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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t easy. If it were, anyone could do it and every business in Virginia would be on the first page of Google search engine rankings. In fact, it takes an acclaimed SEO company like TESSA Marketing + Technology to provide the digital marketing solutions that really work (and we can prove it).

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      TESSA: The Results-Driven Virginia SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

      We Rely on Numerical Evidence To Show that Our Digital Marketing Efforts Are Working

      One thing TESSA does that many Virginia SEO agencies don’t do: We show you the numbers. We show our clients exactly how much better their search results are, how much more traffic their website is attracting, how many more visitors are self-converting to customers, and how our digital marketing services are meeting their business needs.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology has always been, and will always be, a results-driven Virginia SEO company. We dive deep into the data – both Google Analytics and Bing Analytics – to get a baseline for how your website is performing . . . and gain insight into how much better it could be.

      In the modern age, local businesses depend on their digital presence to generate new sales and develop customer loyalty. The way to achieve that is through custom-tailored search engine optimization. SEO – when done well – tells major search engines to rank your site’s pages high enough that they get seen by your target audience in Virginia . . . and you get the business growth you’re looking for.

      And it’s all driven by the numbers.

      Our Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Covers All the Bases

      As a Full-Service Digital Agency, TESSA Takes Care of Everything for SEO

      We’re an award-winning digital marketing firm specializing in Virginia SEO services. But take another look at our name: TESSA Marketing + Technology. We chose that moniker because we combine the power of web tech fusion with the effectiveness of old-fashioned marketing know-how to create and implement a customized digital strategy for our clients, resulting in more web traffic and more business online.

      Essentially, “marketing” is what you say to entice the visitor to become your customer, and “technology” is how they see what you have to say. TESSA Marketing + Technology offers a complete array of digital services in Virginia that propel your digital presence upward, increasing the chances of your target market seeing your company’s message as well as increasing the chances of that prospect becoming your customer.

      So what does a custom SEO campaign cover, anyway?

      • Keyword research (continually updated to find undervalued relevant keywords and keyphrases)
      • On-page SEO (to insert keyword-optimized metadata (page titles and meta-descriptions) on each page)
      • Local SEO (to speak directly to your soon-to-be customers in Virginia)
      • Content marketing (to spread your keyword-optimized message of unique selling propositions)
      • Legitimate link building (to elevate the authority of your site’s content)
      • Business listing agreement (to ensure consistency in name, address, and phone number (NAP) information online)

      As the leader among top SEO companies in Virginia, TESSA uses all the cards in our deck to develop well-thought-out digital marketing strategies that catapult a business to a higher perch on the search engine rankings. That includes aspects of technical SEO in addition to the tried-and-true marketing techniques that have worked since time immemorial.

      And that’s what makes TESSA a genuinely full-service marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization.

      With great SEO strategies spearheaded by outstanding SEO experts, even small businesses in Virginia can achieve a global presence online.

      Even More Digital Marketing Services

      More Than SEO Strategies, TESSA’s Also an Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and Web Development Company

      There isn’t much that TESSA can’t do online for Virginia businesses. It’s a big digital world out there, and TESSA Marketing + Technology wants clients to benefit from all the ways that an online marketing firm can help a Virginia company grow.

      Among our suite of digital marketing techniques:

      • Search engine marketing (including paid ads)
      • Pay-per-click (PPC) services
      • Social media marketing and social media management
      • Custom web development and web design services
      • Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots
      • Online reviews and reputation management
      • Branding and messaging strategy
      • Content creation and content marketing (to amplify your company’s brand and spread your key messages)

      All of the techniques listed above can be coordinated into a single cohesive strategy designed to enhance your online presence, attract more web traffic, and earn more business. It’s just what accomplished digital marketing experts do.

      Like we said, it’s a big digital world out there. Go with the passionate IT experts at TESSA Marketing + Technology to make sure your Virginia business is realizing the maximum benefit from your search engine optimization and digital marketing investment.

      Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization in Virginia

      SEO Is Hard Work. It’s Nice To Be Noticed for the Work We Do (and Results We Produce)

      TESSA is a bona fide award-winning digital marketing agency. We’ve collected a bevy of recognitions and honors from those who know the search engine optimization industry – and know what top SEO companies look like.

      Over our many years in business, TESSA has earned awards for our search engine optimization, web development, and overall digital strategy. To name a few:

      Muse Creative Awards – for web design and search engine optimization

      Vega Awards – for web development and search engine optimization

      Hermes Creative Awards – for web design and search engine optimization

      Horizon Interactive Awards – for e-commerce and B2B web development – for providing the best SEO services in Washington DC and Arlington VA

      Rising Star Reviews – for having the best SEO experts in Washington DC and Northern Virginia (according to customers’ online reviews)

      Several of these awards we’ve won multiple times – and we should be adding a few more in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned.

      We believe these industry awards and honors bestowed on TESSA accurately reflect the unrelenting quality of our digital marketing efforts, from search engine optimization to web development. That’s why we’re proud to talk about all the awards our full-service digital marketing agency has won, because it speaks to the diligent, effective work we do for local businesses in Virginia.

      Trust the Virginia-based digital marketing firm that wins awards for the work we do for small businesses and large ones. Trust the SEO and digital strategy of TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Premier SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia

      We Know Virginia Business Because We Are a Virginia Business

      When you want to buy a piece of property, you go to the real estate agents who know that area best. That’s how you help ensure you’re getting the best work and the best deal.

      It’s the same with local SEO services. If you want to see your business increase in Virginia, go with a search engine optimization agency that knows how to increase business in Virginia – heck, for that matter, go with an actual Virginia SEO company.

      In VA, go with TESSA.

      TESSA has always been headquartered here in the Old Dominion, serving Virginia businesses with distinction for nearly as long as search engine optimization has been a thing. We’ve built our company by understanding the unique marketplace that is Virginia (and the unique marketplaces that exist within VA), and we’re able to apply that same understanding to marketing your business within the Commonwealth. That’s how we’ve been able to stand out among Virginia SEO companies and grow our digital marketing agency . . . and that’s exactly how we’ll do the same for your business.

      For a Complete Digital Strategy, We Cover All of Virginia

      From NoVA to Hampton Roads and Southwest VA to the Shenandoah Valley

      Like we said, we know Virginia because we’re from Virginia, we live and work in Virginia, and we’re a leader among Virginia SEO agencies. And we know that Virginia is actually several states in one.

      Northern Virginia is nothing like Hampton Roads, which is nothing like Southside or Southwest VA, and none of them are anything like the Eastern Shore. If you want to attract new customers from any particular region, you need to know what they’re looking for – and if you want to attract new customers from the entire state, you need speak to all the aforementioned regions . . . and give good reasons for patronizing your business to people from Wytheville and Winchester alike.

      So whether your business is located in Arlington, Richmond, Virginia Beach, or Roanoke, TESSA has you covered. Rise above your competition wherever you are in the Commonwealth with custom-tailored search engine optimization by TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Get a Free SEO Audit by Virginia’s SEO Experts

      See How Your Site’s Pages are Performing – and How They Could Perform Even Better

      Another reason to go with TESSA as your search engine optimization agency is our complimentary SEO audit. That may sound intimidating, but it’s actually an extremely helpful tool for gaining insight into how well (or not) the pages of your website are ranking – and for insight into how much they can improve.

      An SEO audit by TESSA analyzes your pages’ performances as well as those of your direct competitors. We analyze aspects such as keywords used, geography targeted, ranking achieved, and conversions made – and we do a side-by-side comparison to determine where you stand relative to the competition.

      That informs our strategy moving forward, as we look for undervalued keywords to exploit, implement new ways to target the same geographic location within Virginia, and do the hard work of search engine optimization to elevate your site’s pages up the search engine results.

      In short, an SEO audit tells us what benchmarks we have to beat, and what our starting point is. And it’s a courtesy of TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Be sure to request your free SEO audit and see how much more traffic your webpages could attract.

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      It’s easy to put TESSA Marketing + Technology on your IT team for effective, results-driven search engine optimization services. Just call or click to arrange for an introductory appointment and to put us to work on your personalized SEO audit.

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      Boost your website up the rankings for Google, Bing, and other major search engines. Work with TESSA Marketing + Technology, the award-winning Virginia-based search engine optimization and digital marketing agency, for SEO campaigns that get real, tangible results – results you’ll see in your company’s bottom line.

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