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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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      Get More Leads & Better Marketing ROI with Custom SEO in Washington DC

      TESSA is the Washington DC SEO Company That Earns Higher Search Engine Rankings

      Reach Potential Customers & Generate Sales from Greater Online Visibility

      You will see better results on major search engines and an increase in web traffic with custom-designed SEO and Internet marketing services by TESSA Marketing + Technology of Washington DC.

      We know our SEO methods work because 1) our company has a long history of SEO success, and 2) we stay on top of the latest Google algorithm changes so we know what SEO techniques earn top billing . . . and what will continue to keep your business website front-and-center with your potential customers in Washington DC.


      We Do Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing the Right Way

      No Gimmicky Short-Term Gains; Our SEO Services Aim for Long-Haul Success

      There are two ways to approach SEO.

      One is the quick-and-dirty way – which works . . . for a while. Slap up a few new web pages with sub-par content, maybe put up some backlinks, and see how much Google rewards you for having a “dynamic” website that supposedly has some “authority.”

      The problem is that eventually Google and other search engines get wise to the poor content and unauthoritative backlinks, and your site’s pages get penalized into obscurity.

      But there’s also the superior way – the way of doing SEO that produces results and keeps producing them. That’s the TESSA way, and our Washington DC SEO services are comprehensive, thorough, time-tested, and proven to improve search results and boost online conversions for local businesses throughout the National Capital region.

      Our way involves a lot more than uploading a few webpages and adding some links. TESSA creates entire SEO strategies including components such as exhaustive keyword research, original web design, branded content marketing, on-page SEO, metadata and more – all custom-written and -designed to be the strongest possible reinforcement of your company’s brand and a highly visible delivery of your company’s unique message.

      Plus, TESSA’s SEO experts are nimble enough to tweak, adjust, and modify an SEO campaign in order to earn the most advantageous positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). That’s another reason our way of doing Search Engine Optimization is better.

      With a customized, results-driven technical SEO strategy by TESSA boosting your business website’s rankings up the search engine result pages for the keywords your Washington DC customers are searching for, your company will become more visible and you will earn more click-throughs, more web traffic, and more online business.

      TESSA’s Your Award-Winning SEO Company in Washington DC

      We’re DC’s Leading Digital Marketing Firm – With the Hardware To Show for It

      Our SEO campaigns win awards. Over the years, TESSA Marketing + Technology has built a reputation as one of the top SEO companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area partly because we’re frequently recognized for our SEO efforts by award-granting institutions in the industry.

      To wit, TESSA has been honored by Rising Star Reviews as the “No. 1 SEO Company” according to an aggregate of online review sites. In addition, we’ve been acclaimed as the “Best SEO Experts in Washington DC” by for our custom Washington DC Search Engine Optimization services.

      But wait – there’s more. TESSA is a “Distinguished Agency Award” winner as bestowed by Horizon Interactive for our comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy, and we’ve earned the “Platinum Award” from Hermes Creative for our Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design skills.

      When an SEO company produces consistent results, others in the SEO industry take notice. Go with the Washington DC SEO company with the track record of award-winning search engine results: TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      TESSA’s the Results-Focused Washington DC SEO Company

      Our SEO Strategies Get Results on Major Search Engines – We’ll Prove It

      There’s no hiding in SEO. An SEO company either gets results for its clients, or it doesn’t. The proof is in the searching. Your business website comes up on the first page, or it might as well not exist.

      Numbers don’t lie, and neither do Google analytics. They’ll tell the real story of how well (or not) your website is performing for the most relevant keywords. If your SEO agency is doing its job, you’ll see a significant increase in your website’s position on search engine results pages – an increase that’s sustained over time. Moreover, you’ll see an increase in website traffic and a higher percentage of online conversions.

      Search results are empirical measurements, not qualitative guesses. TESSA makes sure to show our clients (with numbers) exactly how much better their website is performing with our SEO strategy. That way, you’ll know your Digital Marketing needs are working because you’ll see the increase in traffic – and you’ll achieve your business goals online.

      Work With the Best in Washington DC SEO Services. Here’s Why.

      What Are the Qualities That Distinguish a Great SEO Firm from an Ordinary One?

      Search Engine Optimization isn’t just one thing. It’s a suite of assorted techniques that combine to bolster local search results through a cohesive digital strategy.

      The SEO team at TESSA puts all of these tools to best practice in the design and implementation of a complete Digital Marketing strategy:

      • Continual, ongoing keyword research using Google’s keyword planner
      • Website optimization with on-page SEO
      • Custom content marketing with latent semantic indexing and appropriate keyword density
      • Optimized back-end metadata including metadescriptions and page titles
      • Consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP) on local business listings
      • Social media marketing services
      • Email marketing services
      • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
      • Google Ads with split-copy testing for improved engagement

      SEO is both science and art. It’s artistic in the sense that it takes the wisdom of experience to finesse the most impact out of our outreach and truly create an impression of your company’s brand on your potential customers . . . but it’s also very much scientific, because it takes concrete knowledge to provide the multi-faceted, highly technical SEO services that speak to the Google algorithm and reaches your coveted target audience.

      Everything TESSA does is about getting more online business for our clients in Washington DC. We become your Digital Marketing partner in the search for business growth.

      What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from Search Engine Optimization?

      Every Business, Every Business Owner, Needs a Focused SEO Campaign

      Who wants more online visibility? Well, who doesn’t?

      The fact is, every sort of business benefits from Search Engine Optimization. Large businesses, medium businesses, small businesses, even a nonprofit organization – no matter your size or industry, if your goal is to reach your target audience with your brand’s specific message, SEO is the way to go.

      People use search engines to find just about anything and everything. Law firms, wedding planners, home improvement contractors, even SEO agencies – when people in Washington DC need professional services, they let their fingers do the walking right on over to Google. That’s where they input a search term and pick one of the first results they get.

      Your company needs to be among those top search results . . . and the only way to earn that coveted spot is through diligent, customized, dedicated SEO by TESSA Marketing + Technology of Washington DC.

      TESSA’s the Experienced Digital Agency in Washington DC

      We’ve Been Optimizing Websites for DC Businesses for a Long Time

      It’s only been since the middle of the first decade of the 21st century that there’s been such a thing as Search Engine Optimization – and for almost all that time, TESSA Marketing + Technology has been providing state-of-the-art Digital Marketing services.

      Along with the TESSA team’s vast SEO experience comes extensive industry knowledge – knowledge of the techniques of technical SEO that earns a top ranking on Google, and knowledge of the traditional marketing methods that really make an impression on your potential customers.

      When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we’ve been there and done that – and our clients reap the benefits. You’ll see first-hand the essential difference when you work with TESSA as the Digital Marketing agency for SEO services in Washington, D.C.

      See the Beneficial Impact of a Custom-Tailored SEO Strategy

      TESSA Works Up Free SEO Audits for Clients in Washington DC

      We’re not flying blind and neither should you. TESSA goes into every SEO campaign with a solid, reasonable, defensible idea as to how much better our client’s website will rank on search engine results pages after we implement the coordinated components of the campaign. That way, we set expectations for the client and establish a benchmark for SEO success.

      Before we ever research a keyword, write a landing page, or create a backlink, the TESSA SEO team gets to work on your behalf, generating an audit of your current Search Engine Optimization situation. We examine your current rankings on major search engines (particularly Google and Bing) for the most relevant keywords for a Washington DC business, and we analyze the expected improvement upon the implementation of TESSA’s SEO campaign. From this work, our SEO experts devise a realistic scenario for your website’s ability to attract and sell to your potential customers in Washington DC.

      SEO audits are part of TESSA’s suite of SEO services. See how much more online business your website could attract when you claim your complimentary SEO audit by TESSA Marketing + Technology.

      Beyond SEO: TESSA Creates a Full Digital Strategy for Each Client

      Web Design, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing & More

      To really succeed in the online business environment of Washington DC, Search Engine Optimization is just the start. It takes more than SEO to sustainably position your company website atop the search results for the most relevant keywords.

      It takes all the tools in our Digital Marketing toolbox.

      As a full-service Digital Marketing agency, TESSA provides the entire gamut of Internet marketing services:

      • Customized web design
      • Copy-tested Google ads
      • Dedicated email marketing
      • Dedicated social media marketing
      • Mobile application development
      • Creative graphic services
      • Overall digital strategy

      Multi-faceted, multi-surface Digital Marketing is the hallmark of TESSA Marketing + Technology. That means more than SEO – it means your company’s entire digital strategy is well taken care of.

      We Know Digital Marketing & We Know the District of Columbia

      It Takes a Top-Quality DC SEO Company To Succeed Online in Washington DC

      TESSA Marketing + Technology puts a particular emphasis on Washington DC business. There are a couple reasons for this: The DMV region is a highly competitive business environment (in which our style of custom SEO really works), and the TESSA team possesses a great affinity for and familiarity with the entire District/Maryland/Virginia area.

      That’s why we’re so adept at Search Engine Optimization for a myriad of businesses – small, large, or medium-sized businesses – in the neighborhoods and suburbs of Washington DC:

      • A law firm in Georgetown
      • A carpet cleaning company in NoMa
      • A healthcare management company in Tysons Corner VA
      • A government services firm in Landover MD
      • A high-end restaurant on Capitol Hill
      • A moving and relocation company in Fairfax VA
      • A pizza place in College Park MD

      All of the above require dedicated SEO services to garner more website traffic and win more online business in the Greater Washington DC region.

      Combining our intimate knowledge of the DMV – hey, we live and work here! – with our ability to compete (and win!) against other companies in the same industry, TESSA Marketing + Technology is the Digital Marketing, SEO, and brand management company to work with in Washington DC.

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      If it’s more website traffic you need, you need TESSA’s SEO team on your side.

      Take the next step toward better search engine rankings. Make the call to TESSA Marketing + Technology, a Washington DC SEO company.

      Dial us up at 1-800-586-1553, or fill out the short form at the bottom of this webpage. Or, just click the Get A Proposal button at the top. No matter how you contact us, we’ll promptly reach back out to set up an appointment, learn about your business goals, and begin to devise a customized Digital Marketing strategy that will get your website ranked on Google – and get your company noticed by customers in Washington DC.

      TESSA Offers the SEO Washington DC Businesses Need To Succeed. Call 1-800-586-1553

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