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In Northern Virginia, SEO Is How Business Works

For a company to succeed in Northern Virginia, it must have a strong, compelling, impactful online presence. This isn’t an option. It’s a fact of life in the modern business world.

But that fork has many prongs – that is, there are several different, important facets that go into making a company’s online presence strong, engaging, memorable, and successful. Social media is one prong. Reputation management is another. Then there’s defining and disseminating your corporate brand online, through digital advertising is another. Reviews. Google Ads. Map listings. Business listings.

It takes quite a bit of time, expertise, and attention to maximize your company’s potential as an e-commerce business – and we haven’t even gotten to the biggest part yet.

SEO Is Search Engine Optimization

It’s a set of techniques that increase a website’s profile and raise its rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO Is Unbelievably Important For E-Commerce

It’s what gets a website discovered and visited by potential customers. But it’s the web design – the content (text, meta-text, multi-media), the engagement, the enticing call-to-action – that converts those prospects into actual paying customers, beginning a relationship your business can cultivate into one of loyalty.

SEO Is What TESSA Does Best

It’s a service TESSA Marketing + Technology offers clients in Northern Virginia – SEO with award-winning style and consistently positive results – at the most affordable rates for a professional Northern Virginia SEO company. SEO is a bread-and-butter service of TESSA’s, and we present case study after case study demonstrating how our techniques really work.

For companies and non-profits across Northern Virginia, TESSA Marketing + Technology turns “What If” into “What Is.”

The Award-Winning SEO Company In Northern Virginia

TESSA Marketing + Technology has racked up a bunch of professional awards and industry recognitions in recent years. In 2018, we won a Platinum Award from Hermes Creative, and in 2019, we earned the No. 1 ranking by Rising Star Reviews for our SEO services. Previously, TESSA was honored by Horizon Interactive with the Distinguished Agency Award as one of the top SEO companies in Northern Virginia.

In 2020, TESSA was picked among the Best SEO Experts in Washington DC by Expertise.com. Call our Northern Virginia office at 703-214-9555 to request your free SEO Checkup – and find out why we keep winning all these awards.

Call TESSA For a Free SEO Checkup

Maybe your Northern Virginia company has never had a website checkup. Maybe you hired an agency a while back, but you’re not sure what they did – and it was a while ago, anyway. Maybe you haven’t checked your own website’s search engine results lately…because maybe you don’t want to know how far down the search engine results pages (SERPs) you’d have to go.

Northern Virginia Search Engine Optimization Professionals

Give us one call or email, and we’ll help. Enjoy peace-of-mind with a complimentary audit courtesy of TESSA. We peruse your website inside and out, with an eye toward optimizing every element and component – then we design custom SEO campaigns, outlining how to improve the site’s attributes, generating more traffic and qualified e-commerce leads.

Northern Virginia SEO Services By a Northern Virginia Company

Our SEO audit – did we mention it’s free? – accounts for search results from Bing and Google, although obviously Google predominates search engines. As such, it’s part of TESSA’s job as the premier agency for SEO Virginia companies trust to keep up with changes and updates to the Google algorithm (i.e., what Google looks for to rank a page highly). Google’s algorithm is changing constantly, and more change can be expected in the future. If your website isn’t adjusting, it’s getting left behind.

Call TESSA at 703-214-9555 for a complimentary SEO audit of your Northern Virginia business or corporate website. See how much better your Google ranking can be…for free!

The Varieties of SEO Experience

SEO is a massive subject. In fact, SEO is an industry unto itself – an industry that’s become absolutely vital to the success of virtually every business anywhere in the world…not to mention Northern Virginia.

Since over 90% of all Internet experiences begin with a search, and since about 90% of all webpages are invisible to Google, you simply must break through, achieve greater online visibility, and earn a ranking on that all-important First Page. The various techniques of SEO are how.

On-Site SEO: Telling Search Engines All About Yourself

On-Site SEO (also called On-Page SEO) refers to the optimization of all the elements of a website that Google looks at. These include titles, headers, headlines, image alt-text, HTML tags, and metadata. Google is looking for keywords, but in the context of natural language; Google penalizes keyword stuffing.

Mainly, Google is looking for high-quality content that solves a problem no other webpage solves; that grants the page greater authority and trustworthiness.

Local SEO: Meet Customers Where They Live

Even if what someone’s looking for is right down the road, they’ll still go on the Internet to search for it. Local SEO is how you capture customers with whom you want to do face-to-face business. It involves updating and optimizing the map and business listings for name/address/phone number (NAP) consistency, and inserting geo-targeting keywords in your content. The idea behind local search is to rank for where you are, within your geographic market.

Brick-and-mortar storefronts, niche businesses, and service providers like doctors and HVAC companies especially benefit from the techniques of Local SEO.

Global SEO: Conquer The World (With Content Marketing)

Global SEO (also called International SEO) is a set of techniques to optimize a website ranking for multi-national markets. If you want to do business outside the United States, in Europe, Japan, China, Africa, or Latin America, it’s best to tailor specific content for the culture you wish to reach.

Organic SEO: The Natural Way To Get Your Website Discovered

One of the most effective methods for boosting a website’s search engine rankings is to link to it. Organic backlinks and natural-language references from authoritative sites on other domains boost the authority of the linked page, thereby increasing its ranking and raising its visibility. This is another way to enhance your website’s trustworthiness.

Content Is King And Always Will Be

Content is how you separate yourself from all your competition on the Internet. Content, to employ a truism, works best when it’s really great.

What makes content great is that it generates a unique, engaging, clever, memorable, brand-defining user experience (UX). Text does matter – Google loves and rewards great text content – but multimedia (video, images, photos, graphics, audio, embeds, hyperlinks, social media links, and so on) matters a lot too. Your website content should give the potential customer some reason to want to learn more, and do what you ask in the website’s call-to-action.

The Call-To-Action: Ask Customers For Their Business

Between the combined power of 1) the SEO and 2) the web design of your Northern Virginia business’ website, you’ve attracted the visitor via search engines, shown them how your company best solves their problems, and funneled them into a likely customer. You’re about to make what we in the SEO biz call a “conversion.”

Now hit them with your call-to-action (CTA). Calls-to-action are requests for your visitor to perform some sort of interaction with your business:

  • Buy your product or service (add to cart)
  • Request a free quote
  • Get more information
  • Make a call for an appointment
  • Sign up for your email newsletter
  • Take a free trial
  • Take advantage of a special offer
  • Click here
  • Buy now

Hire The Best Northern Virginia SEO Agency

Let’s get started on the process of making more money online. Both the small business and the multinational corporation benefit from implementing up-to-date techniques of SEO; VA clients are well-positioned to succeed with a bit more attention to web design, local search, and customized SEO campaigns.

Northern Virginia SEO That Gets REAL RESULTS For NoVA Business!

So call TESSA Marketing + Technology, an award-winning Northern Virginia SEO company, at 703-214-9555 or 1-800-586-1553, or contact us here at TESSA.tech to request your free SEO Checkup. We also invite clients to connect with us on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

Gain credibility. Build authority. Attract more visitors, win more customers, and earn more loyalty. with custom Search-Engine Optimization services by TESSA Marketing + Technology, your SEO experts in Northern Virginia.

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