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Why Tessa?

TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    TESSA Gets RESULTS on Digital Marketing Campaigns in Northern Virginia

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      Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Efforts Get REAL RESULTS

      Our Consistent Results on Search Engine Rankings Put TESSA Among NoVA’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies

      For nearly as long as Digital Marketing has been a service, TESSA Marketing + Technology has been serving clients in Northern VA as a premier Digital Marketing agency, helping usher more web traffic to our clients’ sites and turning more website visitors into actual customers.

      TESSA meets the digital marketing needs of small businesses throughout Northern VA looking to augment their online business. That means we help boost revenue for clients by increasing their website traffic through tailored Search Engine Optimization and brand-reinforcing Web Development, all adding up to a customized Digital Marketing campaign that puts your company front-and-center with your target market in Northern Virginia.

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      The Proof Is In the Numbers: TESSA’s Digital Marketing Reaches More People In Northern Virginia

      Whether It’s Search Engine Optimization or Digital Advertising, We Go the Extra Mile for Real Results

      To paraphrase a famous movie quote, “Show me the numbers!” TESSA Marketing + Technology isn’t in the habit of working diligently to formulate, customize, and implement a finely honed Digital Marketing campaign that doesn’t generate a greater influx of potential customers online and drive success for Northern VA businesses. Our focus is on your goals, and we intend to meet or exceed them by:

      • amplifying the online presence of your company with split-copy Digital Advertising, Site Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing
      • connecting the unique brand of your company with the specific audience you’re targeting in Northern Virginia
      • demonstrating in numbers the positive impact our Digital Marketing campaign has made on those audience-targeting efforts

      TESSA Is the Digital Marketing Agency With a Proven Method for Business Growth

      Google Analytics Don’t Lie and Neither Do Our Results

      When discussing with a client how well a Digital Marketing campaign is progressing, we bring facts, figures, and comparisons. We drill down deep to discern exactly what differentiates your company’s messaging and brand, then we think deeper to determine the best methods to market that message to a busy, ultra-competitive Northern VA marketplace.

      Our Proven Method

      We do a deep-dive into your company, your target market in Northern Virginia, and your competitors’ online marketing efforts. We seek to find what sets your company apart and above your competition.

      We take your differentiating message and your unique sales proposition and create a defining brand, one that incorporates logos and color schemes and messaging themes and slogans, and we manifest it into a custom Web Development project that embodies and exemplifies your brand.

      We also devise a dynamic, self-learning Digital Marketing campaign involving aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, and Social Media Campaigns that combine to reinforce your unique brand and disseminate it to the audience you’re targeting in Northern VA.

      It’s an ongoing process. A Digital Marketing campaign requires constant updating to 1) find undervalued keywords that a Northern VA company can seize upon and use to improve search engine rankings, and 2) make sure the Digital Marketing strategy is keeping up with the latest changes to the all-important Google algorithm.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology brings the technical know-how and daily diligence you need to get the greatest return from your Digital Marketing investment.

      Our Remarkable Results

      The whole idea of Digital Marketing is to get seen online by potential customers. That’s precisely what TESSA does. We consistently improve the search engine rankings of our clients’ websites by dramatic margins, sometimes taking them from back-page obscurity to the first page of Google for some of the juiciest, most searched-for keywords.

      Plus, once our award-winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts drive them to click on your website, our deluxe Web Development work immediately engages their senses and invites them to get to know your brand better. Plus, carefully selected sloganeering and well-written text content answer their questions and offer easy-to-follow calls-to-action.

      With Northern VA Digital Marketing by local online marketing agency TESSA Marketing + Technology, you’ll see that visits to your website will go up, users will stay on your website for longer lengths of time and visit more pages, and more of those users will make the decision to become your customers.

      TESSA has been successful doing business in Northern Virginia for a long time, so we know our digital marketers can help you stand out too.

      TESSA Is the Award-Winning Northern Virginia Digital Marketing Agency

      We’re Regularly Recognized for Our Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

      When you get results, you get noticed.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is honored to be consistently recognized among the top Digital Marketing agencies in Northern VA by some of the more discerning and prestigious award-granters in the industry.

      Twice we’ve been recognized as a top local online marketing agency by – first in 2020 for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Washington DC, then in 2022 for Digital Marketing in Arlington VA.

      We’re also a multiple award-winner for honors bestowed by the Horizon Interactive Awards, including as a Distinguished Digital Marketing Agency Award Winner.

      TESSA has also been ranked No. 1 for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Northern Virginia according to Rising Star Reviews, which aggregates online reviews posted by customers around the Internet.

      And thanks to the creativity and technological ability of our team of professional web developers, TESSA has been honored as a Platinum Winner for Web Development by the Hermes Creative Awards.

      All these industry awards and honors come from TESSA’s proclivity to generate real results for our Digital Marketing clients in Northern Virginia.

      Digital Marketing That Works for the Long Haul

      We Have Some Clients Who’ve Put Their Trust In TESSA for More Than a Decade

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is an established Northern VA Digital Marketing agency. We’re led by industry veterans who’ve handled a wide variety of problems for clients, and have learned how to drive success through a multi-surface approach to boosting your search rankings, reaching your target market, and meeting all the objectives of your key performance indicators.

      That’s why so many of TESSA’s clients stay with us for years and years – because our Digital Marketing services consistently get results on their behalf . . . results they can see on their bottom line.

      Just like we seek out your company’s the unique selling propositions (USPs) – that is, those distinguishing qualities that set your company ahead of your competitors in the Northern Virginia market – we at TESSA can boast our own USP as a premier Digital Marketing agency: We really do do it all, and what we do works for the long haul.

      TESSA Is Like a One-Stop Shop for Digital Marketing Services

      Complete Online Marketing Services for Large and Small Businesses in Northern Virginia

      To do Digital Marketing well, you need to do more than one thing well. A Digital Marketing agency that’s successful in Northern Virginia is one that can do great Web Development, rigorous Search Engine Optimization, engaging Social Media Marketing, wise Digital Advertising – all at the same time, all completely customized for the client.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology stands out among Digital Marketing companies in Northern VA because of the sheer breadth of our services. From creating new websites to optimizing old ones . . . back-end SEO or on-page SEO . . . PPC advertising and Google Analytics . . . TESSA takes care of every aspect of a comprehensive Digital Marketing campaign:

      On-Site Optimization

      TESSA does the on-page SEO that increases the visibility of your company website to major search engines like Google and Bing (let’s face it: mostly Google) and boosts your search rankings so more people in Northern Virginia see your site. We can determine how much better your websites are performing through Google Analytics.

      Social Media Marketing

      TESSA deploys the power of social media marketing to engage directly with your target market, share your brand and communicate your key messages, and drive traffic to your website while presenting a clear call-to-action. Social media marketing services are tailored to audiences in Northern VA and Washington D.C.

      Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

      Sometimes it takes money to make money – but only when that money is intelligently and judiciously spent. TESSA incorporates pay-per-click (PPC) ads as part of an overall multi-surface, multi-touch Digital Marketing strategy. But we don’t make such investments blind; TESSA uses a split-copy method to determine the best performing ad copy.

      Online Reviews Monitoring and Reputation Management Services

      Want to do more business online? You need to know that reviews matter! TESSA offers clients a platform that allows them to easily monitor relevant activity on critical review sites as part of our Reputation Management services. If you’re in business in Northern Virginia, you already know that online reviews carry a tremendous, maybe even outsized, amount of importance, so it behooves you to know what customers are saying about your company online – and TESSA helps you do just that.

      Creative Branding and Messaging

      Could your company use a brand refresh? TESSA’s creative Digital Marketing experts can capture your brand’s essence in color scheme, logo, markings, verbiage, and graphic design, and help your Northern VA company through the development of an up-to-date branding plan that brings renewed focus to your key messages.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology = First-Class Professional Digital Marketers in Northern VA

      The Secret to Our Success in Digital Marketing Is Combining Marketing Prowess With Technical Wizardry

      TESSA stands out among Northern VA Digital Marketing firms. The reason we win awards for our Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is thanks to the amazing team of technologically savvy programmers on the staff at TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      They’re among the most well-rounded, well-versed, competent Internet technologists doing Digital Marketing in Northern VA. Challenge us with a high-tech problem, like with a MySQL database or a Vue.js script or a blockchain encryption, and put us to work rising to meet or exceed those challenges.

      But TESSA brings more than technological know-how. We’re also full-fledged professional marketers. We create custom Digital Marketing campaigns with the right brand-reinforcement, modern Web Development and Design, thorough Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, and creative keyword-focused Content Marketing (blogs, ads, social media, on-page website text, for example) to boost your the search engine rankings of your website and enhance the online profile of your company.

      That combination of core competencies – old-fashioned marketing acumen powered by state-of-the-art technological proficiency – make TESSA a strong partner for the Digital Marketing efforts of any Northern Virginia company.

      TESSA’s Digital Marketing Goes Beyond SEO, PPC, and Web Development

      When You Need To Improve Results on the Search Engines, It Takes More Than On-Page SEO

      We really do it all for Digital Marketing campaigns to boost small businesses’ e-commerce websites.

      TESSA creates custom pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement copy, including split-ads to determine the highest performing content. We drive traffic to your website with brand-reinforcing content on social media channels. And we exemplify the essence of your business brand through our superior web development.

      Moreover, we work as a team with each client to coordinate a successful Online Digital Marketing effort justified by web analytics – the same numbers which could identify weaknesses in a campaign. We adjust as necessary to improve, taking the guesswork out of marketing your business on the Internet in Northern VA.

      TESSA has raised the art of Online Digital Marketing to a science.

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      When you want to get serious about your company’s e-commerce revenues, or you need a boost in online sales, put the top Digital Marketing agency in Northern VA on the team. Partner with the pros of TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Please call our Northern Virginia headquarters at 703-214-9555 or from anywhere at 1-800-586-1553, or submit the short form at to request your complimentary initial consultation with our Northern VA Digital Marketing and Internet Technology experts.

      We turn what-if into what-is, and make a positive impact on the way your customers see your company.

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