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    VF2WP – Simple Voiceflow Integration by TESSA

    Why Tessa?

    VF2WP – Simple Voiceflow Integration by TESSA

    Welcome to the VF2WP – Simple Voiceflow Integration by TESSA information page! This plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate Voiceflow AI chatbots into your WordPress site, enhancing user engagement and providing excellent customer support with ease.

    Get started with VF2WP – Simple Voiceflow Integration by TESSA today. Click the link below to download the latest version from our GitHub repository.

    Download VF2WP – Simple Voiceflow Integration by TESSA: Download from GitHub

    Key Features

    • Seamless Integration: Connect your Voiceflow chatbots to your WordPress site without any coding.
    • Flexible Integration: Choose between embedding the Voiceflow agent directly inside your webpages or using it as a pop-up.
    • Advanced Chat Interfaces: Supports chat, text, cards, and other advanced chat interfaces.
    • Customizable Embed: Easily add an embed-style chatbot to a page using a section or div ID.

    Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve customer service or a developer seeking to enhance your website’s functionality, VF2WP is here to help.

    Feature Request

    We value your feedback and suggestions! If you have any feature requests or ideas for future updates, please let us know. Your input helps us improve and tailor VF2WP to better meet your needs.

    Please visit our Contact Page to share your feature requests.

    Contact Us for Support

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    For PAID support or custom AI development, please get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you with any questions or custom needs you might have.

    Upcoming Features

    We are constantly working to improve VF2WP and are excited to share some of the upcoming features:

    • Users can temporarily activate and deactivate the chatbot.
    • Users can select the chatbox location:
      • Include the chatbox across the entire website.
      • Include the chatbox only on specific pages; select multiple pages if needed by using slug or ID.
      • Exclude the chatbox from certain pages; select pages for exclusion by using slug or ID.
    • Enable chatbot on devices:
      • All devices.
      • Desktop/Laptop only.
      • Mobile only.
    • Settings for in-page chatbot:
      • Can add a title.
      • Can initiate the in-page chatbot by clicking a button, text, etc. (initiate chatbot by using external events).
      • Can add a title and description of the chatbot.
      • Can add an icon image.
      • Can add a style for defined fields like adding a font family, color, background color, border, etc.
      • Can manage a session.
    • Integrate the chatbot using API methods.
    • Export and import the plugin and its settings to a new location or website.
    • Add multiple Voiceflow agents to different sections or pages of the website.
    • Deploy the chatbox using pre-built templates; several options are available.
    • Customize the chatbox style, including colors, fonts, button styles, text alignment, and background color.
    • Implement script loading options such as delay, async, and defer to optimize loading times.
    • Store user conversations within WordPress.
    • Export data from individual user chats.
    • Utilize AI tools to generate and customize new chatbot layouts or templates.
    • Export and import custom templates to other accounts.
    • Enhance the chatbox with accessibility features for users with disabilities.
    • Implement spam prevention measures.
    • Send transcripts over email.
    • Track conversion of this plugin usage and actions taken inside the chat for conversions (like scheduling an appointment).
    • Allow users to use their own LLM API keys.