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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      There’s a popular phrase: Trust but verify. It’s applicable in a variety of contexts, but one area in which it’s particularly cogent is the discipline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

      TESSA Marketing + Technology has been so successful for so long as a Northern Virginia digital marketing company because we combine the power of technology with our knowledge of local marketing to increase traffic to our clients’ websites, resulting in a steady stream of lead generation and new customers.

      The TESSA difference? We prove the results. Using sophisticated metrics and empirical data, our team of experienced SEO professionals demonstrates – verifies – how our efforts directly result in increased online visibility, better conversion optimization, and real business growth among your target audience.

      You can trust the Search Engine Optimization services of TESSA Marketing + Technology to generate more traffic and attract potential customers. We’ll show you the numbers.

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      Need a Winning SEO Campaign? Local SEO Is the Way To Go

      TESSA Helps Northern Virginia Businesses Boost Website Traffic

      The thing about search engine rankings – Google, Bing, Yahoo, any of the search engines, really – is that they’re a little like newspapers: Most people only see the first page.

      If you’re not on the first page of Google for the keywords you want to rank for, you’re not going to be seen as often as other small businesses with better SEO campaigns.

      It’s all about local SEO. Local SEO is how local businesses – brick-and-mortar businesses, service contractors, even all the best restaurants in Northern VA – win more customers through online success. Local SEO means intentionally optimizing your website content, your social media presence, and your metadata to attract targeted traffic within your geographic area (for example, Fairfax VA), reaching the prospective customers you most want to reach and delivering your unique message straight to them.

      Search Results Matter. Work With NoVA’s Local SEO Company

      Grab a Bigger Share of Your Market With a Customized Local SEO Campaign

      The benefits of local SEO are legion. Not only are you winning more customers in your target market, you’re also teaching Google about your small business, so that Google My Business and Google Maps and other Google products correctly portray your brand, call-to-action, and contact info.

      That said, it’s not like other small businesses in Northern Virginia aren’t already doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course they are – and they’re reaping the rewards.

      But there are ways to win the local SEO battle in Northern VA . . . and TESSA comes loaded with the complete arsenal of digital marketing techniques that will enhance your company’s online reputation, position you as a local leader in your business field, and send your website shooting up the search engine rankings of Google, Bing, and the others.

      See what a custom-tailored, multi-faceted, rapid-response SEO strategy by TESSA Marketing + Technology can do for your search results – and your bottom line.

      A Well-Optimized Website With Great On-Page SEO Is Worth Every Penny

      Want To Compete With Other Northern Virginia Small Businesses? Be Search Engine Friendly

      Never underestimate the power of comprehensive keyword research. It’s tedious, time-consuming, arduous – and undeniably necessary. It’s also something TESSA’s SEO experts spend much of our time doing.

      Keyword research is a vital first (and ongoing) step in the process of Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, keyword research is like mining for precious metals: You know there’s plenty of gold out there; you just have to keep looking for it.

      As we accumulate undervalued keywords specific to the targeted traffic of your Northern Virginia small business, TESSA gets to work on the task of building websites’ quality content. On the Web, content marketing is king, so to speak, and your site’s content – which (ideally) simultaneously identifies your unique sales proposition while providing the keyword density that search engines like – has a lot to do with the search results your business website gets.

      Beyond Search Engine Results: Complete Digital Marketing in Northern Virginia

      TESSA Helps You Take Control of Your Online Reputation Management

      Maintaining, monitoring, and controlling the online presence of a small business or non-profit is mission-critical. That’s why TESSA stands out as a Northern Virginia SEO company – because we’re a one-stop shop for everything you need in digital marketing.

      All the components of an award-winning SEO campaign, TESSA Marketing + Technology takes care of:

      • Custom web design and web content
      • On-page SEO
      • Landing pages
      • Metadata
      • Link-building and local citations
      • Social media marketing
      • Online advertising
      • Mobile app development
      • Online reviews and reputation management

      Optimizing websites isn’t something an SEO company does once and it’s done. Search engines’ algorithms are in constant flux, so your SEO campaign must be agile and responsive to hit that moving target. Earning the best search results takes relentless effort on the part of your local SEO company.

      TESSA delivers the agility and responsiveness to create custom SEO campaigns – including back-end metadata, exhaustive keyword research, and exquisite web design – that result in more customers for your business in Northern Virginia.

      Win Your Market in Northern VA with Top-Notch SEO

      Build Your Northern Virginia Business with a Best-In-Class SEO Campaign

      Follow the lead of what some of the best restaurants, relocation companies, 5-star home service contractors, and many another local Northern VA business has done for more than a decade: Rely on TESSA Marketing + Technology for customized, effective, business-winning SEO solutions.

      Local SEO the key to business growth in Northern Virginia.

      TESSA’s SEO consultants in Northern Virginia, serve Fairfax VA, Loudoun VA, Prince William VA, Arlington VA, Washington DC, and beyond with local SEO campaigns that truly work.

      Trust TESSA To Provide the Best SEO Services in Northern Virginia

      Call Us for Complimentary SEO Audits of Your Business Website

      In just a few minutes, you can be well on your way to an optimized website the search engines will really notice. The elements of SEO range from the very basic to the extremely complex, so it doesn’t take long at all to implement a few techniques – like local citations, social media cross-links, and link-building – that can jump-start an SEO campaign.

      Add in TESSA’s award-winning web design and on-page content marketing, and what you get is a true powerhouse in Northern Virginia SEO.

      So fill out the form below, or call TESSA Marketing + Technology at 800-586-1553, to get an SEO audit of your business website – for free. Traffic from your target market in Northern VA and Washington DC will come in a steady stream once you turn on the tap with TESSA’s local SEO services.

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