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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      It may be difficult to understand exactly what a SEO company in Philadelphia does but you most likely understand, at some level, that Internet marketing is imperative to grow your business in addition to the survival of your business. Understanding that is one thing but wrapping your head around the many facets of Internet marketing, especially SEO, may give you a headache. There is so many different aspects of Internet marketing it can be a very timely task to implement all of the different components. In reality most people want to just pop-up on the first page of Google. Well that is SEO, search engine optimization; in other words it is a way to optimize your website so you have a better chance at being seen on Google.


      Now you may be thinking that all you need to do is some back linking, buy some articles to post as blogs and stuff your website with keywords. Sure that is correct to a very small degree but in reality there are dozens of more components of SEO that needs to be considered and implemented. Each component will affect your websites ranking in different ways so making sure that you have the right SEO company serving Philadelphia is essential to your online success.

      TESSA has had over a decade of experience with SEO and is continuously changing its techniques as the search engine algorithms update and change. It is a full time job just learning about SEO let alone implementing the different advanced tactics to receive high ranking. Many Philadelphia SEO agencies claim that they can rank your website fast and cheap but in the grand scheme of things your website will probably be ranking for a short time period and you wasted your money with no hope of return in the future.

      At TESSA we aim for long-term search engine ranking placement, meaning the techniques we apply are ones that will have a lasting positive affect on your ranking in the search engines. All of our techniques are from natural and organic point of view. We do nothing that is automated and never utilize any type of software that creates backlinks or spins content. Everything we do is manual in addition to 100% unique to your own website. SEO is something that must be custom tailored to each website and specific industry and never can be duplicated but can be implemented with similar techniques.

      We have found that we use some of the most advanced optimization techniques out of any SEO company in Philadelphia you may work with. With over a decade of experience and always altering our approach to the search engines, you will quickly realize you will be working with a company that is dedicated to having you rank better than your competition and make sure you have a healthy return on your investment. Choose a SEO firm that aims for long-term growth and utilizes only 100% legitimate and unique SEO techniques that will rank you in the search engines.

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      We believe in data-driven decision-making to get results. Whether its lead generation or becoming the industry thought leader, we believe that results are all that matter. Tell us what you need from your marketing. We’ll deliver the proof you demand.

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