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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Winning awards for Digital Marketing for as long as there’s been such a thing: That’s TESSA Marketing + Technology, a premier Digital Marketing company in Washington, D.C.

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      We Show You the Numbers that Prove the Success of Our Digital Strategy

      The Digital Marketing industry holds a distinct advantage over other marketing niches: Success is measurable. If Digital Marketing strategies aren’t working, it’ll show in the numbers.

      TESSA Marketing + Technology proves the success of our customized Internet Marketing strategies because we show our clients their numerical rankings, demonstrating the upward trend in relevant web traffic including metrics like time-per-session and conversion rate. We’ll show how much better your site is ranking for the top keywords, and we’ll discover undervalued keywords for which we can achieve lofty rankings.

      Numbers don’t lie. TESSA makes sure our clients know the truth of their Digital Marketing campaigns so that we can work to make their custom campaign even better.

      From SEO to Web Design, TESSA Is the Leading Digital Agency in Washington DC

      It’s not an easy thing to devise a total Digital Marketing strategy. The first thing a full-service digital agency needs to do is to learn all about their client, to find and list all their USPs (unique sales propositions), and to create fantastic content – everything from graphic design to Google Ad copy to the words on every webpage – that attracts better rankings on search engine results pages as well as converts more visitors into your customers by enticing them to perform your calls-to-action (Visit us! Sign up! Buy now! Add to cart!)

      Let TESSA’s experience and knowledge accelerate your online presence and generate more business leads. For complete digital services in Washington DC, call TESSA Marketing + Technology at 1-800-586-1553.

      The Many Components of TESSA’s Digital Marketing Solutions

      Multi-Surface Campaigns Demand Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

      One of TESSA’s unique value propositions is that our digital marketing strategies are inherently multi-faceted. Unlike other Digital Marketing agencies in Washington DC, TESSA’s in-house team offers a truly comprehensive array of Digital Marketing services that combine to elevate your company’s brand and deliver your identifying messages directly to your target customers.

      It’s an approach we call “multi-surface,” and it means our Digital Marketing strategies reach your customers wherever they may be – whether that’s on the web, over social media, or through email. Marketing by TESSA will attract them and convert them.

      Let’s list some of the main components of an overall Internet Marketing strategy as expertly designed and deployed by a premier Washington DC branding and marketing agency like TESSA:

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Search Engine Optimization is the nitty-gritty of Search Engine Marketing. SEO is a suite of techniques (worthy of an entire page unto itself) which combine to raise the online profile of your business website. This is accomplished through optimized on-page content (unique, engagingly written, and keyword-focused) and back-end data (page titles, meta-descriptions, and other meta-data), as well as ancillary techniques such as authoritative backlinks and proper NAP (name, address, and phone number) across all relevant online business listings. A successful Digital Marketing agency must also be an exceptional Search Engine Marketing agency.

      Web Design and Web Development

      The centerpiece of your Digital Marketing campaign is your company website. It’s a brochure, a sales piece, and an order-taker all in one. Whether your business needs e-commerce capability, or you’re looking to bring a new brand strategy to life, TESSA is the Web Design and Web Development firm that creates brand-reinforcing, message-delivering websites that convert visitors into customers.

      Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

      In business, you may only get one shot at making a strong first impression with a potential customer. When attracting business online, that shot might come in the form of an ad on Google. TESSA excels at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – the kind of ads that come up when Google users search for certain keywords – so that your message can be positioned front-and-center when your customers are looking for you.

      Social Media Advertising

      Here’s another category that demands an entire page unto itself: Social Media Marketing. TESSA complements our overall Digital Marketing services with Social Media Management, meaning we create content (both written content and graphic design) to populate your social media platforms with engaging posts that differentiate your brand from your competitors and improve users’ impression of that brand. Social media campaigns by TESSA require all the customization we can muster, so that your company’s social media strategy brings out its most unique selling points.

      Email Marketing

      Hit ’em where they live – and some people live on email! Email marketing is an effective way to distribute your key messages quickly, keeping your company’s brand and its differentiating elements top-of-mind with your customers. Enticements such as special deals, exclusive offers, and novel experiences increase interest in your email marketing content, and TESSA’s expert communications specialists help turn that interest into action.

      Branding Services

      Sometimes search engine optimization or website development or social media marketing isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a fresh reboot of your entire brand, from logo to color scheme to mission statement. TESSA rises above other Washington DC Digital Marketing agencies because we excel as a creative agency – meaning we design and develop complete branding schemes that capture the essence of your company and present it in an engaging, memorable way to prospective customers. Whether you’re looking for a new logo or your company is undergoing a name change, branding services by TESSA will make your new look come alive.

      Reputation Management

      Reviews matter. They matter a whole lot. A slate of poor reviews – deserved or not – can unfortunately be a deterrent against new customers choosing your business. In addition, you don’t have time to scurry around the Internet, playing whack-a-mole with reputation-damaging reviews. So TESSA fills that role, monitoring your reviews and encouraging legitimate positive ones so your prospective customers see the best, most representative consumer input possible.

      Traditional Media and Public Relations

      Hey, we said we combine technology acumen with marketing expertise – so it stands to reason that TESSA can assist you with public relations, too! Digital Marketing activities are made better when they’re backed up by proven (even if old-fashioned) techniques of spreading the word, such as media pitching to build awareness of your business in Washington DC, and press releases informed by keyword research. To us, public relations is a service we offer as part of our Content Marketing services . . . because, ultimately, it’s about communicating about your business!

      As a full-service digital agency for large companies and small businesses here in Washington DC, TESSA Marketing + Technology uses a data-driven approach to leverage our knowledge of web analytics and experiential marketing to help our clients develop customized digital strategies that really connect with potential customers. Find out what one of the top digital marketing agencies in Washington DC can do for your company’s bottom line.

      The Award-Winning Digital Marketing, Web Development, and SEO Company

      TESSA Wins Awards for Our Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Other Digital Marketing Services

      It’s nice when you – assuming “you” are a Digital Marketing company like TESSA Marketing + Technology – are recognized for your work by previous clients. It’s also nice when you’re recognized by organizations whose sole purpose is to recognize good Digital Marketing when they see it.

      Over our years as a Washington DC Digital Marketing agency, TESSA has been honored on multiple occasions by several prestigious, high-profile award-bestowing organizations for specific projects in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Ads, and other aspects of Digital Marketing.

      Just to cite a few examples:

      Muse Creative Awards

      TESSA has been selected by Muse as a Silver winner for Website Development.

      Rising Star Reviews

      TESSA has been ranked No. 1 in Washington DC for Search Engine Optimization by the review-aggregating site Rising Star Reviews.

      Vega Awards

      TESSA has earned Gold status for a specific project of Web Design from Vega.

      Horizon Interactive Awards

      TESSA has been honored by Horizon as a distinguished Digital Marketing agency and consulting firm in the Washington DC area.

      Hermes Creative Awards

      TESSA is a multi-time winner of Hermes Awards, including for Digital Marketing and Web Design.

      TESSA has been chosen by as the best full-service Digital Marketing agency in Arlington VA, and as the best Search Engine Optimization firm in Washington DC.

      Your Go-To Washington DC Digital Marketing Firm

      From the Potomac to the Anacostia, TESSA Helps Clients Create Better Online Presences

      No matter what your business is – restaurant, real estate agent, moving company, dentist office, chiropractor, furniture sales, etc. – if your competition is in Washington DC, you need TESSA Marketing + Technology on your side.

      One of the reasons TESSA stands out among Washington DC Digital Marketing companies is because we know the technology required to build your online presence . . . and we know the old-fashioned marketing techniques which will really communicate your key messages to your target audience, so that when the technology does its job and reaches your potential customers, your brand and your message are right there to deliver.

      That’s why it pays to work with a genuine Washington DC Digital Marketing firm that truly knows Washington DC. That’s TESSA.

      Over the years we’ve helped clients in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Capitol Hill achieve their business goals. We’ve created customized Digital Marketing campaigns for customers from Foggy Bottom to Lincoln Park, Penn Quarter to Tenleytown.

      Whether you’re looking to compete on Florida Avenue or U Street, New York Avenue or 16th Street, Georgia Avenue or East Capitol Street, your local digital agency is TESSA Marketing + Technology.

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