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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Hire TESSA Marketing + Technology, the Leading Local SEO Company in Virginia

      Make sure you get seen by your potential clients and customers. Make sure your Search Engine Optimization is handled by the leading SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Virginia: TESSA Marketing + Technology.

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      Is Your SEO Strategy Actually Working? The Numbers Tell the Story

      TESSA’s Search Engine Optimization Gets Results – and We Show Them to You

      What makes TESSA different among Virginia SEO companies is our willingness to show you the tangible results of our Digital Marketing efforts.

      It’s not enough to say, “Oh, well, we increased your ranking for the most relevant keywords.” That leaves a bunch of questions unanswered:

      Which keywords? What’s the target audience? And exactly how much better are the site’s pages ranking?

      Accelerating up the rankings is all well and good – but if your company website isn’t visible on the first page of search results for the keywords your customers are looking for, your company might as well not have a website at all.

      At TESSA Marketing + Technology, we don’t just put an SEO plan in place and hope it works. We constantly check the Google Analytics to determine with certainty how much more web traffic your pages are generating – and how many more clients you’re gaining.

      Our SEO team is always doing keyword research to mine for undervalued keywords that competing websites may have missed. We’re experts at the back-end technical SEO that keeps the Google algorithm happy. And TESSA pays special attention to content marketing and other forms of on-page SEO so that your website gets more traffic . . . and, thanks to a better conversion rate, your company gets more business.

      Elevate your digital presence with Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing strategies by TESSA Marketing + Technology. Our SEO services really do attract more organic traffic to our clients’ websites, and we can prove it.

      So How Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Work, Anyway?

      And Why Should You Go With a Virginia SEO Company?

      Ever since the World Wide Web became a pop culture phenomenon back in the 1990s, there’s been a constant horserace to reach the top of the search engine rankings. To make matters more complicated, the top of the rankings has always been a moving target.

      TESSA cuts through the clutter to provide effective Internet Marketing strategies that reach your potential customers in Virginia.

      Sure, the pinnacle of Search Engine Optimization – that is, the coveted Position Zero (also known as the Featured Snippet) at the very top of the very first results page – may seem elusive to a lot of small businesses. But the singular goal of the TESSA team is to elevate your business website to as close to Position Zero as possible – and keep you there.

      But how does that work? What does a Virginia SEO company like TESSA do to boost a site up the rankings, generating more traffic and sales?

      In short, everything. The Google algorithm looks at a variety of “signaling” factors when ranking a website, including factors like relevance, authoritativeness, and site structure. It takes into account metadata such as page titles and meta-descriptions. It even looks at legitimate backlinks to substantiate a site’s authority. When devising a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy, TESSA covers all these bases.

      Okay, but why should businesses choose a Virginia SEO company? Aren’t all SEO agencies the same, regardless of where they’re located?

      Remember, a Digital Marketing agency is still a marketing agency, and the tried-and-true techniques of good old-fashioned marketing still hold sway. So it still pays to go with a local SEO agency that knows how to reach the local market.

      As a Virginia-based business, TESSA combines the power of modern Digital Marketing technologies with the effectiveness of traditional marketing strategies to provide world-class SEO services to our Virginia clients. We understand what resonates with your target audience in Virginia – because we’re working to spread our own message to businesses in Virginia, too.

      (And, no, SEO agencies are not all the same. A lot of SEO companies take a cookie-cutter, one-strategy-fits-all approach; the TESSA Marketing + Technology team approaches every SEO job as an opportunity to elevate the success of that client, deploying a customized Digital Marketing solution tailored to the client’s specific needs. So, no . . . not the same.)

      We Boost Your Business Up the Search Engine Rankings

      With TESSA, Your Digital Marketing Strategies are Custom-Tailored and Results-Driven

      It’s really no secret: If you want to rank higher on the most popular search engines like Bing and Google, you need to implement some customized Search Engine Optimization techniques that 1) reach the customers you want to reach, and 2) deliver the key messages that you want those customers to know.

      That’s the recipe for more web traffic . . . and (most importantly) for a significantly improved conversion rate.

      Here in Virginia, TESSA Marketing + Technology is your business partner for Search Engine Optimization services. Online Marketing is an ongoing chore; to do Online Marketing the right way requires constant attention – something most small businesses in Virginia don’t have the time, resources, or bandwidth for. TESSA fills that crucial role on your team, continually improving the SEO strategy to produce progressively better results.

      More than ever before, the success of your business depends upon how well you reach your customers online. Work with TESSA Marketing + Technology and harness the potential of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing in Virginia to exceed your business needs.

      Virginia SEO by an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Firm

      TESSA Is Among the Most Experienced, Longest Tenured Internet Marketing Agencies in Virginia

      We’ve been doing SEO in Virginia for almost as long as SEO has been a thing. TESSA’s history as a Virginia SEO company dates back to the early years of the 21st century, not long after Google emerged on the scene as the market leader for search.

      Ever since then, TESSA (and every other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency worth a darn) has been beholden to the almighty Google algorithm, an ever-changing set of rules devised by Google engineers and rigorously adhered to by any SEO service provider that wants clients to experience success as a result of their SEO services.

      Apparently our SEO services have been working – in fact, TESSA Marketing + Technology is a perennial winner of industry awards for the effectiveness of our Search Engine Optimization strategies. Among the trophies currently adorning our mantel:

      • Hermes Creative – for SEO and Web Design
      • Muse Creative – for SEO and Web Design
      • Vega Digital Marketing – for SEO and Web Design
      • – as the top SEO expert in Washington DC and Arlington VA
      • Rising Star Reviews – as the top SEO company in Washington DC and Northern Virginia
      • Horizon Interactive – for e-Commerce Web Design and as a Distinguished Agency

      Call us the Google whisperer. Our award-winning SEO techniques really do elevate your company website up the rankings for the most popular search engines.

      Trust TESSA for VA SEO, Website Redesign, Social Media Management and More!

      We Offer Additional Services Beyond Business-Building Search Engine Optimization

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is a full-service Digital Marketing firm. That means we do everything you need to get your Virginia business noticed online.

      That includes on-page SEO and a lot more. That includes customized services like:

      • Web design and web development
      • Mobile app development
      • Unique content creation and keyword-focused content marketing
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • Paid advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
      • Branding, messaging, and marketing strategies targeted to Virginia customers
      • Social media management
      • Online review and reputation management

      When leveraging web tech, fusion is the key to realizing business growth and achieving success. That’s why TESSA takes a multi-faceted approach to Digital Marketing, fusing the combined power of Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to accelerate the trajectory of Virginia businesses like yours – and help you reach your total potential.

      Serving Virginia Businesses from NoVA to RVA and Southside to HR

      TESSA Does Game-Changing SEO for Companies Across the Old Dominion

      Virginia has always been the Commonwealth of Leaders. The first legislature in the American colonies was established in Jamestown in 1619. Eight U.S. Presidents have hailed from Virginia, including Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. The first African American governor of any state was elected by Virginia, and as the Internet was growing in importance, Virginia took the lead as an international hub for hosting servers, data centers, and brainpower.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology fits right in with Virginia’s culture of innovation and leadership. Our company strives to push the proverbial envelope, exceeding what’s expected in Search Engine Optimization for the benefit of our Virginia SEO clients.

      We partner with fellow Virginia businesses from Richmond to Roanoke, Winchester to Wytheville, and Fairfax County to Halifax County, devising a custom-tailored strategy for each client and deploying each Digital Marketing service in a strategic, timely manner in order to reach your target market with the messages you want them to see.

      Whether your potential customers are in Virginia Beach or Colonial Beach, Abingdon or Arlington, Natural Bridge or Stony Creek, Prince William County or King George County, TESSA Marketing + Technology’s Digital Marketing strategy will position your company front-and-center and win you more business in Virginia.

      Get a Free SEO Audit and Let’s Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

      Call TESSA Today for a Complimentary Analysis and a Custom-Tailored SEO Plan

      It’s easy to get started on the path toward a more attractive, productive online presence. Just contact the Search Engine Optimization experts at SEO company – TESSA Marketing + Technology and request your free SEO audit.

      Here’s how to get your own Search Engine Optimization analysis exclusively for your company website:

      • Call TESSA’s Virginia office at 1-800-586-1553
      • Put your website URL in the box near the top of this webpage and click “Send Me a Proposal”
      • Submit the short form at

      Take the next step toward more traffic and more customers. Put TESSA on your Virginia SEO team.

      Earn More Business in Virginia! Call TESSA's SEO Team at 1-800-586-1553

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