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    By now, you should know that for most businesses to thrive, online presence is necessary. If not your own website, you need to have at least a social media account so your customers know where to reach you. If you have an established business with sizeable customers or if you cater to customers out of the town or city where your business operates, it goes to say you need a website.


    Websites works like your online address, the first place your customers will look for you whenever they want to know something. However, it is not always that customers come looking for you. Sometimes, you have to find them, or at least make it easier for them to find you in the millions of sites all over the web.
    This is where TESSA Marketing + Technology VA SEO can help you. We are a professional SEO agency with expertise and experience in building an ideal digital marketing campaign for you. With understanding of what your clients are looking for and what your value proposition is as well as access to wide array of tools, we can work together to realize your goals.

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    Ordinary SEO is no longer the charm. You cannot just stuff your content with keywords and links, post them on your site and hope for the best. SEO is more complex especially now that that search engines, particularly Google employs hundreds of algorithm to rank sites. This algorithm detects site and checks if they have high authority, accurately placing them at their appropriate page in SERPs.

    SEO’s requirements constantly change. It constantly evolves, which drives us to make it our mission that we stay at the peak of these changes, trends and upgrades. This is because we are committed to helping you place at the top of the highest possible search ranking you can be. To make it happen, we have our staff work with you side by side, providing regular updates and reports regarding your SEO campaign.

    What We Can Offer You
    To help you realize your SEO goals, we lend you our expertise, our cutting –edge methodologies and our experience to help create improve your online presence, drive traffic and increase your conversion. Whether you need copy, PPC, website design, keyword optimization, press coverage or link building, we can build you the SEO campaign tailored to improve your SERPs rankings.
    TESSA Marketing + Technology VA SEO services use leading SEO tactics. Additionally, we work on innovating new strategies custom planned to our client’s industry. With that, we always have an expert team on research and development working round the clock to bring your business new ideas.

    Today, traditional marketing and advertisements like TV ads and billboards are longer the norm. The new marketplace is the Internet, which is now currently crowded. For others to notice your business, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitor.

    You also need to be able to reach to your customers in unique ways. Our services for Search Engine Optimization in VA do just that and if you come learn with us the power of SEO, we are sure your business can find its place in the online world.

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