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TESSA’s formula for your success involves adding deep experience with complex challenges to unparalleled persistence. It’s the intersection of smart marketing + high technology. The result? You meet or exceed your goals, and have the numbers to prove it.

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    Why Tessa?
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    Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits

    Free Google Ad Dollars For Qualifying Websites

    Stay Compliant With Click-Through Rate and Relevant Keywords

    For eligible not-for-profit organizations, Google Ad Grants are an essential way to earn top-of-the-page status for a worthy cause, completely free. Every month, thousands of dollars of free Google Ad money are available for the taking – but only to those nonprofit orgs whose websites comply with Google’s special rules for proper SEO and SEM.

    These rules include maintaining consistent click-through rates (CTRs) and using high-performing targeted keywords. The idea is to help nonprofit organizations of all kinds maximize their search results and reach a more receptive audience.

    Google Ad Grants are earned by following three basic principles:

    • the nonprofit’s website content is mission-based, focused and relevant
    • the nonprofit’s website is high-quality and well-maintained
    • the nonprofit’s Google Adwords account is actively managed

    It isn’t just the search algorithm that’s always changing at Google. TESSA stays on top of the latest demands for search-engine optimization compliance to ensure you get found, convert visitors into donors and volunteers, and keep those all-important Google Ad Grants working for your nonprofit.