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    Tessa Marketing & Technology has a team of expert and experienced SEO consultants who can help you improve your rankings in the SERPs. It will be easier for potential clients to find you online. We assess your website and the competition to create a plan that would help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to increase your sales or improve your page rankings, you are assured that your Virginia SEO consultant will be there with you to provide everything that you need.


    Tessa’s Virginia SEO service includes:

    Keyword Research
    We conduct comprehensive keyword research and analysis for you, so you can focus on more important matters. We will find competitive and high converting keywords that will increase your chances of getting found online and making a sale.

    Link Building Audit
    Perhaps you have hired another company to take care of your link building and you want to know whether it is working or not. We can assess your old links and create a new strategy for effective link building. If you only need advice regarding your links, your Virginia SEO consultant will help you as well.

    SEO Strategy Development
    Do you want to revamp your current SEO efforts? We can help you examine your existing SEO strategy and develop a new one that will deliver long-term results.

    Link Building
    We create fresh content and pitches that can successfully attract your target audience. If you don’t have enough linkable content, just call us! We will make sure that your site is fit for link building.

    SEO Audits
    We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your on-page optimization and find areas that need improvement. SEO audits can be as general or specific as required.

    Competitive Analysis
    We can evaluate the competition for you to give you an idea about what your competitors are doing and how they do it. We will assess their offsite and onsite SEO strategies, budget estimates, service providers and more.

    We will assign a Virginia SEO consultant to help you improve your site’s current ranking. Perhaps your website is already placed high in the SERPs and you are afraid of redesigning it due to the risk of losing your ranking. We will create a redesign strategy and work with your team to prevent this from happening when you do revamp your site.

    TESSA  can also recommend software solutions that will help you analyze, improve and keep track of your keyword rankings. We are here to help you find the right tools for your environment, budget and resources. Maybe you already know what path you want to take for your SEO, but you don’t know how to implement your ideas without losing your ranking. Our SEO consultants can guide your team through complex situations. We will evaluate everything from your link development strategy to on-page optimization, keyword research and analyzing your competition to develop a customized SEO strategy based on your needs and budget. We will work with you from start to finish!

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