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    How SEO Influences AI Chatbot Answers

    Why Tessa?

    May 11th, 2023

    I’ve been wondering how Google and Bing will integrate the AI Chatbots answers in with organic search results.  I had much concern about how organic results may be pushed further down and out of the top of the page.  Would SEO still play a significant role in determining the order of search results?

    With the new releases of Bing and Google search featuring integrated chatbot answers with sources/references linking to those websites.I now see that we can directly influence the AI chatbots answers with SEO. Also, I note that using the author page, attribution made likely played a role in my content being the first referenced source.  The same content on a partners page was also referenced, but lower in the reference list. The partner’s webpage actually ranks at the top of the Google organic search results. The AI chatbot must have recognized that my content was more authoritative. This is actually true, since the content originated from me. I don’t think the AI chatbot was able to determine that I was the originator.  We have been doing SEO to that content, adding backlinks. We also added an author page. I think it’s the combination of backlinks and the author page that made the chatbot see it as more authoritative.  These are both SEO signals, of course. Business as usual?

    See the screenshot below of a ChatGPT 4 for search for waste collection routing KPI also note that chatbot referenced smart, which is not even mentioned on the website that it noted as its source. AI fake facts.

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