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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    Looking for the Top SEO Companies in Washington DC? Look to TESSA!

    TESSA Marketing + Technology Delivers Results-Driven Digital Marketing Services

      Accelerate Your Business Growth with Enhanced Online Visibility from a Local SEO Company

      The biggest secret to winning more online business in Washington DC is really no secret at all: Your company needs to be seen. In fact, there’s more to it than that: Your company needs to be seen by the people most likely to become your customers. Fortunately, that’s exactly what a custom-tailored Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign implemented by TESSA Marketing + Technology does: We put your key messages and unique sales propositions front-and-center for your potential customers to see . . . and we make it easy for them to choose you.


      You Can Count On Our Results-Driven SEO Services

      We Boost Your Website Up the Search Engine Rankings – and We Show You the Numbers

      Any SEO agency in Washington DC can promise improvement. But only TESSA Marketing + Technology actually shows you how much better your search results are.

      TESSA is driven by data. We don’t just do a bunch of SEO things and hope it works. We measure the real-world impact of our SEO efforts to demonstrate that you’re attracting more website traffic from more potential customers . . . and that you’re receiving more conversions, turning visitors into clients.

      To do this, we dig deep into analytics – both Google Analytics and Bing Analytics – throughout the Search Engine Optimization process to determine

      1. your company website’s baseline performance,
      2. how well your website is performing relative to those of comparable competitors,
      3. what are the undervalued keywords and keyphrases we can exploit, and
      4. how much better your site is performing on search engine results pages (SERPs).

      One of the (many) great reasons we adopt this data-driven, results-focused approach to SEO in Washington DC is, well, frankly, a lot of our competitors do not. The truth is that some SEO companies take a one-size-fits-all approach . . . and that is no way for your business to get the greatest return on your Digital Marketing investment.

      We Make Sure Your Customers See You – Wherever They Go Online

      A Comprehensive Digital Strategy Demands Multi-Faceted SEO Services

      Yet another reason that makes TESSA Marketing + Technology truly unique among Washington DC SEO agencies is the fact that we’re a multi-faceted agency – full-service, yet boutique – with abundant experience and expertise in a very wide variety of Digital Marketing techniques.

      So what? So that means TESSA’s team of SEO experts can design and implement a customized campaign that reaches your prospective customers at a series of contact points – whether that’s your company website, social media, Google Ads, Bing Ads, or online business listings – thereby ensuring that they will see you.

      We call it a “multi-surface, multi-touch online marketing strategy,” and it’s actually how we got our name. TESSA is an abbreviation of tesseract, a mathematical term for a four-dimensional hypercube that tessellates – or covers – all of regular 3-D space.

      The analogy we’re drawing is that TESSA – like a tesseract hypercube – covers the entire Internet . . . so whatever your next customers or clients are doing online, we’ll find them and deliver your company’s most engaging messages.

      As a full-service digital agency with a proven track record of SEO and Web Development success in Washington DC, TESSA offers bespoke Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing expertise that really elevates your company website up the search engine rankings.

      And we keep them up there.

      We’re the Experienced Digital Marketing Agency Located in the DMV

      Proven Track Record? Yeah, TESSA Has a Long History of SEO Success in the Washington DC Area

      We’ve been doing this a long time – since nearly as long as Search Engine Optimization has been a thing.

      Not only that, every member of our esteemed SEO team brings years (if not decades) of individual experience, making TESSA the Washington DC Digital Marketing firm that can genuinely say we’ve been there, seen that, and gotten it done. And we know just how to do it again.

      There’s one inescapable truth in Digital Marketing, and that’s the fact that no two companies are exactly alike – therefore, no two SEO campaigns should be exactly alike. TESSA’s remarkably consistent success in raising the online visibility of our clients is due to our customized approach. We dig deep into each client’s unique messaging, branding, and selling propositions, then leverage our vast experience to draw out those key messages and present them online to entice potential customers.

      It’s an approach that – combined with our penchant for checking the numbers to prove improvement – really works to drive your site higher up the rankings for the most popular search engines. Our multi-faceted approach has worked for a long time, and as long as the TESSA SEO team is diligent and results-driven, it’ll work for you too.

      TESSA Wins Awards for Our Digital Marketing, Web Design, and SEO Prowess

      We’re Often Ranked a Top SEO Company in Washington DC and the Entire DMV Region

      Sure, it’s highly gratifying for the SEO specialists at TESSA Marketing + Technology to see just how well our customized strategies work for our clients . . . but it’s also a lot of fun to get a trophy, too!

      When our technical and on-page SEO services are implemented, they’re meant to satisfy the search engine algorithms and provide a significant boost up the search engine rankings. If our SEO work also happens to attract the notice of award-granting institutions following the Online Marketing industry, so much the better.

      TESSA has been fortunate to accumulate a bevy of awards, recognitions, honors, and accolades for our work as a digital strategy and web design agency. Over the years we’ve been recognized by some of the most prestigious Digital Marketing and Online Creative awards in the business:

      • Hermes Creative Awards – for educational web design and SEO services
      • Muse Creative Awards – for e-commerce web design and SEO services
      • Vega Awards – for custom web development and SEO services
      • – as the top SEO company in Washington DC
      • Rising Star Reviews – as one of the top SEO companies according to customers’ online reviews
      • Horizon Interactive Awards – for B2B web development and as a distinguished SEO agency

      We’re not done piling up these honors. TESSA is a Washington DC SEO agency that’s in it for the long term, and we look forward to putting our award-winning local SEO services to work for you.

      Our Comprehensive SEO Services Really Get the Job Done

      From Content Optimization to Online Advertising, TESSA Is a Total Digital Marketing Agency

      We do it all to identify your best-selling messages, build your brand online, and disseminate that branding and messaging to your target market in Washington DC – and we mean “it all.”

      Check out our lineup of core services utilized by TESSA’s team of SEO experts:

      • Local SEO informed by exhaustive, continually updated keyword research
      • Search engine marketing (SEM) and Google Adwords
      • Online advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
      • Content creation and content marketing services
      • Social media marketing strategy
      • Custom web development
      • Branding
      • Graphic design
      • Mobile app development
      • Software development

      Good SEO services include more than legitimate link-building, keyword-optimized back-end meta-data, and the ability to optimize websites through WordPress development.

      To be a true full-service digital agency, SEO companies like TESSA Marketing + Technology take care of everything in order to boost your company website up the search engine results pages and help you win all the business you can.

      We’re a Real, Bona Fide Washington DC SEO Company

      TESSA’s SEO Services Work In the District Because We Know Business In the District

      Admit it. DC’s kinda a weird place. Where else do you have so many distinct, flavor-rich neighborhoods served by so many niche hometown businesses, all within a few blocks of the most powerful government in the world? As a city that conglomerates such a diverse array of people – all with their own tastes and interests and consumption habits – the uniqueness and strangeness of Washington, D.C., speaks for itself.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is proud to be a true Washington DC Digital Marketing company, and we always have been. Over the years we’ve been the SEO agency for myriad DC companies, some big and some small. With our understanding of the national capital marketplace and our command of technical SEO, strategies by TESSA effectively position your company front-and-center in the eyes and minds of potential customers around Washington DC.

      So whether you’re a Georgetown restauranteur, an Adams Morgan clothier, a sporting goods store owner in Petworth, a Fortune 500 corporation in Chevy Chase, a tour guide on the Southwest Waterfront, or a dog walker on Capitol Hill, TESSA Marketing + Technology brings the Digital Marketing strategy and the technical SEO services to get your business noticed by customers in Washington DC.

      Call TESSA Today for Your Free SEO Audits and Digital Strategy Proposal

      Let’s Get Started Boosting Your Website Traffic in Washington DC

      More organic traffic means more website visitors, which means more chances to win new, loyal business. All you need is the right SEO company to help you get them.

      TESSA is the SEO firm you’re looking for. Our acclaimed Digital Marketing specialists have been delivering successful projects to Washington DC businesses for most of the 21st century, and we know we can make the power of SEO work for your business too.

      So let’s get to it. Contact the leading Washington DC SEO company and take the first easy step toward growing your business through the power Digital Marketing services can offer.

      • Call 1-800-586-1553
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      Feel free to ask us any questions, and be sure to request your complimentary SEO audits wherein we analyze your website’s current SEO performance and assess how much better we can make it.

      Rely on the premier Internet Marketing agency offering custom-tailored, results-oriented Search Engine Optimization for Washington DC businesses: TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization in Washington DC. Call TESSA at 800-586-1553

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