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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Our Full-Service, Multi-Faceted Approach Really Works in Washington DC – and We’ll Prove It

      It’s a simple equation: An improved ranking on major search engines equals increased traffic to your company website – and that means new customers and more revenue for your Washington DC business.


      Reach Your Business Goals With a Customized SEO Plan

      Better Online Visibility Plus More Valuable Content Equals Higher Customer Acquisition

      It doesn’t really matter if you’re a major corporation based in Washington DC that’s looking to land that next big client, or you’re a small business owner in Adams Morgan who’s looking to attract more traffic into your store or bookshop or restaurant. If you’re doing business in Washington DC, an SEO campaign is a must.

      Why? Because people use Google for everything. Everything. Even if they’re just looking for free invoicing software, or a stylish new suit, or a birthday cake for their kid’s party, they jump on Google and search. It’s how business is done nowadays.

      So you’ve got to play the Google game – and you’ve got to beat your competition at it. That means you need Search Engine Optimization . . . and that means you need to work with an accomplished, experienced local SEO company that knows how the game is played (and how to win it).

      That local SEO company is TESSA Marketing + Technology of Washington DC. We’ve been doing award-winning Search Engine Optimization in Washington DC for a long time – almost as long as Google has been around – and we know what it takes to rank higher on Google and other major search engines so you get noticed by your target audience.

      And that’s how local businesses attract potential customers in the age of Google. Without an active, customized, ongoing SEO strategy, your business doesn’t come up in their search results . . . and you might as well not even be there.

      So What Is Search Engine Optimization, Anyway?

      SEO Campaigns Consist of Multiple Components, All Working In Concert To Build Website Traffic

      Search Engine Optimization isn’t just one thing – it’s a whole host of techniques implemented in a coordinated fashion to enhance online visibility, generate more organic traffic, and convince Washington DC customers that your business is the one to go with.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology is hyper-focused on creating custom SEO strategies that achieve higher rankings and resonate with Washington DC customers. Attract them to your website, then convert them into your customers.

      But better search engine results don’t just happen. It takes deep knowledge of the (ever-changing) Google algorithm, diligent work to completely optimize your company website, and ongoing effort to elevate that website’s standing on search engine results pages. An SEO campaign is a coordinated, collaborative effort that takes relentless work.

      When the SEO team at TESSA puts together a complete Digital Marketing campaign for one of our Washington DC clients, we do all of the following SEO techniques and then some:

      • SEO audits (to determine baseline performance on search engine results pages)
      • Keyword research, including long-tail keywords
      • Analysis of site performance and loading speeds (Google likes a fast website)
      • On-page SEO, including keyword-optimized website content (Google likes a website offering a great user experience)
      • Off-page SEO, including page titles and meta descriptions
      • Google Ads, paid ads, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns (with split ad copy to determine the most resonant calls-to-action)
      • Customized, brand-reinforcing web design
      • Email marketing, targeted to your local market in DC
      • Social media marketing, targeted to your potential customers in DC
      • White-hat link building for more organic traffic (Google likes an authoritative website)

      It takes a lot of work to achieve high rankings on Google and other major search engines. But it’s the best way to make your Washington DC business thrive.

      Most small businesses in Washington DC don’t have an in-house team of technical SEO specialists who can sit in front of a computer all day, do exhaustive keyword research, perform deep dives into Google Analytics, crank out optimized content for your website and social media, and ensure consistent and correct information across all online business listings. Heck, even some large corporations in Washington DC prefer to outsource their Search Engine Optimization to a local SEO company like TESSA.

      Nevertheless, Search Engine Optimization is a necessary and vital investment in your company’s success. Working with the TESSA team assures the greatest possible return on your investment in Washington DC SEO services.

      Work With the Results-Driven SEO Firm in DC

      We’ll Devise a Custom SEO Strategy that Works – and We’ll Prove It

      It’s one thing for a team of SEO experts to say they’ll improve the rankings of your website on Google and other search engines. It’s another thing for them to show it.

      That’s one advantage that separates TESSA from just about any other SEO agency in Washington DC: We’ll show you – with numbers from Google Analytics – exactly how much better your website is performing.

      When potential customers type in relevant keywords into the search bar, your website has to be among the first they see. Otherwise, your website – and thus your business – might as well be invisible. The comprehensive, customized Digital Marketing and Technical SEO services implemented by TESSA Marketing + Technology will bolster your site’s performance on search engines . . . and we will show you – with numbers – how much better it’s performing.

      That’s one reason we’ve become the SEO company Washington DC businesses trust most.

      We Win Awards for Our SEO Services

      Every Year, We’re Earning Recognition as a Top Washington DC SEO Company

      The Awards page on our website is getting pretty full. Check it out, under the About header on the navigation bar atop this webpage.

      Over the years we’ve earned numerous recognitions and awards. Some have been bestowed for a client’s SEO campaign, some for web design, and some for overall Digital Marketing.

      For example, has presented TESSA with their Best SEO Experts in Washington DC honor on multiple occasions, and the Hermes Creative Awards have granted TESSA as a Gold and Platinum winner for SEO Campaign and Web Design, respectively. The Horizon Interactive Awards have presented TESSA with Bronze and Silver honors for Web Design and has named TESSA a Distinguished Agency.

      In addition, Rising Star Reviews – which aggregates online customer reviews from a variety of review sites – has named TESSA Marketing + Technology “#1 in SEO.”

      All of which goes to show that TESSA is the SEO agency of choice in Washington DC.

      TESSA’s a Truly Local Washington DC SEO Company

      We’ll Help You Reach Hyperlocal Markets in DC, or the Whole DMV Region

      Washington DC is a big, vibrant place. The District of Columbia has more residents than Vermont or Wyoming, and is the center-point of a massive sprawling metropolitan region known locally as the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia). TESSA Marketing + Technology has been at the heart of it all since 2012, and our SEO experts have been providing world-class Internet Marketing services for years before that.

      We know the DC market and DC business. That’s the advantage of working with TESSA. Washington DC is our home city, and we’ve worked for clients both large and small in every corner.

      Bookshop in Georgetown? Pizza place in Adams Morgan? House cleaner in Shaw? Art gallery in Anacostia? Hotel on the Potomac Waterfront? TESSA can improve online search results for any business, anywhere in Washington DC.

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      Work with TESSA Marketing + Technology, the established DC SEO agency with a proven long-term track record of positive results on search engine rankings.

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