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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      SEO Company Virginia - TESSA Marketing & Technology

      To do business in the Old Dominion is to play an extremely competitive game. Consumers in the Commonwealth of Virginia nowadays are accustomed to searching online first whenever they need a service or product – even if what they’re looking for is provided by a local company.

      That means your company must be highly visible on the Internet in order to succeed in business here in Virginia – and that means deploying a regularly managed, customized digital marketing campaign to increase online visibility, boost search results, reach your target market, generate web traffic, and be a positive driver of business growth.

      How Does a Virginia Business Reach Its Target Market Online?

      Let TESSA Design Custom Digital Marketing Strategies That Define Your Brand

      When we use the phrase “SEO strategy,” we’re saying a lot in just a couple words. A complete SEO strategy from a top Virginia SEO company like TESSA Marketing + Technology involves quite a bit more than simply slapping a few supposedly relevant keywords onto some company web pages and hoping the search engines like it.

      That’s not gonna get the job done.

      As full-service SEO experts, TESSA creates a unique, personally tailored, fully customized SEO campaign for each client. To do this, we begin with an in-depth interview to ascertain what truly separates your company from your competitors in Virginia.

      Then we work to identify your brand, bringing out your company’s unique selling proposition (USP), creating the messaging and highlighting the qualities that turn interested visitors into loyal customers.


      Keywords and Branding Are Only the Beginning

      But Wait – There’s a Lot More About Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing

      Once TESSA fashions a custom-made SEO strategy designed to raise your Virginia company’s online profile and broadcast your brand consistently and uniformly throughout the Internet, it’s time to put in the laborious, rigorous work of white-hat search engine optimization – the kind of local Virginia SEO that really brings in the eyeballs and boosts up the revenue.

      That’s when the work really begins.

      There’s a staggering array of digital solutions available to Virginia SEO experts like TESSA Marketing + Technology. The trick to an effective digital marketing strategy is knowing which tools to deploy when – so that your business website gets the maximum benefit from our Internet marketing efforts.

      What are those digital solutions that comprise our marketing strategies? To name a few:

      • Thorough and frequently updated research to mine for undervalued relevant keywords
      • Content marketing with personalized, engaging, well-written content on each web page
      • Back-end metadata including page titles, meta-descriptions, and alt-text
      • A brand-reinforcing social media marketing strategy executed across all of your company’s social media accounts
      • Custom web development for an adaptable website viewable on multiple screen readers
      • Consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all Virginia business listings
      • Google My Business and Google Maps listings to help both local and organic search
      • Legitimate backlinks to company web pages to build authority
      • Building positive online reviews to enhance reputation management

      When the goal is to increase the overall online visibility of your company’s brand, your digital marketing partner can leave no proverbial stone unturned. In Virginia, SEO and digital marketing strategies require a comprehensive and relentless plan of attack to win business.

      That’s why you really can’t get a better digital marketing partner than TESSA.

      So What Does It Take To Really Increase Web Traffic?

      Effective Search Engine Optimization Demands Total Commitment from Your Marketing Agency

      You’ve heard the phrase “work the plan.” TESSA’s custom-tailored SEO strategies are meticulously researched and finely detailed – but they’re not much good unless we do the hard work of implementing that strategy.

      What it takes to succeed among Virginia SEO companies is exactly what TESSA Marketing + Technology delivers – in fact, it’s our own unique selling proposition: A multi-surface, multi-faceted approach that consistently and broadly positions your brand and its main messages across the entirely of the online world – in effect, reaching your Virginia customers right where they live . . . online.

      But what sort of SEO services comprise TESSA’s multi-surface digital marketing campaigns The answer includes pretty much every way your Virginia company can reach its targeted market:

      • Custom web development with web content accessible to all users
      • On-page content marketing
      • Search engine optimization for the highest possible search engine results
      • Social media management
      • Business listing management
      • Online reviews management
      • Pay-per-click (PPC) management
      • Mobile app development

      It’s all well and good to devise an SEO strategy designed to bolster web traffic, but it’s useless unless there’s a team of SEO experts putting in the work that get your Virginia business noticed by search engines and by your target customers.

      TESSA’s Your Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Virginia

      We Have a Long Track Record of Winning Awards for SEO and Web Dev

      Hermes Creative. Horizon Interactive. These are some of the entities which have bestowed professional honors upon TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      TESSA is a proven SEO agency, and we have both the awards and the results to show it. Another feature that sets TESSA above any other Virginia SEO company is that we numerically demonstrate the impact of our SEO campaign on your company’s online presence, so that you can see for yourself how much more traffic we’re generating . . . and customers we’re converting.

      Call TESSA for your free SEO audit; let’s put our experience and expertise to work boosting your local and organic search engine rankings.

      TESSA Offers SEO Services and Much More

      Some Notes on Our Web Design Strategy

      When you do business on the Internet, it’s imperative that you place as few limitations as possible on your online visitors. Each visitor represents more than a potential customer: They could generate more business for your business through social-media shares or old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals – if they like what they see.

      So we make sure they can see it. For example, we ensure blind users visiting your website can take advantage of a screen reader profile. The blind users profile prompts automatically and offers the user their choice of screen reader mode. Then those screen reader users can proceed to your site, able to take in your company’s message the way you intended.

      Additionally, TESSA Marketing + Technology develops Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) to provide eye-catching, brand-differentiating content on your company website while economizing the back-end code.

      Virginia SEO Services for the Whole Old Dominion

      From Southwest VA to Northern VA to Virginia Beach VA, We Know Virginia SEO

      Think just anyone can do Virginia SEO well? We disagree. No, it takes real Virginians who really live in the Commonwealth to create the content marketing strategy, the brand-identifying messaging, and the engaging multi-media presence that connects with our fellow Virginians and turns them into your customers.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology knows Virginia SEO because we know Virginia. Whether your company aims to reach the people of the the Roanoke Valley, the New River Valley, or the Shenandoah Valley . . . or you’re marketing to the cities of Richmond, Fairfax, Norfolk, or Virginia Beach . . . or you’re trying to attract new business from the Northern Neck, Southside, or the Eastern Shore . . . it pays to make your digital marketing investment with TESSA, an established and experienced Virginia SEO agency.

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