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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      What’s your business in Washington DC? Fancy restaurant? Real estate agent? Home improvement contractor? Law firm? Whatever your company does in DC, you better be doing local SEO if you want to grow.

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s how a business increases its online visibility. It’s a coordinated set of technical methods that serve the purposes of 1) upping the ranking of your web pages on popularly used search engines like Bing and Yahoo and of course Google, and 2) converting that increased website traffic into actual customers.

      To do SEO right, in a way that builds your customer base now and in the future, you need to hire local SEO professionals. You need TESSA.

      Call TESSA Marketing + Technology today at 1-800-586-1553 for a no-obligation consultation and a free SEO audit. See just how much better your website can perform with in-depth, customized Washington DC Search Engine Optimization by TESSA.

      Search Engine Optimization

      The DC SEO Experts Who Build More Organic Traffic in DC

      TESSA Captures All the Users Searching For a Local Business Like Yours in Washington DC

      To really accelerate a web page up the search engine rankings, it takes a focused, custom-designed SEO campaign implemented by an experienced SEO agency. But when local businesses in Washington DC need better rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to drive more traffic and win more customers, it takes focused, custom-designed SEO campaigns implemented by an experienced Washington DC SEO company. That’s TESSA.

      Using the tools of technical SEO – like rigorous keyword research, latent semantic indexing, and Google analytics – TESSA’s DC SEO experts apply proven methods of search engine optimization to enhance your online visibility and reach your target audience with the exact message you want to deliver to potential customers in Washington DC.

      To really boost a web page up the search engine rankings, it takes the multi-faceted SEO strategies of TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      TESSA Devises SEO Solutions To Match Your Precise Digital Marketing Needs

      Whether You’re a Major Corporation, a Small Business Owner, or a Non-Profit, Our SEO Team Can Help

      Online conversions don’t just happen. Online visibility doesn’t simply arise by dint of will. No, there’s a lot of work involved in maximizing site performance, reaching highly targeted traffic, and winning new customers online in Washington DC.

      That’s true whether you represent a mom-and-pop storefront or a mega-conglomerate. No matter what your company is or does, you need those search results to rank nice and high for commonly searched keywords on major search engines – or else your business website (and therefore your company) might as well not be there at all.

      Large businesses, small businesses, medium businesses – TESSA helps all business thrive with targeted, focused, customized Internet marketing that precisely matches your needs.

      What Makes for Good Local SEO Services in Washington DC?

      It’s a Lot, From Meta Descriptions to Business Listings . . . and Content Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Keyword Research . . .

      Gone – long gone – are the days when a webmaster could just slap a bunch of keywords into the nooks and crannies of a website and the major search engines would rank it. Nowadays it takes a lot more than repeating various permutations of “best Italian restaurant in Washington DC” for your website to be ranked highly on Google and Bing and Yahoo.

      The first thing that makes for good SEO strategy is knowing what those search engines want – and what they want is unique, relevant, dynamic, authoritative content with clear messaging and consistent information.

      TESSA knows what search engines want to see. We utilize our wide-ranging suite of technical SEO services and our knowledge of the ever-changing Google algorithm to deliver a custom SEO campaign that steadily raises your online profile and lands your website on the first page of results.

      What do those search engines (especially Google) want to see? What goes into an intelligently designed, fully tailored SEO campaign as devised and implemented by a reputable SEO agency?

      To list a few of our SEO services:

      • Exhaustive keyword research using Google’s keyword planner
      • Competition research using Google analytics
      • Content marketing with unique brand messaging and appropriate keyword density
      • Google ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns
      • Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) consistency across all business listings

      A digital marketing strategy is not one-size-fits-all. To reach your potential customers online in Washington DC . . . to bolster organic traffic . . . to increase the return on your investment in a web presence, it takes a dedicated team of professionals delivering both back-end and on-page SEO services tailored exclusively to your company’s business goals.

      Our Internet Marketing Services Are More Than a Good Idea. They’re Necessary.

      In a Tech-Savvy Area like Washington DC, Digital Marketing Is a Must-Do

      What do people in Washington DC do when they want to buy something? It used to be, they’d open the Yellow Pages. Now, they open a Google page.

      Even if they want something local to their neighborhood – a restaurant, a dry cleaner, a chiropractor, a school for their kids – people search the world-wide web for it.

      That’s why you have to have a website . . . and why your website has to be search-engine friendly. That means unique, engaging content marketing with just the right keyword density. That also means optimized page titles and meta descriptions and all the things technical SEO agencies like TESSA do.

      And it means your website has to be the keystone of your entire digital marketing strategy. The landing pages, multimedia content, and calls-to-action on your business website serve as the centerpiece of an overall campaign that’s expertly implemented by your Internet marketing agency and includes Google ads, traditional media, and social media – all pointing back to your singular message.

      It’s how we attract more traffic to your website . . . and how we convert those visitors into your customers in Washington DC.

      TESSA Is DC’s Award-Winning SEO Company

      We’re Proud To Be Recognized As Top SEO Specialists in Washington DC

      It takes a special kind of Washington DC digital marketing firm to earn multiple recognitions for SEO services. TESSA Marketing + Technology is just that kind of SEO agency.

      We’ve won a plethora of awards for our customized SEO strategy, including recognition by Rising Star Reviews as the No. 1 technical SEO company, and by as the best SEO experts in Washington DC.

      Plus we’ve been awarded honors for our web design services from both Horizon Interactive and Hermes Creative . . . and web design by TESSA is always extremely search-engine friendly, loaded with code to entice the Google algorithm to index your web pages, raise your company’s online profile, and boost your website up the organic search results for a Washington DC business.

      Perennially award-winning TESSA is atop the list of top SEO companies because we get demonstrable search results from our SEO strategy.

      The Best Washington DC SEO Services, Right Off the Bat

      Ask TESSA for a Free SEO Proposal and Informative SEO Audits

      At TESSA Marketing + Technology, we’ve been providing SEO services in Washington DC for just about as long as there’s been an SEO industry. We know the technical aspects of search engine optimization and digital marketing, and we know the intricacies of good old-fashioned traditional marketing too. It’s an effective combination.

      We’ll demonstrate that effectiveness from the first time you meet with us. After the initial interview, we’ll work up a complimentary proposal complete with an SEO audit of your company website – so you can see just how much better your site performance can be.

      SEO audits are extremely valuable tools for understanding exactly where SEO efforts are deficient and can be improved. It’s often the case that companies see dramatic improvement very early on in SEO campaigns, simply because of the impact of basic measures on the strength of the website’s ranking signal.

      Let us show you how much more website traffic and how many more leads you could attract with dedicated Washington DC SEO services by an experienced digital marketing firm. Request your free SEO audit by TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      From DC to NoVA to Suburban MD, We Know SEO in the DMV

      Rank Higher When Washington DC Area Customers Use Search Engines

      TESSA knows digital marketing in the DMV. We understand the unique marketplace that is the Nation’s Capital – and we also understand that Petworth is not Shaw, that the U Street Corridor isn’t the same as Anacostia. Georgetown is a completely separate and distinct neighborhood from Adam’s Morgan, NoMa is different from Tenleytown, and so on.

      The District of Columbia is a city rich in neighborhoods. TESSA digs deep to engage with your target market – whether that’s one neighborhood, the whole city, or the entire Greater Washington metropolitan region.

      The way people search for and purchase goods and services in Washington DC may have changed over recent decades, but people haven’t. To do business with them and to earn their trust as loyal customers, your company needs to connect, engage, be a reliable solution to a problem.

      TESSA presents your unique brand in exactly that fashion, building confidence and loyalty among your growing customer base – wherever they are in and around Washington DC.

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      Reach more potential customers in Washington DC. Hire the best Washington DC SEO company to get the benefits of a comprehensive, coherent, customized SEO plan with rigorous keyword research and diligent on-page SEO efforts – and get the benefits of working with our dedicated team of Washington DC SEO experts.

      Call or click today to contact TESSA Marketing + Technology and get the ball rolling on an effective, time-tested, proven, Google analytics-driven SEO campaign that delivers your key messages to your target market.

      We’re at 1-800-586-1553, on Facebook at, on Twitter @TESSAMarketTech, and on LinkedIn at Or, just fill out the short form below on this webpage or at

      Whatever your company does, whatever your business goals, local SEO is the way to go. Go with the proven, award-winning local SEO company delivering the best SEO in Washington DC.

      Go with the multi-faceted approach of TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Hire the Best SEO Company in Washington DC. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553.

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