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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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Why Tessa?


Good old HyperText Markup Language. The original code for making webpages when the Internet was in its infancy, HTML’s initial version provided developers, technologists, and every proud parent with a GeoCities account with a valuable introduction to basic web design.

We’ve come a long way since. Nowadays HTML is up to version 5 (HTML5) and it includes several new tags useful to professional web developers – you know, folks like us here at TESSA Marketing + Technology. For example, HTML5 will accept tags for [header], [footer], [section], [article], [figure], [figcaption],


. Developing with HTML5 truly magnifies all the features a modern website can have.

Moreover, HTML5 (more precisely, HTML5.2) also offers new application programming interfaces (API) including Geolocation and Drag-and-Drop – further enhancing a business website’s capabilities.

How could HTML5 bring your business into today’s World Wide Web? Let’s chat about it! Call 1-800-586-1553 or click the Contact Us button below and get your free consultation with the website design and development team at TESSA Marketing + Technology of Washington DC. No matter where your company is located, you also need to be online – and that’s where TESSA helps businesses succeed.

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