneously boosts your site’s webpages up the Google (and other) search engine rankings, and succinctly and clearly presents visitors with easy-to-follow calls-to-action to convert visitors into paying customers. Rely on our expertise in content marketing to acquire the most customers possible through your company website.

      TESSA Is Driven By Conversion Optimization

      With Plenty of User-Friendly Calls-To-Action on Your Websites, You’ll Get More Customers From Your Company Website

      The entire point behind a business website is exactly that: Business. Another way of saying that is “money” (or profit, or revenue, or cashflow – but you get it). And the way you know your websites are generating business is to see how many visitors to your site become customers of your company.

      At TESSA, we judge the effectiveness of our websites by how much better they convert visitors into customers. Every web project we undertake is an opportunity to improve conversion optimization for our clients, so we work diligently to produce websites that consistently convert and steadily build your online customer base.

      If your web development experience doesn’t include the concept of conversion optimization, your web developer is not serving your interests. TESSA Marketing + Technology puts conversion optimization at the forefront of our goals, so that your company realizes maximum returns on your web development investment.

      The Proof Is In the Numbers

      We Perform Testing and Analyze Data To Demonstrate How a TESSA Website Works for Businesses

      Another quality that sets TESSA above other developers is the fact that we’re results-driven, and those results are numerical. That means we rely on quantitative, objective analyses to measure the effectiveness of our web development services and its positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

      What’s more, we’ll show you the numbers. From the audit we perform pre-development, to the metrics we collect post-development, we’ll provide before-and-after snapshots that reveal how much better your website is performing with a TESSA website.

      Creating websites is all well and good, but without proof that your newly developed website is attracting more visitors and converting more customers, it’s just spinning your proverbial wheels. TESSA goes the extra mile to provide solid evidence of the efficacy of our web development services, so that you know you’re getting great value from our custom web design.

      When Hiring Washington DC Web Designers, Experience and Expertise Matter a Lot

      TESSA’s Web Development Team Brings Well Over a Decade of Institutional Experience

      When it comes to hiring a professional web applications developer, there’s simply no replacement for extensive experience. TESSA’s team of web designers brings plenty of that.

      Our web development and software development firm was formally established in 2012, but our project managers and web designers have decades of combined experience. That’s a tremendous advantage to our clients, for myriad reasons: 1) We understand what your business needs to compete in the Washington DC market; 2) we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your business website competitive; and 3) we bring unparalleled knowledge of both traditional, tried-and-true marketing techniques and state-of-the-art digital marketing methods to successfully power our clients’ rise in the search engine rankings . . . and the increase in business that comes with it.

      If web development were easy, anyone could do it, but the fact is that web development (done right!) is demanding, painstaking, sometimes arduous work. Building a custom website for a TESSA client requires excellent communication (to understand the company’s unique value propositions and key messaging), information technology know-how (to implement the engaging multi-surface, multi-media content marketing that both attracts and converts), and effective marketing skills to ensure the message you want your prospective customers to receive is the message they get.

      Performing all those various tasks, often under tight timelines, puts many web development firms in Washington DC in a challenging position. But TESSA’s history as a web design firm demonstrates without question that our team is up to the task – and our clients are rewarded with a site that works wonders for their business.

      Award-Winning Web Development In Washington DC

      Our Long List of Professional Honors and Industry Recognitions Puts TESSA Among the Top Web Developers Around

      When you do good work in the web development space, it’s nice to have that work recognized for the quality it represents.

      Over the years, TESSA Marketing + Technology has packed our company trophy case with a host of awards for our search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and web development services. To name a few, TESSA has received awards from the Muse Creative Awards, the Horizon Interactive Awards, the Vega Creative Awards, and the Hermes Creative Awards – all for our prowess in attractive, effective web design layout.

      But that’s not all. We’ve also collected multiple recognitions from (an online review aggregator) for our SEO and digital marketing work, particularly for clients in Arlington VA and Washington DC.

      We’re always working for more. TESSA aims to impress our clients and the web development industry at large with both our back-end and front-end development services – and we’ve got another trophy case just waiting to show off our next batch of awards.

      Additional Digital Marketing Services for Washington DC Businesses

      More Than a Top Web Developer, the TESSA Team Offers a Full Suite of Internet Marketing Services

      As a premier Washington DC web developer, jobs are often more complex than simply creating a custom website.

      Frequently – whether they realize it or not – clients need ancillary services to complement their revamped web design. Fortunately, TESSA provides pretty much everything your company needs to succeed in achieving your online marketing goals.

      Our digital marketing services include:

      • Custom Web Development
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • Online Advertising
      • Content Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Mobile App Development
      • Software Development
      • E-Commerce
      • Messaging and Branding
      • Strategy and Process

      All of the above makes TESSA Marketing + Technology your one-stop shop for digital marketing in the Washington DC area.

      TESSA Is Your Web Development Team in the Greater DC Region

      We Specialize In Our Home Area of Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Suburban Maryland

      We’re proud to report we have regular clients across the country, from Phoenix, Arizona, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But TESSA’s home is in the DMV – that’s District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia – and we share this home with many of our clients.

      If the target audiences for your business are located in the Greater Washington metropolitan region, TESSA is your web development agency of choice. We live and work here, so we know the market – and more importantly, we know how to reach this market with effective messaging that resonates in DC. From Arlington to Bethesda, Fairfax to Georgetown, and Tysons Corner to College Park, TESSA Marketing + Technology understands the region and will create a high-visibility, high-impact web development and digital marketing campaign that connects with our local market and puts your company’s messages front-and-center with DC area consumers.

      Knowledge is power – and our knowledge of the Washington DC market makes TESSA a powerful option for custom web development.

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      We’re easy to reach. Just call 1-800-586-1553, or email [email protected]. You can also ask a question or request a complimentary proposal at, or simply enter your current website URL in the field near the top of this webpage, and click Send Me A Proposal. A member of our expert web development team will get back to you in short order.

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