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    TESSA Makes Grade As Washington DC’s Top SEO Firm

    Why Tessa?

    October 3rd, 2019

    We have a winner!

    About a month ago, the review aggregator website Rising Star Reviews conducted a survey of the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts in the Washington, DC region. The site tallied up all the review stars compiled by local SEO companies on Google, Yelp and UpCity … and when the numbers came in, TESSA was on top for Washington DC SEO!

    According to figures compiled by, when all was totaled, TESSA Marketing + Technology had inspired 30 online reviews from customers – every single one giving us five stars. It doesn’t get much better than that. It couldn’t, actually.

    The final ranking is online at Only eight (8) even earned spots on the list of SEO companies in the entire Washington Metropolitan Area, and none had anywhere near as many reviews as TESSA Marketing + Technology did. In fact, second place got 12 fewer reviews than we. And obviously no one beat our 5-star average.

    We have you to thank. TESSA didn’t publish those reviews – customers like you did. Thank you. We worked hard to earn this recognition, and we appreciate it when our clients recognize the difference TESSA can make in their business’s bottom line. It pays to be seen with smart customized SEO techniques – part of an overall custom-planned Internet marketing strategy that earns results you can see on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

    We know SEO. (Apparently you know that.) As Washington DC’s Best SEO Experts (the choice of the people!), TESSA Marketing + Technology knows that search engine optimization has many components – web content, backend content (metadata), Google My Business entries, social media, map listings, and more. The SEO experts on TESSA’s staff are also keenly aware that reviews also play a significant role in how many visitors your website attracts, and how many sales it converts from those visits.

    In today’s world of virtually instant commerce and nearly absent loyalty, managing a company’s online reviews is a necessity to keep a good reputation. (BTW, review management is another digital marketing service TESSA does very well.)

    Online reviews matter. They matter a great deal. Online reviews matter to any company depending on their web presence for branding, persuading or selling – a company like TESSA Marketing + Technology, for instance. Managing those reviews is an essential component to controlling your brand’s online reputation – and especially vital to businesses when they’re 1) small, 2) niche, 3) in a competitive market, and/or 4) new. If your business fits any of these categories, you could definitely benefit from an SEO checkup by TESSA – you know, DC’s Best SEO Experts!

    Please check out or call 1-800-586-1553 to make an appointment for TESSA’s 5-star SEO services – the best search engine optimization compapany around town.

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