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Professional VA Internet Marketing and Web Solutions by TESSA Marketing & Technology

TESSA Marketing & Technology is a VA internet marketing services providing integrated marketing and web design solutions to small and medium-size businesses in Virginia. Since our establishment, TESSA steadily grew into becoming one of the leading online marketing services in the area. When it comes to Internet marketing, we provide a complete, dedicated service meant for the competitive advantage of our clients.

We commit ourselves to providing individualized attention to our customers knowing that each one has different needs and goals. With a proven success record, we promise to work side by side with our clients in setting them apart from their competitors. By working with us, rest assured you could take advantage of a professional-looking responsive website and optimized content. As a professional VA Internet marketing campaign, we assure you a promising result.

How can Our VA Internet Marketing Team Help

Our team’s accomplishments are both remarkable and diverse. We help individuals, startups, small businesses to take on the world. We help them become global brands ready to fight the fierce competition. Our success is thanks to our diverse team that includes web developers, graphic designers, computer scientists, and a complete plethora of talented people. Our specialists lend you their skills and talents to make it into this digital world.


If you are not sure yet what your goals are, we can help. We can help define your SEO goals as well as create a plausible strategy in achieving those goals. Our in-house marketing experts can give you support and guidance on the best approach to optimize your website for better SERP rankings.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is necessary to guide your SEO strategy. It allows you to have realistic visions and forecasts of what opportunities your market can offer. By conducting keyword research, we don’t give you will guess but nearly precise estimations.

Competitive Analysis

Today’s marketplace is quite competitive. It is not only you targeting and reaching your potential customers. There are other companies out there doing market and keyword analysis. To make it, you need to know your competitors through competitive analysis.

Custom Web Design & Development

Our VA web experts are excellent at doing turnarounds for your company. We can steer you towards directions that are more profitable so you can properly grow. We start by developing custom websites that will set your brand and company apart from your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is on social media today. It serves as the easiest way to communicate and establish a steady relationship with your customers. We will help you find what is the best social media platform and course of action to engage your customers using this tactic.

TESSA Marketing & Technology is a VA Internet marketing company here to help you secure the best results out of your online marketing and SEO campaign. With our help, you can have the competitive advantage in fighting in today’s fierce marketplace.

Backed by marketers and web experts, you can rely on us for your web and SEO needs. Browse through our site, call or email us for more information.

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We believe in marketing magic, but we also know numbers don’t lie. Our process is predicated on your goals. Tell us what you need. We’ll deliver the proof you demand.

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Lend a Box

“We became clients of TESSA in November 2013. Since then, we have seen our website traffic quadruple, and even when it’s supposed to be slow, our calendar has been filled with appointments.

TESSA has helped us increase our visibility on the web, and has helped our clients find us when they needed to rent boxes from us.”

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SCS Engineers

“TESSA is very easy to work with; are dependable, and knowledgeable. TESSA is the only company we trust for all of our internet marketing needs.

We are very proud of our new website and online presence.”

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Gettysburg Museum of History

“We went from zero business online to having a successful online store and generating massive traffic to our website. We had over 9,000 visits in last December alone and it has only been the first six months.

The best part about working with TESSA is that they are trustworthy and do what they say.”