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    Beware of Big Promises from Other SEO Agencies

    Why Tessa?

    September 27th, 2022

    Anyone can be a critic. But not just anyone can actually do the work that gets real results.

    Search Engine Optimization is a highly competitive business. If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager, no doubt you’re bombarded with a barrage of calls and emails from SEO companies, all making big promises.

    They’ll tell you they (and only they) can get your website ranked No. 1 on Google. They’ll tell you they can keep you up there forever. And they’ll promise they can do it super-fast.

    The fact is, those aren’t always realistic expectations. Yes, good white-hat SEO will give a boost your site’s rankings, and a diligent Digital Marketing and SEO agency like TESSA puts in the work to keep them up there. But the SEO game has rules, and if you break them, Google could put your site in a penalty box . . . and then your potential customers could never find you.

    What Does It Take To Do SEO Right?

    Famously, the Google algorithm is constantly being revised and updated. TESSA is tuned directly in to these important changes, and is ready to modify our strategies to maintain or elevate our clients’ organic search rankings.

    The main difference between TESSA and many other SEO agencies is that we do things the way Google likes.

    There are certain Dos & Don’ts in SEO. Some of the Don’ts:

    • Don’t publish duplicative content.
    • Don’t pursue low-quality backlinks.
    • Don’t stuff your website with out-of-context keywords.
    • Don’t go without an updated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.
    • Don’t weigh your website down with multimedia that takes a long time to load.

    And a few of the Dos:

    • Do publish original content that engages your visitors.
    • Do use organic backlinks.
    • Do use keywords in the natural context of your content.
    • Do make your website mobile-friendly.
    • Do stay on top of the latest updates to the Google algorithm.

    Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic, multi-faceted, ever-changing industry. It requires up-to-date knowledge, specialized expertise, original creativity, and unrelenting effort.

    It also requires time – time to properly implement all the various components of a comprehensive SEO campaign, and time for those SEO techniques to take effect.

    But the main selling point for working with TESSA for your website’s Search Engine Optimization is that our methods really work . . . and we have the results to prove it.

    An SEO Case Study: Increasing Online Leads and Lowering Per-Customer Cost

    For a couple years now we’ve been working with a local Moving & Relocation company in the Washington DC area. After gaining a complete understanding of their market, their unique selling propositions, and their goals, we began a customized SEO campaign to improve their online visibility and move them up in the search engine rankings.

    Since TESSA initiated this client’s SEO campaign, we’ve earned the following results for them:

    • A 348% increase in online leads
    • A 79% reduction in cost per lead
    • A 47% reduction in cost per customer

    That sort of growth is exactly what we’re going for. But it didn’t come overnight. It takes constant work – finding relevant high-value low-competition keywords, creating new optimized content, collecting legitimate backlinks, and so on – to raise search engine rankings and keep them up there.

    Search Engine Optimization By TESSA Really Works. We Promise.

    Be wary of any SEO company that criticizes your current SEO situation and makes big promises about how they can do it better. The fact is, they’re probably using black-hat techniques – keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks, duplicated content, etc. – to give your website an initial jump up the rankings.

    Those illegal techniques might actually work . . . for a little while. But when Google discovers (and they will discover) that your site is using these techniques, you’ll get shoved back down the rankings into obscurity, or perhaps even de-indexed altogether.

    The key to a successful SEO campaign is consistency over the long term. Implement a cohesive plan, stick with it, and adjust as the Google algorithm adjusts.

    At TESSA Marketing + Technology, we don’t make big promises. We make realistic promises, do award-winning custom SEO work, and generate real results for our clients, no matter what business they’re in.

    Call TESSA today at 1-800-586-1553 to start the conversation about boosting your company’s website rankings. Search Engine Optimization is a competitive game . . . and we’re in it to win it.

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