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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Northern VA SEO - TESSA Marketing & Technology

      NoVA’s Experienced, Award-Winning, Results-Driven SEO Agency

      We’ve been a Northern Virginia SEO agency for as long as we’ve been in business – and we just keep getting better. TESSA Marketing & Technology is your full-service, award-winning, local Northern Virginia SEO firm dedicated to doing everything possible (using our formidable expertise in both online marketing and web-based technologies) to make sure your company website rises above the fray, beats out your competition, and gets noticed by customers when they search for your services on Google, Bing, and other top search engines.

      To enhance your company’s return on investment (ROI), boost your bottom line and increase online profits, you have to be seen – and TESSA has the proven tools to make your online presence even more visible and attractive to search engines and to potential customers both.

      The Best SEO Professionals In Northern Virginia Get the Best Search Results

      Nowadays, the whole world (which includes Northern Virginia, of course) is on the World Wide Web. That’s not news, but it’s more and more true as time goes on. According to some estimates, approximately 85% of all consumers will search online when deciding to purchase products or services – so it’s imperative that your company website must be visible when your would-be customers go to the search engines to shop.

      Doing business on the Internet is akin to a popularity contest. Earning a lofty search ranking imparts immediate credibility. The goal of TESSA Marketing & Technology – as a premier Northern Virginia SEO company, web design company and digital marketing company – is to make sure your company wins. That means strong brand-reinforcing website design, indefatigable keyword research, appropriate keyword density, a compelling user experience…and the best marketing services and local SEO Virginia businesses can get.

      Every webpage on your company website should be able to convince a customer to buy. That’s why on every page, SEO and web design matter. In a high-tech area like Northern Virginia, TESSA Marketing & Technology is in the best position to provide the SEO VA companies need to succeed.


      More Web Traffic, More Business Leads: That’s What TESSA’s SEO Can Do

      Basically, SEO is how companies get found online – and if your company isn’t using good SEO techniques, it’s simply not getting found as much as it could or should. In the ever-changing landscape of modern business in Northern Virginia, SEO is an absolute must – and it must constantly be updated in order to stay on top.

      Search engine optimization is a multi-faceted, multi-pronged endeavor. It requires in-depth analysis of what keywords and keyphrases are optimal targets (keyword research); it necessitates ongoing updates of web design, web content, and back-end metadata (content marketing); it demands constant attention to which strategies work to rank webpages highly when those search terms are searched for on Google (digital marketing ); and it takes professional-level knowledge of the Google algorithm, along with responsive flexibility to adjust accordingly when that algorithm changes – and it sure does change!

      Let’s look at some of the major aspects that go into a top-performing Internet marketing and SEO campaign.

      The Keys To Successful Northern Virginia SEO Campaigns

      There’s a lot of different aspects that must be paid attention to, in order to rank a website at or near the top of search-engine results pages (SERPs). To list only a few components that make up a total SEO and digital marketing strategy:

      • Industry Competition Analysis
      • Customized Website SEO Checkup
      • Keyword Research, Review, and Analysis
      • Local SEO (to rank within a geographic market such as Northern Virginia)
      • Global SEO (to rank for the international market)
      • Organic SEO and White-Hat Backlinks
      • Custom Web Development, Web Design, and Original Blog Posts
      • Search Engine Indexing
      • Business Listings and Northern VA Map Listings
      • Website Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate Optimization
      • Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Uniformity
      • Mobile-Friendly Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing and Facebook Account Management
      • Google AdWords and Ad Copy Splitting for E-Commerce

      TESSA takes care of all that and more, delivering tailored, all-inclusive SEO strategy that reliably garners positive results – and our clients know they’re getting those results and meeting their digital marketing goals…because we can show them.

      Turn Website Visitors Into Your Customers With Online Conversion Optimization

      There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. There couldn’t be. If every business in a given industry implemented the same SEO strategy, going after the same keywords, there’d be very little to distinguish and differentiate one competitor from another.

      TESSA Marketing & Technology goes deeper than other Northern Virginia SEO firms to find the true separators, the most unique selling propositions (USPs) about your particular company – differentiators we can utilize when creating a custom SEO strategy designed exclusively for your business.

      What Makes Your Northern VA Business Different (and Better)?

      A myriad of factors could quality as a unique sales proposition – and TESSA does the work to dig up all of them. What does your company offer that no other competitors can claim? What specialized services, exclusive offers, industry awards, or valuable previous experience can your business boast about? Where, geographically, do you serve – all Northern Virginia, or do you provide service to anyone on the Internet? How highly do your customers rate you in their online reviews and testimonials? What truly sets you apart and above?

      Hey, one great example of a unique selling proposition is the very topic of this webpage. One of the main USPs of TESSA Marketing & Technology (one of the many) is that we refuse to take a cookie-cutter approach to SEO and instead do the hard work of getting to know our clients so intimately that we elicit their own USPs – and then we apply our unrivaled technological know-how (another USP of ours) to come up with and put in place comprehensive online marketing strategies for our SEO clients, boosting rankings on search engines and attracting the web traffic they want most.

      Websites Generate Revenue When They Convert Visitors Into Customers

      Through thorough research and multiple interviews with corporate executives, TESSA Marketing & Technology invests the time necessary to determine your company’s particular USPs – and then we get to work, exploiting those uniquenesses to design a customized SEO strategy that involves updated and ongoing keyword research, optimized online content and website meta tags, specialized branding elements (colors, graphics, logos, slogans, quality content, etc.), and directed calls-to-action that encourage your customer to do business with your business – a call-to-action like calling your office, setting an appointment, getting more info, or making a purchase.

      When customers perform the call-to-action you want, we in the SEO business refer to that as a conversion. Really, it’s a victory. When the search-engine optimization strategy we implement attracts a prospective client or buyer to your company website, the battle is only half-won. What we all want as business owners is to convert that visitor to a customer, to make the click or call that puts money in our pocket – and the best way to earn conversions is to show those customers exactly why you’re a superior choice compared to your Northern Virginia competition. TESSA brings that uniqueness to the fore, making it easy and obvious for the visitor to see, and makes visitors to your website want to do business with you.

      Kudos and Accolades From Those Who Know What Good SEO Looks Like

      TESSA Marketing & Technology is a bona fide SEO expert and leader, so performing intelligent, customized SEO strategies for companies headquartered in Northern VA is among our fortes. We even have the hardware to prove it.

      TESSA is a 2018 Platinum winner of the Hermes Creative Awards, which we followed up in 2019 with our No. 1 ranking by Rising Star Reviews for our SEO services. Then, in 2020, TESSA was selected among the Best SEO Experts in Washington DC by On top of all that, we own a Distinguished Agency Award from the Horizon Interactive Awards.

      But it’s the praise we earn from our VA and Metro DC clients that we cherish most. When our SEO team types a keyword into Google and shows a client that their website appears on that all-important first page…when our marketing team demonstrates with Google Analytics that a client’s website is attracting more click-throughs (visitors) and earning more conversions (customers)…when we’re thanked for making a company’s web presence and social media presence more visible, thereby increasing that company’s online profits…that’s the best reward of all.

      Site Content May Be King, But SEO Rules

      In today’s business environment in Northern Virginia, search engine optimization isn’t an option; it’s an imperative. Whether you own a mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar store, a multi-national tech firm, a real estate agency, a brand new small business, or an established e-commerce site delivering worldwide from a warehouse location in Northern Virginia, SEO is a necessary part of every successful business.

      It’s a lot more than slapping up a website and guessing at keywords – a lot more. Smart SEO requires a full-on strategy that combines the science of web technology and the art of savvy digital marketing to increase your website traffic, boost your search-engine rankings, and generate high-quality leads every minute of every day.

      So, whether your market is Northern Virginia or the Northern Hemisphere, talk with TESSA today about how you can achieve greater success in the online marketplace while staying within your budget. Click or tap the button at the top of this page and order your complimentary SEO audit so you can see how much better your Internet investment could be – for FREE!

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      We work with clients across the country and around the world, but we’re proud to be based in Northern Virginia. For the best SEO services in Northern Virginia, call TESSA at 703-214-9555 or 1-800-586-1553.

      Your company website is absolutely crucial to your company’s success – and therefore an intelligently designed, completely comprehensive and an exclusive, customized Northern Virginia SEO and digital marketing strategy is critical to ensuring your website gets seen. Increase online visibility, generate more leads, and make more money online with industry-leading SEO by TESSA Marketing & Technology.

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