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    TESSA Earns a Trio of Creative Awards for Website Design

    Why Tessa?

    May 17th, 2023

    It’s May of 2023 and ’tis the season – awards season, that is!

    TESSA Marketing + Technology wins gold from the Vega Awards
    TESSA wins Gold from Vega in 2023

    Already, TESSA Marketing + Technology has been bestowed with an impressive triumvirate of honors and recognitions for our creative Digital Marketing and Web Design/Development services, as the Hermes Creative Awards, the Muse Creative Awards, and the Vega Awards have all crowned TESSA with praise for our work on the website

    The new CampusWorks website, which is part of an overall comprehensive Digital Marketing campaign for TESSA’s Florida-based, national-scope client CampusWorks, was completely redesigned and launched in June of 2022.

    TESSA’s expert web developers refashioned and rebuilt the site from the ground up, working closely with our invaluably creative brand-design partners Paul Gormont, senior creative director of Apertures, Inc., and messaging person extraordinaire Jennifer Grinnell, brand director for BrandPlanet®.

    TESSA Marketing + Technology won gold from the Hermes Creative Awards in 2023
    TESSA wins Gold from Hermes Creative in 2023

    After an extensive judgement period, the site earned two Golds and a Silver from the three prestigious award-granting organizations.

    The Hermes Creative Awards gave TESSA a Gold medal in the Website Overall (Educational Institution) category. We also took home Gold from the Vega Awards in the Website & Mobile Sites category, while the Muse Creative Awards added a Silver to TESSA’s trophy case in the Website (Consulting) category.

    The triptych of honors is due to more than’s captivating imagery, brand-defining design (thanks, Apertures!), and engaging on-site content (thanks, BrandPlanet!) that speaks directly to CampusWorks’ target market of institutions of higher education. The recognitions by Hermes, Muse, and Vega are also due to the amazing impact the new site has had on generating online leads for CampusWorks.

    TESSA Marketing + Technology won Silver from the Muse Creative Awards in 2023
    TESSA won Silver from Muse in 2023

    Thanks to TESSA’s Web Development and Digital Marketing (including vastly improved and completely customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques), engagement metrics have shot through the roof since TESSA launched CampusWorks’ new website. Between July 2022 and January 2023, average session duration soared 95% and total sessions went up 91% compared to the previous year. Plus, pages per session increased by 75%, while the bounce rate went down 22%, so website visitors are clicking around more, absorbing key messages more, and choosing to become CampusWorks clients more often.

    The new represents a marked enhancement over the site’s previous iteration. CampusWorks’ current website boasts upgraded graphics and photos, optimized on-page content, simplified navigation, and a significantly improved user experience (UX) with embedded video clips and other multimedia features. In addition, TESSA’s Web Development team strategically positioned highly visible calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the site, driving more conversions as visitors become CampusWorks customers.

    TESSA Marketing + Technology website design/development for
    TESSA and Apertures combine forces to rebrand and revamp the website

    Working with Apertures, TESSA Marketing + Technology deployed new site text, buttons, frame trim, and icons following a blue/green/orange color scheme – all reinforcing the CampusWorks brand and logo while directing website visitors to the information and solutions they can only get from CampusWorks. The website redesign makes a true flagship for our client’s brand – and creative award organizations like Hermes, Muse, and Vega have taken notice. We expect more to follow suit as the Creative Design awards season goes on.

    TESSA’s high-profile honors for convey the exceptional impact of our Website Design and Development services – and demonstrate how our multi-surface Digital Marketing efforts really work to get our clients noticed by potential customers. Call TESSA at 1-800-586-1553 and get your company noticed with a new website by TESSA Marketing + Technology.

    About TESSA:
    TESSA Marketing + Technology leverages multi-faceted, multi-surface digital marketing and the latest web technologies to establish a distinctive branding strategy for our clients, attract more web traffic from visitors in the clients’ targeted markets, convert those visitors into customers with an engaging user experience (UX) and clear calls-to-action (CTAs), and build a sense of loyalty to our client’s brand. We combine our vast experience in customized website design/development with expert search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, reputation/review management, pay-per-click campaigns, and Google Ads. Creative & comprehensive, TESSA Marketing + Technology turns what-if into what-is.

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