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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      TESSA Ranks Among the Top SEO Companies in Virginia

      In-Depth, Multi-Faceted, Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies by an Award-Winning SEO Company

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      TESSA is a full-service web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing firm specializing in developing and implementing award-winning Search Engine Marketing campaigns that really get results for our clients: sales, appointments, signups, everything.

      It’s about finding out what’s truly unique about your business and straightforwardly conveying that uniqueness to potential customers in Virginia. SEO services, when done rigorously and properly, are in fact highly effective at enhancing a company’s online visibility – and that translates to more online business in Virginia.

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      Effective SEO Campaigns That Get Noticed by Virginia Consumers

      TESSA Consistently Wins Awards for Our Targeted Search Engine Optimization

      Search engine optimization is part art, part science.

      • The science part comes into play when designing a technical SEO strategy that’s trying to hit (and keep hitting) a perpetually moving target called the Google algorithm, keeping your website’s pages high up the search results for the most relevant keywords that Virginia customers are searching for, thereby boosting web traffic.
      • The art part deals with bringing out your business’ raison d’être, good old-fashioned marketing techniques and creative services that immediately and unambiguously convey your unique selling proposition and why they should deal with you.

      Combining the effectiveness of a traditional marketing agency with the power and reach of a highly skilled Internet marketing agency gives TESSA Marketing + Technology an edge over other local SEO companies in Virginia.

      Others have taken note. TESSA is proud to have been selected as the Best SEO Experts in Washington DC by, and we’re ranked No. 1 in SEO Services by Rising Star Reviews. We’ve also won awards for our unique, differentiating and persuasive web design, including awards for E-Commerce Web Design and Promotional Web Design from Horizon Interactive (which also made TESSA a Distinguished Agency Award Winner), and recognition from the Hermes Creative Awards as a Platinum Winner.

      TESSA Has Been a Premiere Digital Marketing Agency for Almost as Long as SEO Has Been a Thing

      It Works Because We Know What the Search Engines Want To See

      That’s a lot of winning and awarding we talk about in the section above. But to us, those awards represent hours and hours of time spent doing the back-end tasks that make SEO work, plus more hours involved in interviewing the client, researching the competition, and designing unique branded messaging that boosts your online presence.

      TESSA has been doing SEO in Virginia for a very long time – almost as long as there’s been such as thing as search engine optimization. The industry only came into existence after the advent of the search engine as an Internet tool, and fully blossomed into a mature, vibrant, dynamic industry when Google changed the search engine game and introduced their highly discerning algorithm to determine what’s truly search-worthy and what isn’t.

      We SEO experts at TESSA have been aiming for that moving target ever since. We hit it just about every time . . . because we stay on top of what Google wants (unique, non-duplicative content marketing with authoritative backlinks, plus a significant proportion of non-textual content), resulting in first-page rankings and more online visitors to our clients’ websites.

      What Does a Full-Service Boutique Digital Agency Do?

      Digital Solutions Require a Myriad of Multi-Faceted Techniques To Get Your Message Out

      We use the phrases “digital marketing” and “search engine optimization” somewhat interchangeably, although strictly speaking they do not share a definition. Search engine optimization is a particular subset of digital marketing, the component that deals with techniques and methods to raise a website’s rankings on search engines; digital marketing is the catch-all phrase for any marketing done digitally, i.e., things like email marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, etc.

      As a full-service digital marketing agency in Virginia, TESSA is well-versed in all of the above. Digital marketing is our forte, meaning we can design, implement, and measure the results of a custom campaign just for your company that gets your brand’s message in front of potential customers in Virginia.

      Such a campaign could include:

      • Customized content marketing (text, graphics, multimedia)
      • Back-end SEO strategies (keyword research, metadata, backlinks)
      • Name, Address & Phone number (NAP) agreement on local business listing services
      • Social media marketing
      • Email marketing
      • Video marketing
      • Mobile app development
      • Customized search-engine friendly web design
      • Paid ads and pay-per-click (PPC) ads
      • Review monitoring
      • Reputation management

      Being a full-service digital marketing agency means more than building websites and researching keywords. It means our driven professionals specialize in every aspect of digital marketing to disseminate your company’s brand online – from managing your online reputation to providing the best SEO services available in Virginia.

      Put our passionate IT experts with excellent marketing experience to work for your company. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553 and work with a company that’s been one of the top Virginia SEO agencies for many years.

      What Kinds of Businesses Need a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Virginia?

      No Matter Your Business or Industry, It Pays To Hire a Competent SEO Company

      We transform online businesses by enhancing their online visibility, increasing their web traffic, and converting more of those visitors into actual customers. TESSA makes business growth happen with custom search engine optimization that gets real results.

      One amazing thing about SEO is it’s so universally applicable. Everyone doing business online needs online marketing – that is, if you have a commercial website, you need SEO. Therefore, you need a top-notch SEO company in Virginia as your digital marketing partner.

      That’s true for any business that wants more clients or customers here in Virginia:

      • Law firms
      • Restaurants and caterers
      • Bed-and-breakfast accommodations
      • Dental, orthopedic, and medical practices
      • Moving/relocation/storage company
      • Home service companies
      • Telecom services
      • Cleaners
      • Automotive
      • Engineering consulting company

      The list goes on. The point is, nowadays people use search engines to find anything and everything they need. They look at reviews, they look at websites, they even look at social media. Your reviews need to be good and your message needs to be consistent across all platforms to 1) earn higher rankings in search engine results, 2) gain more website traffic, and 3) convert visitors into clients/customers by motivating them to perform your call-to-action (“Give us a call.” “Make an appointment.” “Sign up for our e-newsletter.” “Buy now!”)

      That’s true no matter what business you’re in.

      As a top-rated Virginia SEO company, TESSA Marketing + Technology works with a tremendous variety of companies – from law firms to restaurants, small businesses to large multi-national consultancies – to bolster their online messaging, accelerate the ranking position, win more conversions, and increase clients’ sales.

      It Takes a Virginia SEO Company To Make an Impact with Virginia Customers

      TESSA Specializes in the VA SEO that Local Businesses Need To Succeed in a Digital World

      Yes, Virginia, there is a search engine optimization (SEO) company right here in the Old Dominion with the experience, technical expertise, and marketing acumen to raise your website’s profile, boost your organic search rankings, and get the greatest possible return from your digital marketing investment.

      That SEO company is TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      TESSA’s SEO strategy works in Virginia because we know Virginia. We’re headquartered in the Commonwealth. The majority of our staff are here in VA. Hey, we do our own digital marketing targeting Virginia (and it works pretty well), so we can do the same for your business!

      Want to focus on building your customer base in Northern Virginia? TESSA can help. Trying to expand your market in the Richmond capital region? TESSA works there. Need to attract business in Virginia Beach VA? TESSA has been there and done that.

      For law firms in NoVA, home improvement contractors in Hampton Roads, or destination restaurants in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, the best way for large and small businesses to earn more organic growth online is with customized, dedicated, results-driven search engine optimization from a first-rate digital marketing agency.

      TESSA is the Virginia SEO company to make your digital marketing partner.

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      We are what you’re looking for in a digital marketing firm. We do it all from web design to mobile app development to relentless search engine optimization, and we gear all our efforts toward getting your brand noticed online and creating the kind of customer engagement that breeds loyalty.

      Call TESSA today at 1-800-586-1553 or fill in the short form just below the text of this page. Our SEO experts in Virginia will provide you with a reliable proposal estimating the increase in traffic your website will see with the proven techniques of our search engine optimization in full force.

      Hire a Top-Ranked SEO Company in Virginia. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553.

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