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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      TESSA Can Transform Online Businesses with Custom Virginia SEO Services

      We Combine High-Tech Digital Marketing Strategies with Good Old-Fashioned Branding and Messaging

      TESSA’s Your Award-Winning Technology Partner . . . Who’s Also a Virginia Marketing Firm!

      Achieve greater business growth in Virginia with customized, attention-grabbing, results-driven Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization by TESSA Marketing + Technology, one of the leading Virginia SEO companies.


      TESSA is Among the TOP SEO Companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia

      We’re a Digital Marketing Firm Specializing in Reaching Customers in Virginia

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is a Virginia-based SEO company and digital marketing agency, with our headquarters in Northern Virginia and a long list of customer businesses throughout the Old Dominion. We’ve helped small businesses, medium businesses, and large companies boost online visitors with carefully tailored online marketing strategies that 1) attract the attention of your target market in Virginia, and 2) convey the message that your company is the one that customers should do business with here in Virginia.

      As your Digital Marketing partner, TESSA’s highly trained and vastly experienced SEO experts function like a part of your team, working together to exceed your company’s goals for increasing online business.

      We Win Awards as a Premiere Digital Marketing Agency

      You’re Hiring a Boutique Digital Agency Recognized in the SEO Industry

      Search Engine Optimization is a competitive game. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep score: Search results. You can see just how well your digital marketing campaign is working by how much higher your website is ranking on major search engines for the most relevant keywords.

      So TESSA is in an empirical business. There’s no guessing as to whether digital solutions are having an effect – your business website is either accelerating up the search engine results pages (SERPs), or it isn’t. Being successful with SEO is a matter of earning a spot on the first page of Google.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology has a demonstrated history of doing just that for our clients. Over the years our proven, rigorous, white-hat Search Engine Optimization methods have been extremely effective at generating improved organic search results for our clients’ websites, significantly increasing web traffic and boosting clients’ sales from their online marketing investment.

      Those who bestow awards for the best SEO services in Virginia have taken notice.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology has been ranked No. 1 in SEO Services by Rising Star Reviews, an aggregator of online review sites. Plus, TESSA has been honored as the Best SEO Experts in Washington DC by

      In addition, TESSA has won awards from Hermes Creative for e-commerce web design, and from Horizon Interactive as a Distinguished Digital Marketing Agency, adding to our bona fides as a full-service advertising agency, marketing firm, and digital solutions consulting company.

      TESSA’s driven professionals specialize in making the digital world work for local businesses in Virginia. We really are your award-winning technology partner for Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

      What Does a Full-Service Virginia SEO Company Do, Anyway?

      There’s a Lot of Pieces to a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

      Digital marketing solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They’re not turn-key, out-of-the-box, off-the-shelf solutions that work the same in Fancy Gap as they do in Virginia Beach. You can’t do the same strategies for law firms as you would for home service companies. Your message is different, and your means of making outreach is different – depending upon your industry, your unique selling proposition, and your target market.

      Digital Marketing takes strategy.

      Which Search Engine Optimization techniques do we deploy, and when? What undervalued keywords should we research? Do we use all the tools in our box, or do we roll out just a few of the proverbial weapons in our digital arsenal, in support of your specific branding messages to potential customers in Virginia?

      A top-quality full-service Internet marketing agency like TESSA is capable of doing everything necessary to run highly tailored, crafted, well-thought-out Digital Marketing strategies that get real results. Such a campaign might include components like:

      • Ongoing keyword research
      • Back-end search engine optimization (backlinks, metadata)
      • On-page content marketing (web content, blogposts)
      • Full-service web design and web development
      • Innovative user experiences and creative services
      • Review monitoring and reputation management
      • Mobile app development
      • Accurate, consistent info on local business listing services

      There are more aspects to a complete Digital Marketing campaign, such as social media marketing and video marketing, which TESSA can deploy to complement our overarching strategy, depending upon your company’s needs and goals.

      Higher rankings on search engines and more Virginia customers from your online presence. TESSA Marketing + Technology has all the tools to design superlatively effective, business-winning Digital Marketing and SEO strategies that truly boost your bottom line.

      From NoVA to Virginia Beach VA, We Make SEO Work for You

      TESSA’s Been the Leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company in Virginia for a Long Time

      It’s only been since the early days of Google, right around 2005 or thereabouts, that there’s even been such a thing as Search Engine Optimization. It’s still a fairly new, immature business, and there’s wild variation in quality among Virginia SEO companies. Some, like TESSA, get results due to sheer knowledge of what the Google algorithm wants to see on a business website marketing to Virginia . . . while others just want to plug in some unauthoritative backlinks and some subpar content, and point to the resulting small bump in rankings as evidence that their strategy works (when it doesn’t, not in the long term).

      At Virginia-based TESSA Marketing + Technology, we’ve been doing SEO the right way for nearly as long as there’s been such a thing as SEO. We’re not the solution to all your business problems, but we can generate substantial organic growth just by pushing your website’s webpages up the search engine rankings.

      Want to rank highly among law firms in Virginia Beach VA? TESSA’s custom-composed content marketing can help. How about competing among home service companies in Winchester VA? SEO strategies can be tailored expressly for that market. Even if you’re a Digital Marketing agency headquartered in Fairfax County (like TESSA), you (we) still need to employ your (our) own Search Engine Optimization methods so that your (our) business can continue to grow – thanks to an enhanced, noticeable, loyalty-building online brand.

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      Work With TESSA, One of the Leading SEO Companies in Virginia

      If your company’s website doesn’t pop up on the first page of Google for the most relevant keywords, your missing out on business here in Virginia. TESSA Marketing + Technology can fix that.

      It’s easy to reach TESSA for a custom complimentary SEO audit, so you can see exactly how much better your site could be performing. Just give us a call or send us a message through that short form at the bottom of this webpage.

      Search Engine Optimization – when done well – is remarkably effective at boosting search engine rankings. Even the very basics can have a dramatic effect soon after implementation. But for steady, consistent, demonstrable results that last beyond the next Google algorithm update, you need full-service award-winning Virginia SEO agencies like TESSA working diligently and relentlessly on your company’s behalf to really make sure you get seen, earn those extra clicks, and win more business!

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